22 Cute Ways To Respond To A Crush Confession

  • February 13, 2024

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When someone confesses their crush to you, it could be surprising or special to you.

Of course, it takes courage to confess, so be respectful of it.

Also, you have to be honest regarding if you feel the same for them, or not. 

If you want to say something clear and wish to make it a meaningful response, this article will help you. 


How To Respond To A Crush Confession?

Well, no need to make it awkward or confusing when someone confesses their crush feeling. 

They let you know how they feel about you. 

And, you respond to it, the way you feel about them. 

That’s all you need to do. 

If you still need some ideas regarding how you can respond to someone’s confession, here are some ideas for you. 

How To Respond To A Crush Confession

1. “I didn’t expect that. But I love that you are honest with me.”

Maybe you weren’t ready for it. 

But you appreciate that they tell you how they feel about you.  

2. “So, finally you selected this day to confess it, Right?” 

A playful response to give hints that you knew already that he or she has a crush on you. 

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3. “Do you have any idea how long you made me wait for it, huh!”

You have been giving him all the hints, but he never makes a move. 

And finally now as your crush, a guy confesses his feelings to you, you act mad at him for making you wait. 

4. “What… when did this happen?” 

This is so unexpected to you. 

A reply to express that you never get a hint about it. 

5. “To be honest, this was your last day, if you hadn’t confessed, I might have said it.” 

A flirty response to show that the crush feeling is mutual. 

6. “And, you think I didn’t see that coming.” 

Of course, you knew it from the very beginning. 

Just you were waiting for what’s coming next. 

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7. “I know it all, now tell me what’s your plan?” 

Now as a guy confesses his crush feelings to you, you ask him about his plan with it. 

8. “It’s not only you, I also feel the same for you.” 

So basically, you both are confessing your crush on each other. 

9. “Sorry, but I have always seen you as a friend and not more than that.” 

You are being honest with him or her that you can’t see them more than a friend. 

10. “I appreciate your feelings about me, but I don’t feel the same for you.” 

Show that you value their feelings for you, but you can’t reciprocate the same love. 

11. “I’m not sure what to say. I think I need some time to think about it.” 

Because they confess their feelings when you aren’t ready, you need some time to check how you feel about them. 

12. “I can’t express how special it feels to hear from you.” 

If you want to make someone feel appreciated to confess their feelings, this is a cute response. 

Response to confession text

13. “I think it would be better if we talk about it more in person. Tell me, when you are ready to meet.” 

Of course, you also feel the same towards him or her. 

But as someone confesses their crush over text, you tell them that talking in person would be a better approach. 

Also, you expect to have a date with him or her.

14. “At this time, I’m not ready for a relationship. But I value that you be honest with me.”

For some reason, you think it’s not the right time to have something serious in life. 

Here, you appreciate them for their feelings and honestly, they showed. 

15. “Sorry but I have felt the same about our connection.” 

Just because you don’t feel the same, it doesn’t mean you have to be rude to someone’s crush feelings. 

Be nice to them and apologize for not carrying the same feelings for them. 

16. “Let me tell you that you’re such a good person. But not the one.” 

This is a direct and honest response to show that you don’t see them as the one

You could say ‘You deserve someone better’ but that doesn’t seem right. 

17. “I’m not looking for anything serious. But. we will stay in touch.” 

When a friend confesses his feelings to you, respond in a way that won’t affect your friendship a bit. 

Even if you do not have feelings for him, you are happy to keep the friendship. 

18. “I’m glad to see your honesty. But, I think we are not a good match.”

Express that you value their feelings towards you. 

But you think or feel that you are not a good match, and you have to make it clear.

19. “Well, I think it would be better if I know you a little more.” 

A better reply to express that you are interested. 

But you just need to know more about him or her, before saying anything.

20. “You’re my good friend, and I like to watch you that way only.” 

And, you can’t look at him or her more than your friend. That’s it.

21. “So this is what you have been hiding all the time, Huh!”

Say this in a sweet tone, because you don’t want to scare him off after confessing his crush feelings to you. 

22. “And, how long have you kept these feelings within? I must say you are very patient with keeping it within.” 

You respect that he waited for the right time before sharing his feelings. 

When you have a friendship with them for a long time, this is a romantic response to express that you are also interested in them. 

But you didn’t say it, either.

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What To Reply When Someone Confesses To You?

When it comes to replying to someone’s crush confession to you, you need to be respectful of their feelings. 

It takes them the courage to express their feelings to you. 

So appreciate that person for making it clear how they feel about you. 

Also, for the move they finally made. 

What To Reply When Someone Confesses To You

Well, it’s also expected that you be real with them and express what you think about them. 

If you feel the same way or not, stay honest and kind when someone confesses crush feelings or anything to you. 

When you are unsure what to say, you can try the shared replies that suit your case.


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