12 Funny Answers To “Are You For Real?”

It’s so hard for someone to believe it, so they have to ask you “Are you for real?”. 

Well, this expresses either someone is impressed with your ‘so-good’ nature. 

Or, they are shocked by what you just did.

If you want to respond to this with some exciting gesture, this article will provide you with some flirty and funny answers when someone asks if you’re real.


How To Reply To “Are You For Real”?

Based on how you feel it, decide what you can reply to it here. 

When someone asks ‘Are you for real’, this could be they’re amazed or shocked. 

For you, sometimes it feels complimenting. Or just annoying. 

Also, who says this to you is important.

Next, here are the possible flirty and funny answers you can give when someone asks “Are you for real”:

How To Reply To Are You For Real

1. “Yes, I am absolutely real. Only this time.” 

Whatever it is but this time, you’re not kidding. 

You have to give them confidence that you are real, at least this time. 

2. “So, what you have been thinking for so long?”

As they question if this is real, they seem surprised. 

That they have a hard time accepting something.  

So, you playfully tease them for not believing you. 

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3. “I wish I could be real (honest) with you.” 

A witty response to give a crush that you’re not being real with them. 

This is a hint that there’s something you want to talk real with them.

But you’re not being real. You just can’t.

4. “Babe, only I’m the real deal for you.”  

Your partner is surprised with the trip you booked secretly. 

At first, she can’t believe it and asks ‘Are you for real?’. 

This is a perfect situation to try a flirty response like this to make them love you more. 

Flirty Answer To Are You For Real

5. “I don’t even know If I am real.”

A humorous response to show that you don’t consider it a real one.

You wish to find your real self, that’s a challenge for you.

6. “What do you think?” 

As they ask, you are also shocked that they seriously have to ask so. 

So, you want to know what they actually their opinion about it. 

7. “What is real? Nothing, my friend.” 

Such a sarcastic response to show that you also believe nothing is real around you. 

8. “How can I be unreal to you, huh!”

When your crush asks if you are even real, this is a sweet reply to give. 

She is surprised at your move, but you admit that you are real with her. 

You don’t even dare to act fake with her.

9. “Don’t forget that you’re in the fake world.” 

A funny response to advise them not to believe in anything. 

This is fine to share with your friends in a playful tone. 

But this response has a deep meaning. 

Funny Answer To Are You For Real

10. “Are you doubting me, seriously?”

How could even they doubt your feelings for them? 

This is heartbreaking as your crush or lover doubts if you’re being honest with them. 

11. “Why do I always have to prove it to you?” 

This friend always asks stupid questions like ‘Seriously’ or ‘Are you real?’. 

You are done dealing with them. 

So you answer this straight with sarcasm

12. “Nah, not at all. More like you” 

You just tell them not to believe you. 

Because you are not being real. Just as they do to you. 

Maybe you’re just kidding or you just don’t want to explain anything to them. 

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When Someone Asks “Are You For Real?”

When someone has to ask ‘Are you even real?’, this means they want to know if you’re serious or honest about what you just said.

They can’t believe something you told or did just now. 

Whatever you do or say is normal to you, but they are shocked about it.

Considering the situation and their tone, you feel this question differently. 

When Someone Asks Are You For Real

How a friend asks and a crush asks ‘Are you for real?’ hits differently and based on that you should decide the right responses. 

You have some suggestions with you now. 

Sometimes this is annoying when you have to prove it to someone. 

But, who is saying it you should decide if funny responses are better or flirty.


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