21 Good Replies To “Thanks For Listening To Me”

  • February 11, 2024

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Someone can’t stop thanking you for listening to them. 

And, you are so surprised at what to say next.

But it’s sad to hear from your family members or friends, as you are with them after a long time. 

To make them feel at ease to approach you next time, try thoughtful replies.  

In this article, we are going to share the most genuine replies to give when someone thanks you for listening.


How To Reply To “Thanks For Listening To Me”?

Well, depending on your connection with that person, you can respond in many ways. 

Mainly when this comes from your close connection, you want your response to be genuine as they said it. 

Because you want them to feel heard, supported, and encouraged. 

Let your response tell them that you are ready to give them attention. 

Because you care for them.

Here are some best replies to give when someone says ‘Thanks for listening to me’. 

How To Reply To Thanks For Listening To Me

1. “No need to thank for that. I did my part.”

Let them know that you have value for your connection. 

You know how to support them. 

It might not be possible for you to be with them, but at least you make them feel heard. 

2. “Don’t mention it. I’m here just for you.” 

This is a genuine response to show that you don’t want them to thank you for just listening. 

You assure them that you like to spend time with them. 

And listen to what they have to talk about. 

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3. “Anytime for you my friend.” 

Share this response with a friend who thanks you for listening to him or her. 

This is a short but thoughtful gesture. 

4. “We are family, don’t forget that.” 

Make them feel part of the family. 

This response shows you want them to feel at ease with you like a close member

5. “So, you thought I was going to leave you alone. Huh!”

This person seemed lost and alone. 

Noticing that you sit with them and listen to their story. 

This one is a sweet reply to make someone feel supported also. 

6. “Just remember that you’re not alone, Okay?” 

Tell them that you’re with them, anytime when they need you for support. 

7. “Then I have many things to thank you for.” 

This is a teasing response to a friend who thanks you just for listening. 

It shows this is not a big deal for you. 

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8. “I just do what best I can. I did nothing extra.” 

You believe you didn’t do anything great like most people do. 

The point is, you don’t want them to thank you for it. 

9. “I know how It feels when there’s no one to listen to you.” 

You have experienced the need to be heard and supported. 

Knowing someone might be in the same situation, you do the best you can. 

10. “I’m glad that you feel relaxed now. So, now on worry about nothing.”

This person seems better as you spend some time with them.

Seeing their condition improving after being with them, you feel glad, too.  

A nice reply to tell them worry about nothing much.

11. “Then let me thank you for trusting me, first.”

They share something personal with you and it shows they trust you. 

Such a clever response to show that their secrets are safe with you.

Best Response To Thank You For Listening To Me

12. “Oh come on, you would do the same, Right?” 

It’s like you expect the same treatment from them when you need someone to listen to you. 

A good response to share with a close connection who agrees for sure. 

13. “Have you ever let me feel alone? Then How could I?” 

This is a sincere response to appreciate your partner who is there to support you anytime.

14. “I’m just around, call me without any hesitation.”  

As someone thanks you for listening to them, this shows they really needed someone like you. 

So you tell them to approach you without much thought. 

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15. “This is nothing compared to what you do for me.” 

This is an acknowledgment of what they did for you in the past.

Show that you didn’t forget about their support and encouragement in a rough time

16. “No-no. Better if I thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us.”

You didn’t feel as bored as they might think.

So when someone thanks you for listening, this interesting response shows you feel good as they talk about it. 

17. “Fine, next time just pay me to listen to you, Okay?” 

Such a funny reply to tease a friend who believes he has to thank you for listening to him. 

18. “This is unnecessary. Don’t thank me for this.” 

You want them to stop doing it. 

It sounds like a formality from your close connection. 

19. “I’m happy that I let you feel at ease.” 

You can notice how relaxed this person looks. 

And so you say that seeing them smile makes you happy, too. 

20. “I don’t mind listening to you again. Just don’t share the same story again.” 

Another funny but sarcastic response to tell a friend who could bore you with repeated stories.

You’re fine to hear them out only if they have something new to talk about.

21. “Well, I couldn’t help you enough, but at least I could listen to you.” 

This makes a thoughtful gesture to let someone know that maybe you can’t do anything great, but at least you make them feel heard. 

You did your best to support them for what they are going through.

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When Someone Thanks For Listening To Them

When someone says “Thanks for listening”, it shows that person is grateful for your presence. 

You made them feel heard, as they have something to say. 

They hope someone will listen to them. 

You are with them and so they genuinely appreciate you for that. 

You never know how relaxed you made someone feel, just by listening to them. 

When Someone Thanks For Listening To Them

If your close one says ‘Thanks for listening to them’ it’s time to spend more time with them. 

They feel alone. They need nothing else but your talk to them. 

Your good responses like these will make me feel at ease (not embarrassed) to approach you in the future. 

You give them the confidence to call you or talk about something they want. 

Show them that you’re with them to support them, even just by listening. 


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