19 Funny Responses To Being Stood Up (To Show You Enjoyed It, Still)

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Ever experienced when you were so excited about a date or meetup, but someone stood you up? 

That person just didn’t show up on time or later. 

Of course, ‘Being stood up’ by someone feels quite insulting. 

But why do you think so much of it… when the other person shows no value for you.  

In this article, we are sharing some funny responses to being stood up to turn it into a light-hearted experience.

Like, you don’t take it personally. 

And, if you can’t get over the disappointment, you can give clever comebacks to someone who stands you up and often leaves you hanging. 


How To Respond To Being Stood Up?

When someone sets a plan, makes you ready for everything, and when it’s time to meet, they just back out. 

Acceptable if they at least care to share the reason.

You can just forgive them.

Because they have a valid reason to not show up for a meeting. 

But, some just do it intentionally or habitually. 

How To Respond To Being Stood Up

It hurts your feelings and takes up your time.

This person could be your friend or a date whoever, they showed you that they have no respect for you. 

Whether you feel insulted or not taking them personally, let them know about it. 

While waiting for them or in response to their apology for a canceled plan, here are funny and clever things to say to someone who stood you up. 


Funny Response To Being Stood Up

You might feel insulted or not, but you don’t go crazy about it.  

When your friend or a very cute date stands you up, you want to show that it doesn’t bother you much.

You either forgive that person but want to make fun of their habit. 

So, here are the funny things you can say about being stood up by someone who does so as a mistake and not to insult you. 

Funny Responses To Being Stood Up

1. “If you think you could stand me up, you better know I wasn’t even there.” 

To someone who thinks that they will make you beg for a meeting, this comeback will crush their ego. 

2. “I think we are really on a blind date, I can’t see you around, Lol.”

Share this hilarious text, while you’re at a dinner table still waiting for your date to show up. 

You might have a question to ask, why would they do this to you.

But you take it easy.

3. “Thank you for treating me like this. I have never been stood up before.” 

It’s the first time you understand what it feels like to be ghosted in person. 

So, you should be thankful to them for this experience. 

4. “I think we’re in a different time zone. Sorry, I should have checked that.” 

You’re waiting there and texting them to come to the place you decided. 

But now you realize you forgot to confirm the time zone. 

5. “Are you okay? Please don’t tell me that you’re lost in your city.” 

Maybe they forget about the road or pick a longer route than usual. 

6. “Can you please confirm our meet-up plan? I think I got it wrong.”

To make it clear if you’re being stood up or not, you better confirm with them.

Re-check the time and date you have agreed upon. 

7. “Not sure, whether you’re doing it intentionally or I’m just so nice.” 

Slowly you’re realizing that something isn’t right in this connection for you. 

8. “If you’re not able to come here, please tell me I will come over.” 

Maybe it’s a bad stomach or whatever, you can share this response when a friend stands you up.

Basically, you tell them that if they can’t get out of the house on that day. 

You can go there, instead.

9. “Hey, please don’t come, the food was so delicious that I ate it all.” 

You finally go on a date with yourself and the experience was so amazing. 

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Clever Comebacks For Being Stood Up

You clearly are not going easy on them for wasting your time. 

They might send you an apology message or excuse for not showing up at the meeting, but that won’t change how this makes you feel. 

So with these clever comebacks, you can make it clear that you value your time more than them. 

Clever Comebacks When Someone Stands You Up

10. “First time I thought I was wrong, but now I realize that I’m with the wrong person.” 

Being stood up multiple times by them, you know they do it on purpose. 

This comeback shows you’ve learned your lesson. 

11. “I know you don’t value your time, but you should value mine.” 

Don’t waste your time on someone who often stands you up. 

12. “What you did, isn’t a disrespect of my feelings but my time.” 

You could recover if they hurt your feelings, but wasting time is a big red flag. 

13. “Don’t worry I’m not punctual either.” 

Maybe you already got there and didn’t find them. 

It hurts your ego, but you have to keep it up. 

So this comeback is to show you’re running late, too. 

14. “This is the longest ten minutes of my life… and last with you.” 

You were bored completely while waiting for them. 

But, you choose to not get bored by them anymore.

15. “We might not meet each other right now, but if the universe wants it we would be together anyway.” 

Be hopeful that if you are destined to meet each other you will. 

Maybe today is not the day, but you someday. 

Or maybe you just give up on this person. 

16. “So glad that you didn’t show up here, my wife caught me here with her friends.” 

Whatever happened it turned out to be good for you. 

17. “I can’t stop thanking you for this. After all, I met my crush here and we had a great date.” 

You were waiting for the wrong person. 

But you were at the right place and at the right time. 

This allows you to date your high-school crush that you never get a chance to ask her out

18. “You’re surely going to regret how amazing the drink was.” 

Tell this friend that you wish you were here because you all had a great time. 

19. “Hey, it was a nice meeting with you. I think our paths do not match so we better never show up again.”

You’re not in the mood to give them a second chance. 

If they don’t show up on time like planned, you don’t want to get stood up again. 

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What Does It Mean When Someone Stands You Up?

First, both of you have agreed to meet up and they didn’t show up at all on a fixed time and place.

You get to hear nothing from them, they don’t even care to inform you or not pick up your call. 

Well, here you’re being stood up by someone.

What Does It Mean When Someone Stands You Up

There could be some reason why they didn’t show up as planned. 

Maybe they never wanted to meet you and are too shy to say no. 

Or, they do so by their nature. 

Like a friend who responds late or one who never comes on time.

But, this person doesn’t show up at all. 

On the other end, this person might have some good reason and you should check that, as well. 


How To Deal With Being Stood Up By Friend Or Date?

If it’s happening for the first time.

And, their reason is genuine, you can forgive this person. 

Maybe this person has some urgent reason for not fulfilling their commitment. 

So you better understand their situation before reacting anyway. 

When they share genuine reasons and have a priority that you can relate to, it’s fine. 

You have nothing to feel insulted or wasted about. 

How To Deal With Being Stood Up

But when someone fails to share any reason, not even trying to inform you or avoid your call, this is all they do on repeat, never give them another chance. 

This friend or date is irresponsible and has no value for your time. 

Whether you want to give them a second chance or don’t want to continue the connection, with these clever comebacks and funny responses for being stood up you have something to say to them. 

If you think to forgive them or not, let it go as a hilarious experience. 

Enjoy time with yourself instead. And, move on with the event or person. 

You deserve someone better who stands up with you rather than someone who stands you up. 


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