38 Savage Replies To Break Up Texts For Him & Her

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“Please don’t leave me” or, “I can’t live without you

You’re not the type of person who would respond like this to a breakup text from a girlfriend or boyfriend. 

Instead of that, you let your confidence (or ego) handle it. 

If you need some idea here discussing how to handle a breakup text, savagely and not emotionally. 

Certainly, your ex won’t be ready for this one.


Savage Replies To Break Up Texts For Boyfriend

You were expecting him to be mature and responsible in a relationship. 

But there’s no improvement from his side. 

Instead now, he urges you to break up over text, and with the savage replies, you show him that you are so ready for it already.

Savage Replies To Break Up Texts For Boyfriend

1. “Okay, fine, good luck with whatever life you think you live here.” 

Now you both are on your own and you feel better

2. “I’m here in case your new relationship also doesn’t work out. JK, please don’t come back.” 

Nope, you are going to be around. 

Just not ready to take him back at all. 

3. “We were in a relationship? I never felt like it at all.” 

That’s the biggest secret ever. 

4. “There’s no point in breaking up because there wasn’t any connection between us.” 

That’s the valid point here, to make this immature man aware of it.

5. “‘Oh, that makes me so sad. Please don’t go.’ So, you expected I would say that? Not at all.”

The first text makes him emotional and the second one says ‘I’m just joking’.

6. “This is the only thing that you did right and at the perfect time.” 

Appreciate him after all, he did something good at last.

7. “So what would you do next? Go back to your ex. I don’t care where you go. Just go.” 

You don’t care much about where. 

Just he will go is important to you. 

8. “You can’t break up with me. Because I’m going to do it first.” 

It’s your sole right, not him. 

9. “I already told you that you can handle me. Hope you got some lessons now.”

You have warned him before, but he took the challenge. 

And see he really can’t handle you well. 

10. “So you think my bestie is better than me? Fine, good luck with that, Lol!” 

Only you know what she’s made of. 

You are nothing compared to her and your ex-boyfriend will know it.

11. “Okay. I have enjoyed the best time together… I wish I could say it on our goodbye.” 

But you can’t say it, because you haven’t had a good time.

12. “And, I have already arranged someone for you, and that’s my bestie.”

Just to make him realize the difference between a responsible and rude lover. 

13. “I’m fine if that’s your choice. Just don’t forget to parcel everything I gave you.”

You have already emptied your warehouse for that. 

You can’t have wasted time back, but you could have your belongings. 

14. “Please don’t go. Where else i could find a clown like you?” 

Fine, if he isn’t a good love, but he is a joker who makes you laugh

15. “Agreed, we both are not just on the same page, but we are not on the same book. 

There’s no match but a perfect mismatch between you two. 

16. “Good luck with your game to spoil someone’s feelings and life.” 

And that’s what the player does to someone who loves them truly. 

You are upset as you dated the one, too.

17. “Not going to forget you that easily, not because of your love, but all those stupidity.”

And, it’s so much that you can’t even get out of your mind.

18. “Not sure if I’ll ever laugh so hard like this. As the biggest joke (our relationship) has ended now.” 

Tell your ex-boyfriend what this relationship meant for you. 

19. “Ok, anything else you want to say? Bye! (Blocked)”

You don’t create any drama. 

Better if you end it with a simple button ‘Block’, that’s it. 

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Savage Replies To Break Up Texts For Girlfriend

You gave her your love, but she can’t reciprocate the same. 

Now, as she is breaking up with you, you can leave this so-called relationship with savage replies to show you’re more than happy to hear this. 

Savage Replies To Break Up Texts For Girlfriend

1. “Thanks for making me realize how to love and how to hate.’ 

As you are moving away, be thankful for the lifelong lessons you learned from them. 

2. “I think this is not the biggest but important decision, ever.” 

And you are going to respect her for that. 

3. “You know what, My friends and family were right about you.”

This shows your regret for not caring about their advice. 

4. “Oh dear, I have been thinking to say the same”

Tell her you have been waiting for this to happen in real life. 

5. “Thank you for making the move which I should, but I couldn’t take.” 

So, credit for this breakup goes to none other than her. 

6. “You make it easy for me, Thanks.” 

This is a clever and savage response that means many things. 

7. “Goodbye and may god bless you with your big ego.” 

Just a last time remind them what caused this relationship to end. 

8. “I accept that I couldn’t afford such level of nonsense from you. I’m a failure here.” 

She told you already, but it was you who didn’t listen to them. 

9. “May you find someone capable enough to handle that emotional torture from you.” 

You tried your best but you failed at it miserably. 

10. “As far as I know you, it’s hard but I hope you met someone just like you.” 

This is a smart response that shows how hard she is to get along with.

11. “Earlier I was so afraid to stay single, now I have a strong one. Thanks to you!”

So you have a stronger and powerful reason to be on your own. 

12. “As you are going now, promise me that you will never come back.” 

Give this savage reply there is a chance that they will come back after breaking up.

13. “Please tell me that you aren’t joking again. I want you to be serious this time.” 

You want this to happen. So badly. 

14. “Are you leaving my life? That’s the great news.”

That you are going to throw a party for the same. 

15. “Can’t express my happiness, it’s like a dream come true for me.” 

A dream that you have been waiting to happen for such a long time.

16. “This is the first wise thing you ever do in your life.” 

Also, this is the last and only right thing they did in your relationship. 

17. “Can you please say it again, I like to hear it one more time.” 

You have to confirm with the double text that she’s breaking up with you for sure. 

18. “You have my respect for doing this. Now please leave!”

This is a big move but a very important one. 

19. “Not sure if I should cry or celebrate seeing you go.” 

It’s that level of happiest event in your life. 

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Well, these savage replies to break up texts are just for fun purposes only. 

We don’t wish or want you to give such a harsh reaction to someone you spent a good time in your life. 

If the breakup is happening, just accept it. 

Let it go, leave the bitterness behind. 

You move on with your life, that’s better for you.

There’s no need to be such a savage to your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who is about to leave.


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