17 Funny Answers To “What Are You Up To?” (And, Its Meaning)

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Your family, friends, or someone you meet not too much asks ‘What are you up to?’. 

And, they don’t always ask with the same meaning. 

Sometimes it’s a casual greeting like ‘How are you doing?’, that’s it.

But, sometimes it seems they just want to know. 

Well, generally, when someone says so, they mean to ask ‘What are you doing right now?’.

But it’s also possible that they ask about your situation today (or lately). 

Based on how comfortable you feel to talk about, you can give the best answers about what you’re up to.


How To Respond To “What Are You Up To”?

It’s confusing to answer when someone asks you ‘What are you up to?’ just out of nowhere. 

Like, do they want to know what you’re doing right now or ask so casually? 

Generally, you might have been replying with ‘(I’m up to) Nothing, what about you?’. 

Which is enough when you don’t want to talk about something or have nothing to say. 

But, if you’re looking for better ways to respond to ‘What you’re up to?’, we’ve prepared some answer ideas for you. 

How To Respond To What Are You Up To

1. “Just regular stuff. And, you?”

You might be busy with some activity but don’t want them to know.

So, it’s better to pass on the question to them regarding what they’re up to.

2. “Some hobbies matter. I don’t think that interests you.”

Right now, you’re engaged in some pass-time activities. 

You don’t know how they will take it or if they relate to it. 

So, you don’t say it clearly. 

3. “Oh, it’s the same old boring stuff.”  

When your relative or a nosy person asks what you are up to, give such an uninterested answer. 

There’s nothing to discuss and you don’t have time for it either.

4. “I’m up to something but you don’t need to know that.” 

It’s a personal matter though. 

Maybe a secret plan or something.

But you don’t want to tell what you’re up to right now. 

5. “Thinking of taking a walk to the park. Do you want to come?” 

You can invite them if they also seem bored and looking for some plan. 

6. “I’m up to nothing, just feeling a bit down today.” 

You said how you actually feel (down) at the moment. 

This one is some sort of clever response like they want to see you up, but you’re not in a mood. 

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7. “I’m up to making dinner. Wanna join?” 

When your neighbor or relatives ask normal questions like what you are up to, you can give this nice answer. 

8. “I’m up to finish the important work, call you later.” 

You’re very busy with some project or at work right now.

So instead of keeping the chat going, you can reply this way. 

9. “Well, I’m doing something, but that’s none of your business.” 

This one is the most honest and sarcastic answer to give on asking ‘What are you up to?’

The phrase ‘none of your business’ could work adversely.

So, you should be mindful of it. 

But, it will keep them away who could waste your time.

Sarcastic Answers To What Are You Up To

10. “You won’t understand that.” 

What you’re up to, doing right now, or feeling right now, you could tell them.

But you believe that it’s not the right time to share with them. 

11. “Sorry but I can’t tell you right now.” 

Maybe you’re preparing for some surprise that you can’t share with anyone. 

When someone is being suspicious that you’re up to something and asks so, this one is a clever response. 

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12. “Some personal matters. But don’t worry about that.” 

You’re dealing with some issues that you could handle yourself. 

But you don’t want to discuss it with others. 

And, this way you can avoid talking in depth. 

13. “I’ve been trying to get in touch with you, where have you been?” 

It’s a long-lost friend that you are trying to connect with. 

Finally, you get the message from a friend ‘What are you up to?’ and you respond to this. 

14. “Doing nothing, just staring at the wall.” 

You’re just kidding or maybe that’s what you’re doing. 

This one is a funny response like you want to do something interesting. 

Because you’re feeling so bored today. 

Funny Answers To What Are You Up To

15. “Just doing nothing. Why are you asking?” 

You’re hiding what you are up to because you’ve no idea what their purpose of asking so. 

16. “It seems you’re up to something, what’s that?”

 The ways they ask so, it feels that want you to join their plan.

With this response you tell them to be direct and talk about what’s on their mind.

17. “I’m up to plan my vacation. I really need this.” 

You’ve been working so much lately and need a break. 

This answer you can share with your family or friend, that you wish to take a vacation along.

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What Does “What Are You Up To” Mean?

There’s nothing to be scared of the ‘What are you up to’ question.  

Of course, this simple question means, what are you doing right now, at the moment? 

But it’s fine if you don’t want to discuss your current activities. 

Most of the time, you get ‘What are you up to?’ as a regular greeting like ‘How are you?’ and from someone you have a regular connection with. 

Maybe they don’t really want to know what you are doing. 

But ask so, to know if you’re available for some talk or some plan. 

If you want to help them or have time, you can answer like ‘I’m up to nothing important, you tell me what’s up to you?’. 

What Does What Are You Up To Mean

Else, if you want them to join you in some activities, you can tell them clearly what you are doing right now. 

And, just invite them.  

But, it’s important to know the context of the question ‘What are you up to?’ from someone.

Because they might be asking ‘What are you doing right now (or today or this week)?’ and you better answer likewise. 

Even when someone meets you after some time, they can ask what are you up to lately, which means how you keep yourself busy or what’s your plan ahead. 

Share your response based on if you feel up for their inquiry or down. 


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