8 Funny Comebacks To “Take A Chill Pill”

  • February 28, 2024

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It is so irritating to hear “Take a chill pill” from someone who provokes anger. 

This person is the culprit behind all the nuisance. 

Now they want you (or others) to relax and take it easy.

They think that no one notices them doing the mess.

And, they think they can get away with it easily.  

Well, if there’s someone who wants you to chill after annoying you, we have some witty comebacks to share. 


How To Respond To “Take A Chill Pill”?

Hearing ‘Take a chill pill’ isn’t cooling you down, but it angers you more. 

And that’s even frustrating when it’s the same person who annoys you and upsets you in the first place. 

How ridiculous, we know that. 

Considering the situation, you can react to it accordingly. 

How To Respond To Take A Chill Pill

First check, are you really getting too much? 

Then, you need to stop and calm down as someone says. 

If someone makes you angry for no reason, you can hit them with smart and witty comebacks. 

By saying ‘Take a chill pill’, they try to show that you’re overreacting. And, they did nothing much. 

With your quick comebacks, you show that you already were chilling just they challenge your mood and patience. 

1. “Don’t tell me what to do. Watch your tongue first.” 

It’s them who just have no idea what to say and where. 

They just share jokes or pranks with anyone.  And, it gets irritating always. 

So, you have to make it clear to them. 

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3. “Let me do the same to you and see if you can chill.”

It’s easier to advise others to behave in the same manner. 

Their comment was personal and it made you angry. 

So you ask them if they can take a chill pill if you do the same to them. 

4. “Sorry, I have a phobia so I can’t take any pills.”

This one is a funny response when your friend tells you to take a chill pill. 

Maybe you’re not taking anything seriously here. 

Or, you’re not in the mood to forget their act that easily.

Funny Reply To Take A Chill Pill

4. “I was already chilling, dude. You came and disturbed me.”

That’s what happened there and everyone might have noticed it. 

Or everyone needs to know who’s the nuisance.  

5. “And, you need to take a ‘maturity’ medicine.” 

This clever reply shows that this person is still a kid and not mature enough.   

Like they tell you to chill, you suggest to them what they need to do. 

6. “I don’t want to ‘deal’ with you. That’s the ‘chill’ for me.” 

When someone tells you to take a chill pill, give this creative response. 

It shows that you admit that you don’t have to deal with them either.

Because they test your patience and make you furious. 

7. “Hey, everyone, look, who’s saying to take a chill pill?” 

A sarcastic comeback to give someone who now tells you to relax and take a chill pill. 

It’s them who are the reason for all the mess. 

They keep you all in a heated argument. 

But now they think they can get away easily like before.

8. “I want you to just ‘leave’ this place.” 

And, that’s the ultimate relief for you.

This person often teases you and tells you to calm down.

But, you suggest them the effective solution.

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What Does “Take A Chill Pill” Mean?

When someone says “Take a chill pill” it simply means that they want you to relax. 

They want you to control your emotions and not take anything seriously. 

In cases like when you feel upset, angry, or frustrated at something, someone wants you to relax and not stress much. 

Because something is just normal to them and they want you to take it easy. 

What Does Take A Chill Pill Mean

If you see that you’re taking too much pressure, you need to calm down. 

Sometimes, your friend insults you or jokes about you. Which further provokes anger. 

Here losing your control is normal. And, they are responsible for it. 

This friend or someone made you act this way. 

And, to stay clean now they want to cool down and take it easy. 

To expose them and not to challenge you, you can use these witty comebacks when someone tells you to ‘Take a chill pill’ and hope you will relax. 

Eventually, you didn’t want to be part of it. But they dragged you in. 


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