19 Better Replies To “Glad To Hear That”

  • February 21, 2024

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After sharing the positive news, someone says  ‘I’m Glad to hear that’. 

When you hear so, it sounds like they feel it genuinely. 

Or maybe it’s just a normal gesture.

Depending on how they react, you want to say more than just ‘Thank you’ in response to that. 

So in this article, we have prepared nice to sarcastic replies to ‘Glad to hear that’ reactions based on whether someone is genuinely happy for you or not. 


How To Reply To “Glad To Hear That”?

You achieved something or something exciting happened.    

So, you shared this news with your family, and friends who are your well-wishers and they always think good for you. 

Same news, you also share with your relatives or neighbors.

After hearing such news, you get the same reaction, ‘I’m glad to hear that’. 

And both feel different, the way they say it. 

How To Reply To Glad To Hear That

Well, when it comes to replying to it, you better consider your connection and how their reaction made you feel. 

You need appreciative and sarcastic replies to the same. 

So, here’s what you can say when someone tells you that they are glad to hear that you achieved something. 

1. “Thank you, I was so excited to share this with you.” 

You know that this news would make your parents, family, or partner happiest. 

This response tells that you wanted to see their reaction in person. 

So you avoided saying this over the phone or in text. 

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2. “I’m not finished yet. Wait, there’s more to share.” 

Your parents or family members started celebrating immediately after hearing from you. 

But you tell them that it’s not the only news. 

You have more good things to share with them. 

3. “And, I’m so happy to hear that from you as well.” 

Hearing someone is glad because of you, makes you happy.

This is a cute response to share with your partner. 

It shows that if this news made their day, it made yours as well.  

4. “Just glad? Or Is there anything more?” 

You hope to see a special reaction, but they just stopped at ‘I’m so glad’. 

This is a funny response to share with someone very close who at least can express more. 

Funny Reply To I'm Glad To Hear That

5. “I can see that, already.”

Their happiness and excitement after this news show they are really glad. 

With this simple response, you appreciate their genuine support.  

6. “That’s why I shared this news with you first.” 

You should know who deserves to hear your good news first. 

Share it with those who are equally and genuinely happy for you. 

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7. “Oh, is it? I don’t think so.”

You feel that someone isn’t glad with what you just shared with them. 

So you tell them sarcastically that you have doubts. 

8. “We have arranged a celebration party and we are so happy to invite you to that.” 

So you’re not just sharing the news with them. 

It’s an invitation to a small function or party to celebrate your achievement. 

If you are glad to hear that message, this is a welcoming response to share.

9. “Really? Then, you should show it.” 

This is a sarcastic response to someone’s ‘glad to hear that’. 

Because of the way they said so, it seemed like something else but happy.

They definitely aren’t glad to hear that.  

Sarcastic Response To I'm Glad To Hear That

10. “Indeed, this is a big day for me.” 

You’re so excited after something good happens, obviously. 

This response to ‘so glad to hear that’ expresses that you’re ready to celebrate it perfectly. 

And, there’s a preparation of function going on. 

11. “And I’m so glad that people like you are with me.” 

You share this reply with someone who genuinely admires you.

 Tell them that you acknowledge their support and express your gratitude. 

12. “I like to thank you for everything you do for me.” 

As you achieved something now, you didn’t forget how they supported you throughout. 

This respectful response shows you didn’t forget what they did for you.

You value their presence and appreciate everything they do

13. “I must say that I couldn’t do it if you weren’t here.” 

Their encouragement helped you to achieve something. 

So when they say they are glad to hear that you have reached your goal, you tell them that it’s possible because of them. 

14. “Having you beside me helped me in many ways.” 

Share this response with someone who has supported you in achieving something. 

They are the ones who are always there to help anyway.

So certainly they are genuinely happy when they hear the positive news. 

15. “I want to do more than that. And, I need your blessings.” 

What you achieve is just the beginning, there’s more to do. 

Your parents or family say they are proud of you and they are glad to hear what you achieved. 

Here with this great response, you ask for their blessing and wishes for you. 

Best Reply To I'm So Glad To Hear That

16. “I’m so lucky that you’re with me.” 

As a family member or as a good friend, you express that you respect their presence. 

Such people make you feel positive to achieve something that you didn’t think you could. 

17. “Honestly, I can’t thank you enough for your support in this journey.” 

When you achieve something don’t forget to mention support from others. 

This person expresses that they are glad to hear that you succeed.  

And in return, you can express that you’re so grateful for their support.

18. “And, the credit for this goes to you. I didn’t forget about your contribution to this.” 

You didn’t achieve this all alone by yourself.

Someone is there who contributed well and helped you to get there. 

You make them feel appreciated for their contribution to the process. 

19. “Yeah, that’s the surprise I have been talking about. Do you like that?”

You have kept something secret and made your people wait for the last time. 

At the right time when you finally share the good news with them, they express ‘I’m so glad to hear that’.

Now, you can reveal that this is the surprise you had for them. 

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What Does “Glad To Hear That” Mean?

This is a positive reaction people normally show on getting positive news.  

It might be related to any achievement, success, or good information. 

When someone says ‘I’m glad to hear that’ after hearing the news or information, that shows this person is feeling happy about what you achieved. 

What Does Glad To Hear That Mean

It is a positive gesture towards someone who shared something good that happened in their life or what they achieved recently. 

But some people use this normal phrase just to show that they are glad to hear it. 

But inside they are not feeling the same. 

If you have those jealous people, you just feel it by the way they say so. 

But anyway, we have shared the best replies you can share when someone says ‘Glad to hear that’ here. 

You choose the right response based on your connection and whether they are glad or not. 


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