17 Clever Answers To “Are You Lying?”

  • February 10, 2024

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You can’t believe that it’s your close one asking, “Are you lying?’.

It definitely hurts when your close friend or partner has to ask so’.

Also stumped over how can you react to it. 

Their disbelief in you leaves you shocked and you have nothing to explain. 

But stress not, depending on the situation, you can give some best answers that we are going to discuss in this post. 


How To Answer To “Are You Lying”?

Well, this isn’t a normal question, but it hurts based on who asks this. 

You want someone to believe in you and so you share something with them. 

But instead, they ask if you are telling the truth.

Here they expect some validation from you that you are not lying to them. 

Considering the context and your connection, here are some clever replies to give when someone asks ‘Are you lying to me’:

How To Answer To Are You Lying

1. “Are you doubting me, seriously?” 

The way they ask are you lying to me, you deliver this question in the same tone. 

2. “I’m doing the same, you’ve always been doing to me.” 

So this is a clever response to let them know whether you are doing right or wrong.

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3. “Of course,… Yes.” 

They might expect that you will cover up by saying, ‘Of course, not’. 

But you are honest here and say yes that you are lying to them. 

4. “You know it hurts me, seeing that you have to ask me this.” 

Try to make it a dramatic response.

Because it really hurts you as they don’t believe as you say something. 

5. “What do you think, just tell me?” 

You are not sure what made them ask if you saying the truth or lying.

So you ask it straight. 

6. “Don’t you trust me anymore?” 

The more they have to ask about validation, they seem to have no trust in you.

A witty answer to give a friend or anyone close.

Witty Answer To Are You Lying

7. “I have no choice, but I have to lie to you. Sorry.” 

Your lie has some good reason. 

And when they know you are lying, you tell them to try to understand you.

8. “Yes, because I know that you couldn’t handle the truth.” 

This one is a sarcastic comeback to express that you are lying. 

Because they are not ready for the truth, you have to frame it.

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9. “And it’s you who forced me to lie.” 

Tell them that they leave you no choice but to lie. 

And, now they accuse you of lying. 

10. “Why would I do that to you, huh?” 

When you get asked if you are lying to them, it hurts you deeply.

This answer shows how could they even think about it.

11. “If you knew me well, you don’t have to ask this to me.”

They have to ask you if you are lying to them, this shows they don’t know enough. 

A clever answer to give your friend who has a hard time believing you are being real with them. 

12. “I could lie to anyone in the world, but not to you.” 

When your crush or lover asks if you are lying to them, give this cute answer. 

This is to show that they mean a lot to you.

Flirty Answer To Are You Lying to Me

13. “This is the first time I tried to lie to you. And you catch me.” 

Such a sweet response to express when you are caught up lying to someone close.

It shows they know you well, enough.

14. “I was lying. But, are you ready for the truth?” 

As they caught you lying, and now you have no chance to speak the truth.

So you want them to be ready to face the facts. 

15. “You have to believe me that I must have some reason.” 

Tell them that you also don’t want to lie to them, but the situation lets you do it. 

16. “Don’t act like you never lied to me.” 

Everyone lies to someone, for some reason and in some situation. 

Better if you all take time to listen to each other. 

17. “No, I wasn’t. But I am lying now.” 

This is a witty comeback to give when someone asks if you lie to them. 

You leave them confused about what you mean by it. 

You tell them you’re not lying, but you also tell them that you are lying now. 

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When Someone Asks “Are You Lying?”

The question ‘Are you lying?’ is simple to answer with just ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. 

It won’t affect much if it’s from anyone else but your close one. 

Your partner or friend who knows you well enough and has to ask ‘Are you lying to me?’ that certainly leaves you shocked at how to respond. 

But instead of panicking, you also need to consider the reason behind their question. 

When Someone Asks Are You Lying

And of course, you don’t have to make it too complex. 

Just say yes or no, based on whether you are lying to them or not. 

And if you want to have fun with it, here shared clever responses are a better choice for a friend or partner asking if you are lying to them.

Here you playfully tease them for nothing knowing it themselves.


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