(19 Good Comebacks) When Someone Calls You “Weird”

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Being called a weird is in no way good. It feels awkward.

Well, it’s your quirkiness and it shouldn’t be a problem to anyone, though.

Show them that you don’t care how they see you or what they think of you.

You’re just happy with the way you are and won’t change for them.

To embrace your weirdness and to take their comments as compliments (not insults), here are some good comebacks you can have with you.


What To Say When Someone Says “You’re Weird”?

Well, considering your connection and how someone says so, you should decide how to respond to being called ‘a weird’. 

Someone could be complimenting you, because they enjoy this unique side of yours. 

Whereas some call you ‘weird’ to insult you. As you’re being so different than them. 

No matter what don’t take such rude comments seriously. 

What To Say When Someone Says You're Weird

Those who are boring and have nothing new to do, only they will find you weird. 

They have no right to insult you for your weirdness if this hurts them or no one. 

This comes naturally to you. And, you can’t be like them. 

You might get to hear ‘You’re so weird’ from different people. 

But here are the best comebacks you can give to show being weird is not your problem, but your nature. 

1. “Yes, I am weird and I’m proud that I’m different.” 

This is something that makes you feel alive and have fun in life.

2. “Being regular is so boring, I rather be weird and enjoy life.” 

All you do is enjoy your every day and moment as it comes. 

Your weirdness helps you see things differently. 

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3. “I rather call myself creative.” 

Indeed, the way you think or do something is a lot different than most of them. 

That makes you creative in the group. 

But fine if they call you weird, though. 

4. “At least I have something interesting to say and show.” 

This is a sarcastic comeback to show that you can’t bore others like them.

5. “Nah, I’m more than that.” 

And, you’re so sure that they are not ready for it. 

6. “I might do weird stuff, but I don’t embarrass my family, though.” 

You are aware of what to do and to which extent. 

They might try to make you feel bad about your weirdness. 

But you didn’t do anything your family has to cut ties more like them. 

7. “That’s normal to me. I don’t feel offended at all.” 

As long you notice that most people are happy with your weirdness.

You don’t see it as a problem. 

8. “Only you hate my weirdness, everyone loves me for that.” 

So eventually, this makes them different than the rest. 

In that sense, this person is weird for you, as they don’t get along with you. 

9. “Now you know the real me. Yes, this is what I am.” 

This is the first time your crush calls you weird, and you tell her that this is real you.

10. “And you’re jealous of the attention I get from this weirdness.”

Just be savage with your response, because that’s what they deserve. 

Funny Comeback To You're So Weird

11. “You just get to know me. There’s more to come.”

Your new connection says ‘You’re weird’ after being for a while.

This response expresses you want them to be ready for more weirdness. 

12. “This is also the one side of me, I gave you just a glimpse.” 

And you will get to show this quirkiness occasionally when it’s the time. 

13. “It takes a lot to be weird, but you won’t understand that.” 

Because they have been average and regular their whole life.

So it’s hard for them to understand this weird nature. 

14. “I wear that tag with pride.” 

This makes you feel great about yourself, that you are unique. 

15. “That’s your problem, I just be myself, it’s my nature.” 

You are not going to change yourself just because someone calls you weird. 

16. “This weirdness is what keeps me alive and gives me the best time of my life.” 

Living the life with the same lifestyle and pattern is not for you. 

You always find a way to enjoy your life, and your weirdness helps in that.

17. “You have no choice but to face it. As I’m going to embrace it.”  

This clever comeback shows that they can’t stop you from expressing your weirdness. 

But you will do more of it, then on. 

18. “For me, being serious like you is weird. But I don’t have any issue with your boring nature. Then, why you should?” 

Let them know like you accepted their nature, they should accept you as it is.

Because you both have no choice. 

19. “Thanks for letting me know that I’m not like you, Boring.” 

And you don’t even want to be like them.

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What Does It Mean To Being Called “Weird”?

When someone says ‘You’re so weird’, this simply means that your way of doing or acting is different than theirs. 

You do things differently and can’t be like them. 

It comes naturally to you and you’re not doing anything extra.

Just because you are not like them in any sense, some people consider you as weird.

Well, this could be a compliment, when it’s from your friend or crush. 

What Does It Mean Of Being Called Weird

It means they are enjoying your weirdness.

In another case, this is an insult, when someone seems annoyed (mainly jealous) with your quirks. 

Because they can’t relate to this level of craziness. 

By calling you ‘a weird’ they want you to stop doing it and behave like them. 

When you being yourself and it hurts no one anyway, and mainly most people enjoy this nature, never let such ‘weird’ comment affect you. 

Instead of feeling insulting on being called a weird, embrace it. 

Because you’re not like the most. 


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