44 Smart Replies To Rude Comments You Get Online Or On Person

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You can’t always deal with rude comments by just ignoring them. 

Sometimes, you have to be smart or sarcastic to reply in the way such rude people understand well. 

Those rude remarks you get online or in person, do affect you. 

Even if you say it doesn’t. It does. 

Whether this person knows you or not, when they are up to get you, they never stop but are rude to you.

And, they say anything on their mind. 

Stand for yourself. 

Have something smart and sarcastic to say, when you feel you’ve nothing to say. 


Smart Replies To Rude Comments 

Getting angry and taking it all personally, isn’t the right reaction to what rude people say to you.

If you do so, you allow them to win over you. 

Be clever. Use your wit, humor, whatever. Say something to outsmart them. 

If you don’t know what smart things to say to rude people, we’ve listed some replies for you. 

Smart Replies To Rude Comments

1. “Thanks for wasting your words on me. Wasted, because they don’t work on me.” 

2. “Instead of trying to destroy my life, why don’t you get your life and do something?” 

3. “No matter how hard you try, I’m not giving you any topic to create drama here.”  

4. “I appreciate your attempt to put me down. But I’m not in the mood to follow you down.” 

5. “So, that’s what you do for a living huh? Being rude to other people, commenting on anything. Does it pay well enough?”

6. “The way you connect everything to yourself, It’s just mind-blowing.” 

7. “You can’t say the same thing to everyone and hope it works for everyone. I’m different.”

8. “Instead of being rude to me, why don’t I hire you? You’ll do the same to others, I got a list. At least you both deserve each other.”  

9. “You’re wasting your talent here. Why can’t you be a judge of talent shows or anything?” 

10. “I don’t think I know you. Don’t assume that I want to know you. Better stay away, stranger!”

11. “So, are you in a family business? Like, to be rude to everyone, online, offline, whatever!”

12. “That’s cool, I don’t mind that at all. Just give me a good reason to listen to you.” 

13. “Take a break buddy, you’ve your whole life to say rude to me anytime.”

14. “I wish I could hear you all day. But, I’ve to work to pay my bills. I don’t have parents like you.”

15. “So, you think that this way you can put me down? Well, good luck with that.”


Clever Comebacks To Rude Remarks 

It’s frustrating but true that rude people are smart to break your confidence and patience. 

And, if you’ve no chance but to face them every day, there won’t be a normal day for you. 

So, to be prepared for the next time and to keep them in their lane, you need some comebacks.

Something that is clever and targets their weakness precisely. 

Clever Comebacks To Rude Remarks

1. “Just one question: Does being rude to other people pay your bills?”  

2. “Sorry, right now I have no time for you. You can be rude to yourself.”

3. “The more you say anything rude to me, the more I become stronger. Please know that.” 

4. “Well, it’s always good to see you while you’re leaving from here.” 

5. “Relax, relax. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself to find something rude to say about me. Take a day off today.”

6. “I’m so surprised how you get your information about me.” 

7. “I apologize for interrupting you, but I’m not listening. Actually, I never listened to you ever.” 

8. “It’s always good to learn something new about me, from you.” 

9. “Man, you can do a PhD, in my life. You know almost everything about me, but wrong!”

10. “I wish I could be as rude as you are. But my parents raised me well.” 

11. “If someone has their mouth open, it means their mind is closed.”

12. “Thank you for always checking on my every move. You can be my bodyguard!”

13. “Saying anything about me will change nothing. Do you ever hear anything from me? That’s the point.”

14. “I might not know you personally. But I see you as an ugly person, but by character.” 


Funny Responses To Rude People

While they’re doing anything to hurt you, with your humor you break their every move. 

If you want to annoy them for leaving rude comments on you, act like you don’t take it seriously ever. 

Make fun of their remarks on you and the way they say it. 

Here are some funny things to say to rude people to make them a joke for their dumbness and rudeness. 

Funny Responses To Rude People

1. “Your rudeness has reached me, but I’m returning it. Because I didn’t order that.” 

2. “Where have you been in the last few days? You’ve no idea, how ‘no one’ missed you.”

3. “I’m so ashamed to call you my former-friend. But I’m sorry for your current friends.” 

4. “How surprising is the track record that you’re always wrong and I’m always right?”

5. “Do you have any idea how your parents feel when they know you did all this?”

6. “Your efforts to put me down are impressive. But, better luck next time.” 

7. “I like it, you tried something new today. See you tomorrow. Bye!”

8. “I’m not saying you have an attitude. For that, you better have your own identity first.” 

9. “If I have subscribed to your rude comment services, please cancel it. I’m not satisfied at all.” 

10. “Ha-ha, that’s a lame joke. Tell me another one, you’re funny man!”

11. “I don’t want to say how’s your day, because I know it’s bad already. Like every day.”

12. “Do you have any idea what you wrote to me? Because I didn’t understand it though. Don’t explain it, do it to you.”

13. “Have you said enough about me? Okay, now I’m going. Bye.” 

14. “Let me stop you here. I will give you a day when I listen to you, and you can say whatever you want. But today is not that day.” 

15. “I’m so sorry that you’ve to behave like this. You don’t deserve to live this way. But I can’t help you.” 

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How To Respond To Rude Comments?

Well, do you have to take rude people seriously? 

Not at all. And why should you, they are nobody.

Who the hell is that person to say anything about you? They’re nobody. 

How To Respond To Rude Comments

But yes, if they show up to you often and say anything rude to you every day, you can’t tolerate such behavior every time. 

Have something to say. 

Of course, you can just ignore them. As most people will recommend so. 

But when you have to say something for once or the last time, do it effectively. 

You can use these smart replies, clever comebacks, and funny responses to rude comments you get. 

Either online or in person, this is the way to handle it in various conditions. 

Choose your way to respond right, and return their rudeness to them. 

Don’t take them personally, though!


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