(19 Funny Comebacks) When Someone Calls You “A Liar”

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Being called a liar always hurts, (mostly when you’re not). 

Sometimes, you have to lie for a good reason but still, you have a tag of a liar on your head. 

You wish you could explain it to them. But they’re not listening to you. 

This person is upset right now.

Well, you can wait until this person gets calm or can ignore them completely as they are not going to understand why you lie to them.

Anyway, to get rid of that lie, you might have some funny comebacks to share right away. 


What To Say When Someone Calls You A Liar?

First of all, when you lied for their good, and not to gain any advantage, you did nothing wrong 

In friendship or relationships, the white lies are fine to some extent. 

This person has no idea about it.

But, as you lie to them, it breaks their heart and you might lose their trust. 

What To Say When Someone Calls You A Liar

Well, if you get a chance to speak, you can tell them that you lied but you had some reason. 

Inform them that, you waited for the right time to talk facts. 

But, they figured out it early. 

When someone isn’t listening to you and keeps calling you a liar, effective comebacks like these make them pay attention.  

1. “I admit that I lie, but you should first know why I lie to you.” 

There’s a good reason and when they know it, they won’t call you a liar again. 

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2. “If I had been honest with you from the start, our friendship would have ended in two days.” 

Because you are brutally honest and it scares off many people away from you. 

So in this new friendship, you lied about something. 

And as someone tells you that you are a liar, it’s good that they saw that side of you. 

3. “Can you feel it? That’s how I always feel around you.”

You want to make them feel how it feels when someone lies to you. 

Maybe it’s the first time they have had this experience. 

4. “I didn’t lie to you, I have just hidden that from you.”

And, it’s for their good, not for you. 

Being a good friend, you did a good job if you tell them that you don’t have cigarettes.

That makes you a good liar.  

5. “This whole world, you, me or anyone, everything is a lie, My friend.” 

This one is a funny comeback for being called a liar by a friend. 

You say this as if you don’t think that there’s anything genuine in this world. 

funny comebacks when someone calls you a liar

6. “I have to lie because you are never ready for honesty.” 

They found out that you’ve been lying to them about how different they look

But actually, it is a white lie that one friend says to another. 

You just didn’t want to break their confidence. 

7. “Okay, that’s the first thing. What next?” 

Ask so, because you want to know what lie they have to say about you.

This person is upset for some reason. 

And, you feel it would be good if you let them vent. 

8. “Whatever I did, I did for you. And, this is not a lie.” 

You did something for them and you have to lie about it. 

But this person thinks that you lied to them for your purpose.

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9. “Are you calling me a liar? Then what do you think about yourself?”

Take it as their feedback on your behavior. 

In return, you ask them what they think about their own. 

This clever comeback says if you’re a liar, then they have to be any better. 

10. “You gave me no choice but to lie. So, blame yourself.” 

Apparently, you didn’t want to lie to this person at all. 

You were about to tell them the truth, but seeing their excitement, you changed your statement. 

And, you let them do what they planned to do

11. “Say it again if you think you’re the most honest person.” 

This is a witty comeback that will make them shut for good. 

Because they already know that they are not any better than you. 

Witty response to You are a liar

12. “Yeah, I lie, and I don’t deny that.” 

Someone keeps saying that you’re a liar, but they have no maturity to understand the reason behind it.

Not all liars are bad. 

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13. “That’s the part of my job.” 

Share this funny response to a friend that you don’t usually lie, but sometimes you have to. 

Especially, when you are at work or in business. 

14. “Now make yourself ready for the ultimate truth.” 

You lied to them about something and they can’t handle it. 

So you are about to tell them exactly what you kept secret from them on purpose. 

Let’s see if they are ready for the ultimate truth. 

15. “Call me a liar but don’t tell me that I’m not your friend.” 

Being a friend you have to lie to them for some good reason. 

You don’t do it for yourself but for this friend. 

This is an emotional response, you share when a friend calls you a liar, but they aren’t ready to listen. 

You may lied to them, but you’re not a fake friend like most.

16. “Don’t act like, you never lied to me.” 

It was the first time that you lied and you caught up. 

Everyone lies but you’re not that good at lying like someone who calls you a liar right now. 

17. “I lie but for good reason and not to cheat anyone.” 

So basically, it is a white lie. 

And, it’s actually for your connection. 

You have no secret benefits to lie about it. 

18. “Whatever it is, I learned it from you.”  

You use this funny comeback to call your friend a liar in return. 

It shows you take your inspiration from them as well. 

This friend is joking with you and you do the same.

19. “That’s the biggest lie you spread and everyone knows that.” 

This person tries to picture you as a liar to everyone. 

But everyone who closely knows doesn’t believe them. They know you well.

So, you share this honest response to stop someone from spreading lies about you.

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How To Respond To Being Called A Liar?

If you lie to them and you did something wrong to someone, apologize genuinely. 

Wait no more, that’s the right thing to do. 

And if you have a reason to lie, explain it to them. 

How To Respond On Being Called A Liar

There’s no point in arguing and telling them that they are a liar.  

Listen to them and see what made them call you a liar. 

When they are done, you better share your reason and purpose to lie about something. 

But some people often call you a liar, even if you never do so. 

In that case, you have these comebacks to mute that person who calls you a liar, but they know nothing much about you. 


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