39 Best Ways To Thank A Friend For Their Friendship

  • February 16, 2024

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Your friendship might have a rule to never say ‘Thanks’ to each other. 

But, to a friend you can trust and who has a huge role in your life, you should thank them for their friendship. 

You should be grateful to have them by your side. 

From sharing a fun time to your rough phase, this friend deserves heartfelt ‘Thanks’ for being there with you all the time.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just one friend.

But you know, he’s the real one. 

Don’t wait for the perfect time, just send that friend a ‘genuine’ thank you message. 


How To Thank A Friend For Their Friendship?

Having a best friend isn’t enough.

You deserve the one you can count on.

If you have that real genuine you can trust and call at any time, consider yourself a lucky person. 

For everything they do for you and the support they provide, you wish to say ‘Thanks’ to your friend in appreciation of your friendship.

How To Thank A Friend For Their Friendship

But never get the right thing to say it, right?

Well, so in this post, we have prepared some thank you friend messages to share with your friend.

All are to show how much you value them in life. 

Importantly, this friendship means everything to you. 


Heartfelt Ways To Thank A Friend For A Good Friendship

If it’s your friend’s birthday or a friendship day coming up, be prepared with something unique and special to say to the friend that you trust the most.  

Also, you don’t have to wait for such a special day. 

You can share your respect and love for this friend anytime. 

To a friend, you genuinely have respect for, you can share these heartfelt thank you messages to appreciate their presence and for this unique friendship. 

Heartfelt Ways To Thank A Friend For A Good Friendship

1. I can’t do what you do for our friendship. Thank you and sorry I’m not great like you. 

2. You’ve always been there for me, while no one else is around. Like a real friend. 

3. Having someone like you as a friend is nothing but a blessing for me. 

4. You showed me the real meaning of friendship. I never saw this connection so specially. 

5. I’m glad to see you on my side. You make me proud and I can tell everyone that you’re my friend. 

6. You’re the type of best friend that everyone wants to have. I’m grateful for that.

7. I need nothing and no one else in life when you’re with me. You’re a great friend. 

8. I never forget how you helped me to be where I am in life today. I promise, friend. 

9. Thank you for everything, dear friend. Thanks for your friendship, I appreciate it. 

10. You’re very lucky to me, the moment you came into my life I got better every day. 

11. I still remember the first day when we met. That day changed my whole life. 

12. Sorry that I don’t know how to say thanks but I value your friendship.

13. Dear bestie, I wish I could be like you. You’re my inspiration, I learn a lot from you. 

14. What you do for me no friend ever does. That makes you my best friend, for sure. 

15. Only because of you do I realize that friendship is more than just fun and chilling. 

16. You are not just my best friend, but a true friend that I can always rely on. 

17. For such kindness, you deserve every good thing in this world. 

18. Never change my dear friend. You are perfect this way. I don’t want any more or less. 

19. I appreciate what you do for me, and how you are so great in this world. 

20. Hey friend, just want to tell you that I’m nothing without you. You’re my real friend. 

21. Seeing you on my side always gives me hope and confidence. Thanks for being my friend.


Hilarious Ways To Say “Thank You, Friend”

You don’t want to sound too sentimental while expressing how much this friendship means to you. 

If you do so, your friend starts to make fun of you for being so emotional.  

Fine, they already know that you respect them as friends. 

So, if being sentimental isn’t your thing, then try these fun ways to thank your friend and what their friendship gave to you. 

Hilarious Ways To Say Thank You Friend

1. Honestly, I have never met a friend like you. Funny yet thoughtful. Crazy yet caring. 

2. I just want to tell you that I trust you more than even I trust my girlfriend. 

3. Dear friend, you deserve every penny I’ve for being a real friend. Please, don’t ask for it.

4. I might be crazy in our connection, but glad you’re there to always fix the mess I made.

5. Thank you so much for being born in the same ear as mine. I’m lucky that we’re friends.

6. Promise me that you will always be like these. I just like you this way more. 

7. Well, I have to control my emotions here. Otherwise, you’ll think that I’m falling in love with you. 

8. You’re such a friend in need. I don’t want to share with you, or anyone. 

9. I trust you so much that I don’t even trust myself. Yeah, you’re that special to me. 

10. Dear friend, our friendship is so perfect that I no longer make new friends.

11. .I know you’re dumb, but as a friend, you’re better than anyone can ever be. 

12. I don’t care how bad you are as a person, but you’re my good friend. And. I love you. 

13. I can’t do what you do for me. But don’t think that I used you. I appreciate you and I always will. 

14. Generally, I don’t say sorry or thank anyone. But you deserve that, friend

15. Promise me that you will always be my friend. Because I don’t think I’ll ever find someone like you. 

16. You know why I’m not thanking you much, because we’re just friends, Right? 

17. My momma might hate you, but she has no idea that we’re not friends but brothers. 

18. Friend, you’re so special to me that you know more about me than my siblings. 

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You could share any friendship quotes that you find on the internet, to make your friend feel special. 

But that’s not the right thing to do. At least to a real friend. 

What you say in your thank you message to a friend, needs to be personal and unique, just like your friendship. 

Because you have a friend that most people just hope to have. 

Indeed, your friend is one of a kind who shares a special friendship with you.

You could thank your friend after some favor or even for no reason. 

However you choose to say, make sure that you genuinely thank a friend for their friendship to let them know how much love you carry for them within!


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