9 Savage Ways To Respond To A Cringe Text

  • February 20, 2024

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In an attempt to look cool (or to impress you), someone sends you a cringe text. 

No idea, what they try to accomplish with that.

Maybe they think that they are funny, but you’re not a fan of such humor. 

When it’s for the first time, you can tell them to stop immediately. 

Well, in this article, we share the sarcastic to savage replies to share when someone sends a cringe text to you. 


How To Respond To A Cringe Text?

When someone has guts to send you a cringe message, it means they think you will like it. 

They have no idea how you will react to it. 

If that’s a lame attempt to make you laugh, you can still send ‘Hahaha’ anyway. 

But if this is nothing but a cringe message and it just turns you off, the best thing to do is just block them. 

How To Respond To A Cringe Text

Because you no longer want to deal with such craps. 

Here, it’s fine to ghost those jerks. It will annoy them. 

But if this is your new friend or new connection, you can give them a chance. 

Because it’s the first time. And, they just want to make your day

So you can share your honest reaction regarding how you feel and what you think of it. 

Take a look at these funny to sarcastic responses to someone who sends you a ‘Cringe’ message. 

1. “That’s cool, bro. But you still sent it to the wrong person.”

Tell them to send it to someone else. 

As it didn’t work on you. 

Because you’re not the right person for such cringe text. 

2. “What an intelligent thought it is! So impressed.” 

Let’s hope that they will get your taunt. 

Otherwise, they will take it as a compliment. 

A sarcastic response to tell them that you don’t expect such a cringe text again. 

Sarcastic Reply A Cringe Text

3. “I’m just thinking, from where do you get such thoughts?”  

You shockingly ask them about the source. 

And you’re so sure it’s certainly not their mind but something else. 

Share this fun response with a friend, they will think you’re impressed. 

4. “Are you serious right now? Because I am.” 

There’s no chance they are getting away with ‘I’m just joking’ excuse

You are very serious this time and taking it personally. 

With this reaction, you want them to stop cringe-texting you. 

5. “You remind me of someone I hate the most, my ex.” 

And, sooner they will be out of your life, too. If they didn’t change. 

You share this savage response to a cringe text before you make your move. 

Hopefully, they know it’s time to act responsibly. 

Savage Response To A Cringe Text

6. “I think you had drunk texted me. We should talk about it tomorrow.” 

You never got such a cringe text from this person. 

It’s the first time they have shared something like that. 

So, it’s easy to presume that this person drunk texted you.  

7. “Well, I couldn’t expect anything better from you.” 

So, it’s not the first time, this is several times they did it. 

You had enough cringe messages from them. 

If it’s your friend, you can share it as a funny response. 

Because you don’t take anything personally here.

Funny Response To A Cringe Text

8. “Honestly, I can’t decide whether to block you or sympathize with you.” 

You might have the hardest response to their cringe message. 

And the thought they want to make you laugh, stops you. 

Actually, you feel sad because this person failed miserably to impress you. 

9. “Glad that you shared this message this early, now I know how to limit my connection with you.”

Everything was going great and then came the cringe text. 

It leaves you in shock. 

But you’re seeing the positive side, that it exposes this person’s reality. 

This is a direct reaction to a cringe text.

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When Someone Texts You Cringe Messages

You have no idea what to say, when someone texts you cringe. 

Based on the level of cringiness, you can respond likewise. 

You don’t want to create drama when it’s just a joke that you find cringe, while others enjoy it. 

And then there are weird, creepy, and cringe texts that you should never tolerate. 

When Someone Sends You Cringe Text

If someone does so for the first time, you can give them a warning to stop them. 

When they genuinely respect your feelings, they won’t do it again. 

But if someone isn’t changing and keeps sending you such cringy messages, you can just ignore them, block them, or unmatch them. 

As a first warning, you can try these shared responses before you take ultimate action against a cringe messenger. 


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