24 (Witty &) Flirty Replies To “I Can’t Get Over You”

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When someone says “I can’t get over you”, either they compliment or complain about it. 

If you hear this from your (existing) partner that means they are happy to be with you. 

And, if that’s from your ex, this means they still haven’t moved on.

Both cases are different, and so how you respond to them also differs. 

So, in this article, we are discussing the flirty and witty replies when someone tells you that they can’t get over you. 


How To Reply To “I Can’t Get Over You”?

Based on who says so, their tone, and your feelings (mainly), you should react likewise. 

When you get it from your partner in a growing relationship, express that you also feel the same about them. 

That you, too want to be with them more. 

In that case, your flirty reaction adds interest and romance to your connection. 

Whereas, when your former partner tells you it’s hard for them to get over you, depending on your interest, you can try clever replies there. 

In either case, here are the witty and flirty replies you can give to someone who can’t get over you:

How To Reply To I Can’t Get Over You

1. “I told you I’m different than you think.”

An exciting reply to intrigue your partner in developing a connection. 

You want them ready to explore more about your personality. 

2. “Of course, where can you find such a caring, handsome, and respectful person like me?” 

You tease a guy or girl for breaking up with you. 

Maybe you have tried till last, but they didn’t listen to you and broke up. 

Now as he or she tells you they can’t get over you, you could share this witty response. 

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3. “Well, it’s not easy for me to get over you either.” 

Likewise, if someone tells you they can’t get over you, show them that the feeling is mutual. 

This means you sense the deep connections and understanding. 

4. “Sorry to hear that. But I’m sure you will get over me soon.”

It’s the attachment that makes your ex to move on. 

You have nothing to do here. 

Just to comfort them that they will get over sooner, you can say this. 

5. “I just meant to become romantic but not addictive.” 

You had no idea that your partner felt such a strong connection. 

To tease their emotional remark, you share this sweet response. 

6. “Let me tell you how to get over me step by step.” 

It seems that someone tried hard to get over you, but they couldn’t. 

Seeing them struggling, you want to help them out. 

And here you playfully suggest to them how you can help.

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7. “I feel the same. After all, we both are so perfect to each other.”

It’s not just hard for them to get over the feeling for you. 

You have the same experience and you admit it to them. 

This nice response proves there’s a stronger connection between you two.

8. “Well, I take it as a compliment.” 

You take it as a genuine admiration from your partner. 

This response is to express appreciation for a sound relationship. 

9. “I’m glad (Or sad) to hear that from you.” 

When you don’t know how to respond to it, this one is enough reaction.

10. “Dear, I also need nothing else, just you.” 

Express the heartfelt sentiment of how much you need them

You also value their presence in your life and can’t get over with them, too. 

11. “Being with you and spending time with you is my perfect routine.” 

By saying ‘I can’t get over you’ your partner shows they are happy about it. 

Respond to express that you also value their presence in your life. 

12. “Don’t worry, I promise that I will be with you forever.” 

They admit that it’s not easy for them to get over you and they want to be with you more. 

So you promise your new connection that you’re not leaving them. 

Flirty Response To I Can’t Get Over You

13. “You make me be myself and I enjoy your company, too.” 

Basically, it’s their presence that makes you be yourself fully. 

So, you give them credit for letting you be yourself in the first place. 

Let them know that you enjoy your company and want to spend more time with them. 

14. “Yeah, you can always count on me, I’m with you always.”

To a friend, crush, or partner who tells you they can’t get over you, this one is the most common response to share.

This is a reply that says ‘I’m yours and you’re mine, now!’.

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15. “I promise that I will never leave you alone and stay with you forever.”

This reply works great for the developing connection. 

It’s like a commitment to a partner that you won’t leave them alone. 

16. “My best wishes are that you will find someone better than me.” 

You don’t want to give this connection a second chance. 

So with this polite response, you want this person to move on, even if it feels hard.

17. “Honestly, I’m in the same stage. Wanna meet up again? 

You’re interested in meeting up or you also can’t get over your ex. 

So, with this response, you invite them to meet and think about the reconnection. 

18. “You will soon. I don’t think that should be that hard.” 

When your ex texted you ‘How are you’ and then added how they can’t get over you, you can reply to this. 

A clever response to show that they haven’t tried enough.

19. “I don’t think it’s a good idea, as I have moved on already.” 

It seems that your ex wants to restart your relationship. 

But as you’ve moved on and see no reason to reconnect, you can give this polite response.

Also, you want them to move on, like you did. 

20. “Indeed, this might take some time, but in the end, it will do.” 

It’s not easy to get over with the affection, you felt that. 

But as you’re now get over with the feelings, you tell them that it’s possible. 

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21. “Well, that’s because you made me work so hard to win your heart.” 

At first, it was hard for you to start a connection. 

And now it’s over now, it’s hard for them to move on. 

This response shows that you both have worked on this connection. 

22. “Really? I thought you had a bad memory.” 

Here you tease someone for still missing you even after your breakup. 

This one is sarcastic because while in your relationship they often wish you late on your birthday.

23. “So that means you’re trying to get over me, right?” 

You playfully tease your new date or match here. 

This one is a fun response to having a lighthearted conversation with them. 

24. “I know, but you have to get over me. It is good for both of us.” 

You see there’s no sense in keeping this relationship. 

Maturity is when you know when to move on and get over any feelings that have no meaning now. 

This response is like advice for them to keep trying to move on.

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What Does “I Can’t Get Over You” Mean?

When someone says “I can’t get over you” this means they remind you of the emotional connection within. 

Maybe they want to get over you or not, but it shows a deep affection. 

You hear it from your new partner or ex, also. 

And, both admit that they miss you when you’re not around. As there’s a stronger bond with you. 

So this statement could be good or bad.

What Does I Can’t Get Over You Mean

Based on how they say it and how you actually feel it, you should decide between flirty and witty replies to ‘I can’t get over you’ from your partner. 

If it’s a growing relationship, promise them that you’re not going anywhere.

But if it’s over, you can tell them to move on, when you have gotten over with them already. 

Possibly that by letting you know ‘I can’t get over you’ they hope to give this relationship a second chance. 

And, that could be not a good idea!


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