14 Funny Responses To “Are You Ready Freddy”

  • February 19, 2024

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When someone calls you ‘Reddy Freddy’ in a joking tone, you can respond hysterically.  

Indeed, it’s an old phrase.

But still ‘classic’ fun to use in modern times. 

To keep the situation relaxed and show you’re excited also, have something unique to say to ‘Are you ready Freddy?’. 

And, some friend might use this as your nickname, too. 

Whatever, even if someone saying it sarcastically, we have the best suggestions for you in this post.  


How To Respond To “Are You Ready Freddy”?

When someone calls you ‘Ready Freddy’, they know that you are already prepared and punctual. 

You are always ready to do something new or for a particular event or plan.  

So, they ask excitedly if you’re ready to go. 

How To Respond To Are You Ready Freddy

Your friend or family uses this phrase with a different tone. 

And that, you can respond to it based on their tone and how you feel it. 

Normally, you take it as a joke, so you can reply with some fun response. 

But if it’s sarcasm, be prepared for that, too. 

If you wonder what could be the possible responses to ‘Are you ready Freddy?’, we have some good suggestions for you. 

1. “No wait… this time Freddy is a bit late.”

The way your friend asks you to be ‘Ready Freddy’, they are sure that you might be prepared. 

Tell them that Freddy is not ready this time, with a fun response.  

2. “What do you think, Bro?” 

They already know that you are Freddy and may be ready already. 

So you ask them to guess what they think of you. 

3. “Call me one more time and I won’t come at all.” 

For some reason, you don’t like when they call you ready Freddy. 

Maybe it’s their tone. 

Else, they are saying it sarcastically… because you’re late this time. 

So, you can respond to it very clearly. 

4. “I dare you to call me by that name again.”  

You fear that this person might develop the habit of calling you with this. 

And, following that other people will also start name-calling you

If you want to stop them, share this honest response. 

5. “Just ready as every Freddy should be.” 

You keep your record alive 

This time, too, you’re so prepared, even before anyone else. 

And so, this is a fun way to accept being called ‘Ready Freddy’. 

Funny Response To Ready Freddy

6. “I’m ready, already.” 

You sense that this person is quite excited about this meetup. 

And they text you asking ‘Ready Freddy.’ 

Well, you are also excited and prepared for something. 

So, you show your eagerness with this good response. 

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7. “For you, I’m ever ready, babe! Let’s go.”  

When your partner calls you ‘ready Freddy’, you give this flirty response back. 

Over text or in person, tell your partner that you’re ready for them.

Every time. No matter what the plan is.

8. “No, Freddy is furious to make him wait.” 

You’ve been waiting for them to be prepared for hours. 

And you go mad, when they ask you if you’re ready. 

They wasted your time by being late and now making a joke. 

To the someone who stood you up, share this sarcastic response. 

9. “Bring something new, Buddie!” 

You’re prepared but you make fun of this friend’s habit of cracking old jokes. 

Sarcastic Reply To Ready Freddy

10. “Give Freddy five more minutes, please.”

That means Freddy isn’t ready at the time. 

You don’t want to lose this title. 

So you share a fun response to ask for some time to be prepared. 

11. “Because of you, we are already late.”

They try to slip away by acting cool and calm you down with a joke.

But you tell them that you are prepared but they make you wait for a long time. 

12. “Of course, I am. How about you Late Pete?” 

They ask you ‘Ready Freddy’ due to your punctuality. 

So you give them the same nickname for their habit of always being late.

13. “Well, Freddy is already waiting for you.”

There’s no need to wait for Freddy. 

Because you’re always ready. 

But they make you wait and not get prepared on time. 

14. “Oh, Freddy is also coming with us?” 

As you know there’s no Freddy in your group. 

To have fun, you act like you don’t know they are calling you with that. 

You don’t like being called Freddy, so you can respond this way. 

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What Does “Ready Freddy” Mean? 

In normal cases, the person who calls you ‘Ready Freddy’, they are aware that you’re always ready for something and never late. 

So, it’s good that someone notices your punctuality. 

Your friends or family use this phrase to check if you’re ready, in a fun or sarcastic tone. 

There’s nothing you want to take personally about being called ‘Freddy’. 

So you can give some sarcastic and fun responses in return. 

What Does Ready Freddy Mean

Whether you’re ready or late this time, you can respond your way, and we have some interesting suggestions that can make this joke last. 

Same if that person is not ready still, you can comment on their nature of being late. 

Don’t forget that someone who asks ‘Are you ready Freddy?’ is excited about what you’re about to do.

And, if you’re too, share the same reaction.

Well, your funny responses to ‘Ready Freddy’, make the situation even more interesting.

It shows you’re also excited and so ready for something as well. 


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