17 Funny Responses To An Apology Over Text

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Instead of saying sorry in person, they send you an apology over text. 

This hurts.

Because it seems that this person does it as a formality.

And, not feeling genuinely sorry.  

In that case, you better give them witty and funny replies to show you don’t take their apologies seriously.

Often your friend or acquaintance chooses to send you a sorry message instead of saying so in person. 

Maybe they have no courage to say it.

Or, they just don’t want to.


How To Respond To An Apology Over Text?

You feel that it’s not a genuine apology from someone.

When someone truly feels sorry for what they did, they make sure you don’t feel hurt too long, for what happened between you two. 

They mean it when they say sorry. 

But some, they don’t want to apologize, but they have to say. For some reason. 

So, they send you an apology over text. 

And, they avoid meeting in person.

Well, whatever it is, based on how this affects you, let us discuss what you can say when someone apologizes over text.  

How To Respond To An Apology Over Text

1. “I would forgive you only if you said that personally.”

Maybe it’s that their ego prevents them from apologizing in person. 

So they just text it.

Believing that you would forgive them easily. 

This means that they still don’t realize their mistakes. 

So, you tell them clearly what they can do to forgive them. 

2. “I can’t, It’s not my policy to accept ‘an apology’ over text.”

You can share this fun response with your friend who apologizes in chat. 

Indeed, you don’t take anything personally from them. 

But you want to make sure that they understand the lesson. 

3. “Come on, Bro. Forget about that. I don’t mind at all.” 

You know it was just a mistake. 

So you can say ‘I’m cool‘ to relax them.

But this person later realized their mistake and sent you a sorry text. 

Share this friendly response to show that you’re all good like nothing happened. 

4. “If you are sorry for what you did, say ‘I’m sorry’ three times.” 

Sending just one sorry message isn’t enough for you. 

You want to see your boyfriend say it more than once. 

Because that’s where you can feel if he is feeling sorry or not. 

5. “Apologize for what? What did you do?” 

Well, you don’t even have an idea why they’re saying sorry to you. 

In friendship, you don’t take each other seriously. 

So you don’t have to apologize to each other. 

This one is a fun response to ‘sorry’ from your friend. 

Response to apology text from friend

6. “Who’s this? I don’t have your number saved.”

You got a message from an unknown number, it’s an ‘apology’ text. 

Maybe you’ve deleted their number from your phone. 

Because what they did is unacceptable and unforgivable.

So you’ve already cut the connection. 

This clever reply is to inform them that you forgot about this person,(but not going to forgive them). 

7. “We all make mistakes. Don’t worry about it.” 

You’re happy that this person finally realizes their faults.

Also, it’s not a problem for you if they say sorry over text, you accept it. 

They learn lessons. And, say this won’t happen again. 

So, your response says, it’s not a big deal now. 

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8. “Your apology is accepted. Hope, you also forgive me.” 

You don’t want this issue to go too long.  

So, to make a fresh start on this connection, you respond nicely.

You forgive your girlfriend and you also ask her to forgive you, as well.  

Because you trust her and you both can’t live with you.

When girlfriend apologizes in text

9. “No, I’ve to say sorry to make you behave that way.”

This person accepts their mistake and is sorry for their behavior. 

And in response, you tell them that it’s your mistake also. 

That you didn’t have to say something to them when they were having a bad day.

This is the most effective way to resolve the situation.

10. “Okay. But, why do you always have to do this?” 

Some people just never learned a lesson. And repeat the same mistakes again. 

You’ve experienced that it’s the same process they do all the time. 

First, they do something out of their dumb nature and then send you an apology. 

Indeed, you don’t take it personally.

Just, ask them to stop such behavior.

11. “I know you do not mean to hurt me. But, you should understand that before saying anything.”

This person values you and apologizes for doing wrong.

It’s just that they sometimes act in emotions. 

You tell them not to worry about it.

But they also need to watch out for their behavior. 

Because not everyone is the same as you. 

12. “That’s fine, I don’t think about that too much. And, you should, too.” 

You already have moved on with what just happened between you two. 

So, by accepting their apology in a relaxed tone, you want your boyfriend to forget about it.

Telling, everything is alright and nothing changed.

Because you forgave him and forgotten about the incident before. 

When boyfriend sends apology text

13. “I can understand. You might have been upset for some other reason.” 

Instead of taking things personally, you act mature here. 

You feel that there’s something wrong going on in their life.

There’s no point in apologizing because you’re not angry with them. 

You relate to their condition which bothers them. 

14. “Do you know what you just did? You have no idea how much it hurts.” 

You’re so shocked by what they did to you. Or said about you. 

That completely changes the way you look at this person. 

And now they send you an apology over text, you tell them clearly that you don’t accept it at all.

15. “I will forgive you, but please leave me alone for some days at least.” 

It takes some time to get over the hurt caused by someone close. 

You know that you can’t be mad at them for long. But the situation now is different. 

Before saying or doing anything, you just want some time to settle. 

So you tell them to ‘leave me alone, as it’s hard for you to forget about it.

16. “How many times must you do this? Now no more, Please.” 

It happened earlier. It happens again. 

First, they do something hurtful and then when they realize it, they send the ‘sorry’ text message. 

But what they recently did, changed your connection forever. 

You’re not in the mood to forgive them. So you decide to move on alone. 

17. “Your time to ask for an apology is over. Goodbye.” 

What’s the point of asking for an apology when they take so much time to understand the mistake? 

You’re not in the mood to give a second chance. 

So, you decided to cut the connection. 

You can’t be with someone who doesn’t value your feelings. 

So, it’s your goodbye response to someone who apologizes over text but doesn’t mean it. 


When Someone Apologizes Over Text

When someone sends you an apology over text and expects you to forgive them, possibly that situation isn’t that serious or they take it lightly.

But, you, too, don’t have to take it personally, though.

Sometimes, you have to understand that this person is ashamed of what they did. 

That’s why they don’t want to face you. 

When Someone Apologizes Over Text

So, they think it’s better to send you a ‘sorry’ message, though. 

This is the first step to letting go of the hurtful experience. 

Based on your connection and your experience with that person, you decide whether to give them a second chance or not.

Instead of replying anyway, check if this person feels sorry. 

When they genuinely feel sorry, your comfortable responses help them to get over it. 

It doesn’t matter if they say it personally or only send you an apology over text, what matters is the realization of their mistake. 


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