22 (Witty And) Flirty Responses To “Do You Come Here Often?”

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When someone asks you ‘Do you come here often?’, it could be just a casual conversation opener or a pick up line to have your attention. 

You may get this question from a person who wants to know about this place or you.

It’s all up to you to respond to this question with witty or flirty responses. 

Better decide this, based on whether you think they are your type or not.

Whether you go there often or not, the way you respond can start a fun conversation with someone you just met. 

If you need better ways to reply, we have created the best answers for you here. 


Flirty Responses To “Do You Come Here Often?”

Maybe it’s the first time, they see you around, so curiously they ask ‘(Do you) Come here often?’.

Or maybe it’s their first time being there.

This question is a chance to have a playful conversation or to grow a connection with them.

So, make your first interaction enjoyable, and inform a guy or girl that you come here often or you will- from now on. 

Whether you also develop an interest in this someone new, here are flirty answers to share to ‘Do you come here often’ from a guy or girl. 

Flirty Responses To Do You Come Here Often

1. “No, but I will come here more as I met you here.” 

Be direct with your response to show you now have a reason to come there. 

2. “Yeah, do you want to have some drinks?” 

You can ask her to join you when you see a spark in her eyes. 

A girl seems to have a conversation with you now and might be interested to know more about you.

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3. “I’ve been coming here more often, just so I can meet you.”

So, you do not just tell them you come here often but also share the reason for it. 

And, it’s only because of one and only one person.

For them. Of course. 

4. “I’m here for you. You don’t come here often, right?” 

You want to check where they have been, you were waiting for them. 

5. “Do you come here often, too? I never saw you around.” 

This means you have been around a lot.

But you feel happy to see them here, too. 

6. “Of course, do you want to explore this place more?”

It seems they want to know more about this place, and you accept being their guide. 

Because you come here often. 

7. “As you’re here, I will come here more often.” 

This is a direct and flirty answer to share when a crush asks ‘Do you come here often?’.

8. “Not often, but if you need me I don’t mind being here with you.” 

You ask this politely to check if they are interested in exploring this place with you. 

Because you love to be with them. 

9. “No, I’m here for the first time, and you?” 

A guy used ‘Come here often’ as a conversation opener.

And, with another question, you express your desire to keep the chat going. 

10. “I think I should come here more often from now on.” 

Because you didn’t know that this person also comes here often. 

11. “I don’t come here too often, but I’m glad that I came here today.” 

Secretly you’re giving hints that you like meeting with this person. 

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Witty Answers To “Do You Come Here Often?”

Whether you don’t really come here often or just want to keep it to a friendly chat, you can respond to it hilariously. 

So, here are some funny answers you can give on the same. 

This way you show that you don’t like this place or don’t want to deal with jerks.

You sense a guy who asks you ‘Do you come here often?’ has a plan to get closure. 

But, with witty or funny responses, you show no interest in coming here often or in connection with them. 

Witty Answers To Do You Come Here Often

1. “Yeah, because I own this place.” 

Maybe you’re just kidding or you’re the owner of this place.

But this is one way to respond to ‘Come here often’ hilariously or honestly.  

2. “Yes, but I won’t come here again, as you know this now.” 

You want to visit this place anonymously.

But someone knows that you come here often. 

So you’re not going to show up here again. 

3. “Why asking, you want me to follow me here?” 

When a jerk or freak asks if you come here often, this is a witty response to share.

4. “Nope, this place is not that fun.”

And, people here are even more boring, you don’t like being there. 

5. “This place gave me my first love…also my first heartbreak.” 

So of course, you come here often to rewind good and bad memories. 

6. “Actually, I have some better places than this.” 

This isn’t your go-to destination. 

For you, this place and here people are annoying

7. “I didn’t even want to be here.”

But your friend brought you there and you want to leave it as fast as you can. 

8. “Do you want to get out of it? Let me show you the exit.”

A funny response to show because you feel like this person wants to leave, too.  

9. “Not always, but only when I remember my ex.” 

So you came here every day. 

We got it. 

10. “And, this is the last time I’m here.” 

Maybe you’re moving to another place or finding a better place. 

So if they expect to meet you here, tell them they are not going to. 

11. “This was my favorite place, but not anymore.” 

You can give this response to get rid of someone who is trying to grow a connection with you. 

But you just want to stay away from them. 

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What Does “Do You Come Here Often” Mean?

When someone asks ‘Do you come here often’, it is possible that they are here for the first time and want to know more about this place. 

So, they hope to discuss this place and to get some recommendations. 

Same if someone who comes there often, asks you so. 

Because they never saw you around.

Here, this person only expects some conversation to start. 

What Does Do You Come Here Often Mean

Not necessarily, it’s a pickup line. 

Maybe they are asking you casually for a chat, that’s it. 

But in many cases, someone who asks ‘Do you come here often?’ use it as an opening line to start a conversation with them just see for the first time. 

Possibly, they are romantically attracted to you and have a crush on you. 

Well, then consider, how you’re feeling about this person in the first place. 

Do you want to develop connections, too? 

When you feel interested to know this person, try some flirty responses to ‘Do you come here often?’ to have a chat and grow a connection. 

But if you don’t feel comfortable, funny answers are your go-to. 

Based on your comfort, you decide whether you want to have a conversation flowing or stop them at a certain point. 

Because, this is a conversation starter question to develop new connections, at a new place.


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