48 (Cute &) Flirty Answers To “Do You Miss Me?”

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When a special someone asks you, “Do you miss me?” this isn’t any tough to answer. 

You could just say ‘Of course, I miss you’. 

But this feels nothing special. 

Sometimes you want to show how much you miss them when they are away. 

You want them to feel loved and respected with a unique reaction. 

And, you find this article at the right time. 

Because, here are some flirty answers to share when someone asks if you missed her or him.


How To Respond To “Do You Miss Me” From A Special Someone?

Well, depending on your connection and if you think of them, you could answer ‘How much you miss me?’ or ‘Do you miss me?’. 

There shouldn’t be any problem with it. 

Most of the time, you reply with ‘Yes, I do’ or ‘No, I don’t’ based on if you missed them or not. 

But to your special someone like your partner or also crush, make your responses that feel genuine and unique to them. 

This is the way you show them how much their presence matters to you. 

How To Respond To Do You Miss Me

Flirty Answers To “Do You Miss Me?”

Your partner asks you if you miss them when you are away for some time. 

They already know that you are going to say ‘Yes, obviously’. 

But with playful responses like these, you show that you miss them so much and wish to be with them forever. 

Because their presence means a lot to you. 

Flirty Response to Do You Miss Me

1. “Do I miss you? Babe, I didn’t even forget about you.” 

2. “How can’t I miss you? I missed you like every minute, every second.”

3. “Yes, I do! Who else I love the most than you huh?”

4. “Actually, I was waiting for days to see you again.” 

5. “Now I realize how much you meant to me.” 

6. “I was counting the time left to meet you.” 

7. “Can you be here with me right now? I’m missing you so hard.” 

8. “Seriously, do you ask me this? You hurt me with this question.” 

9. “Missed you so much that I didn’t even know what I ate there.” 

10. “All these days I do nothing but miss you.” 

11. “I promise that I won’t leave without you no onwards.” 

12. “I have been thinking about it the whole time.” 

13. “You were on my mind most of the time.” 

14. “Your thought never left me even for a single minute.” 

15. “Of course, I missed you, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.” 

16. “Well, I will answer only if you give me a kiss.” 

17. “While everyone was working on the project, I was busy thinking about you..”

18. “You very well know why I miss you and at what time.” 

19. “You won’t believe it but I did nothing but miss you all the time.” 

20. “All I wanted was to hug you so tight.” 

21. “As I’m with you now I feel more alive. Without you, I felt nothing good.” 

22. “I managed the day somehow but I miss you so much in the night.”

23. “Please don’t leave me alone like this. I hate it when you are away.” 

24. “You know how much I miss you, that’s why you do it right?” 


Cute Answers To “How Much Do You Miss Me?”

When your partner or crush asks how much you miss him or her, they hope to hear something to feel special. 

You’re not going to hurt their feelings. 

But you will make them smile, with cute responses like these showing you missed them so much. 

Cute Response to Did You Miss Me

1. “More than you could even imagine.” 

2. “How much you missed me, I missed you a hundred times more.”

3. “I missed you so much that it made me cry and everyone was laughing at me. But I didn’t stop.” 

4. “Yeah, I miss you a little bit in everything.”

5. “Dear, I can’t explain how much I missed you.” 

6. “Are you really asking this? I don’t believe it. I miss you very much.” 

7. “From the time I left home, I have been thinking about you only.” 

8. “I’ve been missing you from the time you left. “

9. “For me, it’s so hard to live without you.” 

10. “Miss you so much that from now on I won’t leave you alone.” 

11. “I have no idea how to show, but I did miss you very much.” 

12. “I was literally counting the days of being with you again.”

13. “Indeed, I miss you and next time I will take you with me.” 

14. “It’s just so hard for me to live without you.” 

15. “I’m missing you so much that I wish to be with you right now.” 

16. “How can I not miss my cutie pie?” 

17. “If you would be there with me, it would be awesome.”

18. “The only thing I did on this trip is to miss you.” 

19. “Well, I was missing you so much that I even forgot everything else.” 

20. “All the time I have been thinking about you.” 

21. “Thank god, I’m back with you now. It’s just hard to live without you.”

22. “Missing you for your love and cute kisses.”

23. “I miss you so much that I start to see your face in everything.” 

24. “There’s not a single hour that I didn’t miss you at all” 

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When A Guy Or Girl Asks If You Miss Him Or Her

Your crush knows what you are thinking about him or her.

And so when they ask if you miss them, they hope to hear something unique from you.

Similarly, when your partner, girlfriend, or boyfriend asks if you missed them, when they are not around for a while, be sure that your responses are playful and respectful.

When A Guy Or Girl Asks If You Miss Him Or Her

For someone close to you, when they ask ‘Do you miss me?’ or ‘How much you miss me?’, here shared are the cutest and flirtiest answers.

This is to show how much they mean to you.

Also, this leads to making your connection even stronger and special, for sure.


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