(16 Flirty Replies) When Someone Says “You Smell Good”

  • February 13, 2024

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Compliments like “You smell good” are special. 

Mostly, you get it from someone close. 

So, you can’t respond to it with a regular ‘Aww, thanks’ reaction. 

Because this compliment makes you feel special, you need unique replies to give afterward. 

If this is from your friend, crush, or partner, this article will help you with funny and flirty responses for the same.


What To Say When Someone Says “You Smell Good”?

Well, it’s a compliment and there are many ways to reply to it. 

Based on how you feel it and your connection with that someone, decide what to say next.  

If you get such remarks from your crush or partner, say something sweet. 

As it makes you feel blush

Check out these funny and flirty ways to respond to “You smell good” because it makes you feel good about yourself.

What to Say When Someone Says You Smell Good

1. “Thanks, but are you talking about my natural aura or cologne?” 

A girl is comfortable saying that you smell nice. 

It means she won’t hesitate to talk about it more. 

You just want to know what she thinks or how she feels about you. 

2. “Yeah, I just hugged you. This is how you smell actually.” 

When your partner compliments that you smell nice after hugging you, give this sweet reply. 

Because you want to tell them that it’s their influence.  

3. “I have picked this deodorant for our date only.” 

A flirty response to give your partner on a romantic date. 

This shows you really want to impress them. 

Also, you are romantic and know how to make your partner’s mood.  

Flirty Response To You Smell Good

4. “Why not! After all, I’m on a date with you.”

You were preparing for your partner and now as they notice it.

 And, this is the feel-good response to give. 

5. “Well, it’s the same perfume that you gave me on my birthday.” 

To impress her and to make your date special, you wore that perfume. 

He might have no idea about it. 

So, you can share this cute response with a guy. 

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6. “I’m glad my perfume gets your attention.” 

You’re on a first date with this girl and she tells you smell good. 

Next, you can give them a polite reaction. 

When Girl Says You Smell Good

7. “To make you feel good, I can do anything, Babe.”

You just want to keep them close to you. 

And to make this date special to your partner, you keep such small details in mind. 

8. “What’s going on in your mind, huh?” 

You haven’t gotten such compliments from this guy. 

It’s the first time he gets the courage to say it. 

He’s your crush, and you want to play with them a bit.

So you can share this clever response to see what he is thinking of you

9. “After all, I’m on a date with a pretty lady.” 

So you have to prepare well to have a perfect date night with her.

And you are almost there to reach your goal. 

As she compliments you that you smell good. 

10. “What do you mean I smell nice! I just farted.” 

You know that you can share this funny response with your friend. 

Also, give this reply to your partner who is in a romantic mood, but you are not. 

Funny Response to You Smell Good

11. “I really wish I could say the same for you.”

So in this witty response, it says they are smelling bad. 

A response like this is to tell your partner to take a bath before coming close to you. 

12. “Do I smell good enough to get a ‘Yes’ for a date?” 

It’s the first time your crush gets this close and smells you. 

And she likes your perfume or natural scent. 

So you share this flirty response to check if she is ready for the date

13. “I don’t think that is the only thing you want to say.” 

You can smell that this guy is hiding something from you. 

By giving this compliment, he just wants to check how you react.

And, with this bold reply give him confidence and talk about his feelings openly. 

14. “I know you’re going to love this scent.” 

You know what your partner likes and loves the most. 

This perfume is their favorite and so you wear it on your date. 

A sweet reply to show that you care about their preferences. 

When Guy Says You Smell Good

15. “Hope, I have turned you on with this.” 

You can feel that your nice smell turns your crush or partner on. 

Because the mood is getting romantic, you’re sharing this perfect reply at the right time. 

16. “When I’m so happy I smell naturally good.” 

This is a special response to say that being with them changed you positively. 

Give this response to your partner who is the reason you feel and smell so good. 

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What Does “You Smell Nice” Mean?

When a guy says “You smell good”, he compliments you for how he feels about you. 

It’s not always about the smell or perfume that you’re on. 

Sometimes it’s about your natural scent.

It’s your magical aura that can’t stop him from mentioning how good you smell. 

When you hug them or you get too close, you get such compliments from someone. 

That could be your partner, crush, or someone new. 

Generally, girls hesitate to tell you that you smell nice. 

But if she says it openly that means she genuinely finds you pleasant. 

She likes it more when you get close to her. 

Maybe it’s her hint to make a move because she appreciates your looks. 

So, it’s now up to you to decide what to say when someone says ‘You smell nice’ and because you hear it from your close one, such funny and flirty responses are a better choice. 


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