8 Best Replies To “Why Do You Want My Number?”

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Things are going quite smoothly. It seems like a good connection is developing. 

So, you ask a girl for her number. 

Did you do anything wrong? I don’t think so.  

Then why she is asking, ‘Why do you want my number?’. 

That’s indeed a dumb question. But, it puts you in an uncomfortable situation.  

Not sure why, but girls do that (or ask that). 

Whatever but you need to convince your crush to get her number. 

In this post, we are sharing some cute and funny responses to share when someone asks why you want their number. 


How To Reply To “Why Do You Want My Number”?

You just want to stay in touch with her and develop the connection. 

But still, when a girl asks why you need her phone number, it makes you feel unsure of what to say.

Of course, you don’t even look like a jerk, but a genuine guy. 

So, such a question hurts your confidence a lot. 

Like, they don’t trust you enough.

How To Reply To Why Do You Want My Number

To convince your crush to share their number, you need a good reason.

Else, you can respond with humor to make her smile, for asking this obvious question. 

Indeed, you need cute reasons or funny responses here.

So, here you will find the best replies to share when a girl asks ‘Why do you want my number?’ to make her comfortable or laugh. 

Check this out: 

1. “I think we have a connection. But, I’m not sure which way. So, I’ll convince myself by having your number instead.” 

You feel the connection between you two. 

And, you want to know why you feel it. 

Your interaction goes well, so you feel comfortable asking for her number. 

It’s fine if she asks you for the reason to have her number, but you have this cute response to share. 

2. I don’t know, I just got a message from the universe that I should ask for your number.” 

When a girl asks why she should give you her number, tell her it’s a call from the universe.

This one is a funny response to give which makes her laugh for sure. 

Humor is what helps you get a crush’s number. 

She thinks you’re playful and friendly. 

So, she won’t mind sharing her number with you. 

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3. “If you don’t want to give me your number, that’s fine.” 

You both have a mutual attraction going in there. 

On asking for her number, she makes you wait for it. 

Instead of giving you a number easily, she just takes some time and wants you to follow her. 

Well, if you know that she’s also interested in you, you can give this nice response. 

Because you want this connection to be mutual and not one-sided. 

4. “To stay in touch with you, because I don’t want to lose you again.”

You’re confident in your feelings and how you approach a girl. 

With this response, you show that you’re someone who makes things as it is. 

You want her number because you want friendship or maybe a relationship with her. 

And, you’re not in the mood to play. 

Cute responses to why do you want my number

5. “For calling, or texting, what else can we do with a phone number? You tell.”

You can share this response with a girl you have a friendly interaction with so far. 

By giving this funny answer, you tease her for asking this stupid and obvious question.

You have nothing serious or personal plan, you ask for her number casually.  

6. “If you’re worried about me calling you at 2 AM, that won’t happen.” 

Some girls are protective of sharing their number. 

And, that’s a good thing. 

Tell her that you don’t have any wrong intention to use her number. 

You just ask for it, because you want to stay connected. That’s it. 

With such a witty reply, you give her a hint that she can trust you to share the number with her. 

7. “Don’t worry, I’m not a taker, I’m a giver. Let me share my number first.” 

You don’t know how to explain when a girl asks why you need her number. 

She acts protective and feels hesitant to share her number or tease you. 

So, to make the situation more comfortable, you can share this cute reply instead. 

8. “I want your number to talk to you, chat with you, and see where we can go with it.”

What you have on your mind regarding how to use her number, you tell it politely.

There’s nothing to hide from.

You want to stay in touch with her, and see where it leads.

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When She Asks Why You Want Her Number

You thought it would be easy for you to get her number just after a small chat. 

But nope, that’s not happening. 

She’s playing hard to get or expect a good reason for why she should share her phone number with you. 

Instead of feeling insecure, be confident, and use your humor. 

When She Asks Why You Want Her Number

The shared cute and funny answers are the best choices if a girl asks ‘Why do you want my number?’ when you have nothing to say. 

You don’t have to be upset as if your crush rejects you

Maybe she’s just asking or she plays with you a bit. 

Inside, she also wants to stay in touch with you, but it takes some time. 

And, your nice replies like these can help you get her number. 


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