12 Professional Ways To Say “I Will Do That” In Email

  • February 19, 2024

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Saying ‘I will do that’ in person or casually, is fine. 

But, in formal email, sometimes, you need to say it clearly and formally.    

Particularly, to the client or your boss, if you say ‘Will do’ sounds inappropriate. 

So, in this post, we are sharing with you some professional ways to say ‘I will do that’ to work-related tasks, requests, or plans. 

This way you make your confirmation sound more meaningful. 

As well as it shows you’re confident enough to take care of such tasks.  


How To Say “I Will Do That” Professionally In Mail?

When your boss has an assignment to complete or a client has some request to follow along, you would say ‘I will do that, don’t worry’. 

But, somehow you realize that this won’t be right if you say exactly the same. 

Indeed, your formal connection expects a clear response. 

They want reassurance that you get their message and work accordingly. 

Next time when you get a work request from your boss or client, here are alternative ways to say ‘I will do that’ which are professional and confident approaches. 

How To Say I Will Do That Professionally

1. “I know what needs to be done here. This is part of my job.” 

Sometimes a client approaches you frustrated because of some issue. 

With this response, you want to feel relaxed and that there’s no problem

And to trust you that you can do it for them. 

Because it’s your job and you are aware of what to do in this case. 

2. “I would be happy to help you in this matter.” 

Your coworker needs you to take over some assignment or project. 

Being an expert in this work, you understand it well. 

You assure them that you can and will do that and this response expresses your confidence.  

3. “Fine, It will take me just a few minutes to fix this.” 

While your teammate or coworker struggles to do something, you know what could work. 

And, this one is a better alternative to ‘I will do that’ for a formal setting. 

It shows your commitment to accomplishing something. 

Your confidence to share how much time it will take shows you’re good at it.  

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4. “I’m here all to help you out. I can do this.”  

Your client has some service requests for you.

They feel hesitant and unsure if you can do something helpful. 

If you’re not the right person for this, you can forward this message to someone who can help.

But, if that’s your job and you can do something for them, say it clearly. 

This one is a polite way to say I will do that to a client or customer. 

5. “Give me some time and let me see what I can do for you.” 

Well, you might be busy with your work and so. 

But when your coworker or teammate has something for you, you tell them that you will do that. 

It might take you some time. 

But you will do that when you’ve time available. 

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6. “I’m more than happy to do anything to help you out.”

You don’t mind helping your colleagues out. 

Being a team player, you’re there to assist and support them in any way you could. 

This shows your excitement and eagerness to help someone in a formal setting. 

Formal Ways To Say I Will Do That

7. “I want to know, at what time do you want to get it done?” 

This one is the most confident way to say ‘I will do that’. 

And if you’re saying this to your customer or client who has urgent requests for you, this works even better. 

Because you assure them that you can do it for them and in the time they want. 

8. “Let me check and get back to you with a final report.” 

When the issue or tasks you get from your boss take some time, say this. 

You tell them that you will check the case properly. 

Also, inform them that you will do it yourself and update them on this matter, as it is done. 

9. “I’ve added this task to my schedule for today.” 

Sometimes you get an extra task from your boss or coworker, that you’re not sure if you can do it right away. 

But it’s your job so you will do that, for sure.

With this formal way, you tell them that you’ve considered their request and tried to get it done. 

10. “I will let you know when it’s completed. Mostly, before the end of the day.”

You get an urgent request or task from your customer or coworker. 

But you can’t address it at the time, as you’ve other priorities. 

You update them that you will complete it before the end of the day. 

Sometimes it’s a good idea to tell your customer that you will do something for them in a certain time frame rather than just saying ‘I will do that’. 

11. “I know this is our priority, I will do my best to get it done ASAP.” 

Sometimes saying ‘I will give my best’ to my boss isn’t a good option. 

When there’s so much to do, saying this makes more sense than just saying ‘I will do that’. 

Here you also manage your work accordingly. 

Because you know that this is a top priority now. 

12. “I’m very much confident that I can work on that.” 

This way you’re convincing the interviewer about your ability to do something. 

When an interviewer asks about something to improve or work upon, you assure them that you will do that. 

This skill or knowledge is essential for the job you’re applying for. 

So being confident, you assure them that you will do that. 

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Well, there are many other ways to say ‘I will do that’ in a professional setting. 

While deciding what to say it’s important to consider who you’re saying this to. 

Also, the kinds of work matter when you give such assurance. 

How to say will do professionally in email

If you’re about to say ‘I will do that’ to your boss, make it sound confident. 

That it will assure him that you will get it done, as it’s part of your job. 

When saying this to a client, you want to sound more relaxed and helpful. 

Because they might have some doubt and confusion regarding if you could do it well. 

Also, they want something to get done on time. 

If you want to keep it short and straightforward, you can use ‘I shall do that’ instead of ‘I will do that’, which is professional. 

The shared professional ways to say ‘I will do that’ are good choice while communicating over mail and to your formal connection. 


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