(19 Great Responses) When Someone Says To “I’m Tired”

  • February 14, 2024

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When someone says “I’m tired”, you could respond to it supportedly or sarcastically. 

Because maybe they are exhausted or just making excuses.  

Whether it’s your sibling, friend, coworker, or crush, in this article you will find some of the best responses to someone telling you they are so tired. 

You choose based on your connection or their situation.


How To Respond When Someone Says “I’m Tired”?

Everyone gets tired for many reasons, and there can’t be just one. 

Someone gets tired of working too much. And they need rest so badly.

While some express they are tired, as just an excuse. 

Because they don’t want to be part of your plan or avoid helping you out.

Considering the different scenarios, here are the better ways to respond when someone says ‘I’m tired’. 

How To Respond To I'm Tired

1. “I can see that, already! Go get some rest!”

As someone tells you they feel tired, you can see the fatigue on their face.

So you suggest that they take a break or rest a bit. 

2. “You’re not just tired but you are also bored.” 

Because they are involved in something out of their interest. 

So their tiredness and boredom are legit here.

3. “No, I would rather call you unmotivated.” 

When you feel that they are an excuse for being tired, you respond honestly here. 

4. “Whatever, but you are going to do it before the end of the day, that’s it.” 

You have some important task or request for someone.

And when they excuse that they feel tired and can’t help, this is to show their excuse won’t work today.

5. “Do you ever feel tired of scrolling through social media?” 

This response is perfect to roast your kids or a friend who never feels tired while on mobile. 

6. “Relax, we are not going to do it today, alright.” 

It’s your partner that informs you that they are feeling tired. 

Because you care about them, you assure them that you don’t mind canceling ‘the plan’. 

Flirty Response To I'm Tired

7. “We have a lot to do. Get up, do something about your tiredness.” 

Because it won’t go away, without doing anything. 

They need to have a life and do something worthwhile. 

8. “I don’t want to hear any excuses from you. Let’s go.” 

This is no time to waste on another excuse and you know why they say so. 

But you are going to take this friend with you, no matter what. 

9. “That happens when you force yourself to do something you are not into.” 

When your friend at work often says ‘I’m so tired’ this is a humorous but honest response to give. 

10. “Can’t deny, this is such a hard day to work.” 

You agree with your coworker that you also feel tired. 

Because it’s such a hectic work day

11. “You have been living the same life, how could you not be so tired earlier?”

A witty response to taunt someone who says they are tired. 

12. “Then do something about your tiredness. Else, it would be your habit in everything.” 

You just express your concern about someone getting tired many times, lately.

But they don’t seem to change it.

13. “Hold on, the weekend is almost here.” 

This is a positive response to give hope to your friendly colleague who feels tired at work. 

14. “Just tell me one time, when you didn’t feel tired.” 

A sarcastic reply to show you never see this friend energetic or exciting ever. 

15. “I can feel you, but we have no option, buddy.” 

This is a fun response to express that you both are in the same situation. 

But there’s nothing you can do about it. 

Funny Reply To I'm Tired

16. “How can you be so tired of doing just nothing at all?” 

Give this savage response to roast your friend or sibling who does nothing in life. 

But they still feel tired, which is a big surprise to you. 

17. “And, there’s nothing I can do about it. You have to do it.” 

Tell them that no matter if they are tired or bored, they have no option but to do something. 

It’s their responsibility or turn to do it.

18. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know that. We’ll talk tomorrow. Bye.” 

You have been trying to chat with them but realized that he feels tired now. 

This expresses that you don’t mind talking tomorrow.

You care about him if he’s ready to listen or chat with you.

18. “I hope you have a restful sleep. I’m sure it will help.” 

When a crush texts you that I’m feeling tired, this is a sweet reply to share in text.  

You care about them and want her to take a rest. 

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What To Reply When Someone Says “I’m Tired”?

Normally, you express your sympathy for someone feeling tired after a long working hours. 

So you can suggest or let them take a rest, instead of keep talking and chatting further.

But situations aren’t always the same. 

When you ask for some help or want a friend to join you, they might use the ‘I’m tired’ excuse just so they don’t have to be with you. 

When this happens you will just know it. 

What To Reply When Someone Says I’m Tired

In this article, we have discussed some sweet to sarcastic replies to someone saying “I’m so tired”. 

If someone feels tired, the best thing to do is to let them rest. 

You can keep your chat tomorrow. No rush. 

End your chat right away, it expresses that you care about them. 

Otherwise, if they are just using it as an excuse, you better try some savage and sarcastic responses to a friend who did nothing but is still always tired. 


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