18 Good Comebacks For Someone Who Thinks They’re Funny (But, They Aren’t)

  • February 14, 2024

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When someone has no ‘sense’ of when to use ‘humor’, tell them that something isn’t funny. 

There’s always the one who cracks jokes at the wrong time. 

They think they are funny, but they are not.

With their one-liner comments or jokes, they put others down, or act childish. 

And, everyone wants them to stop behaving so.  

In this article, you will get some sarcastic and good comebacks for someone who thinks they are funny but they are not.


How To Tell Someone They’re Not Funny?

Some people never take anything seriously. 

And then, you have to deal with their nonsense.  

It’s hard to be with someone who acts so childish and uses their silly humor without looking at the situation or seriousness. 

It doesn’t matter if they make a joke about you or someone else, but this person is annoying when they don’t act responsibly. 

Someone has to tell this person that ‘It’s not funny’.

Well, if you are tired of dealing with their low-level humor, we are here to help you. 

Here are the sarcastic and good comebacks to tell someone that they are not funny even if they think they are.

How To Tell Someone They're Not Funny

1. “That might be funny to you, but not to me. SORRY!”

This person’s comedic timing is very bad. 

You’re in a serious situation or talking about something that no one could even think to joke about. 

But this person just tries to be funny.

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2. “I think you lack some senses. Sense of- ‘humor’ and ‘seriousness’.” 

Because they can’t differentiate when they to make jokes and when not to. 

Someone needs to tell this person that they’re not funny. 

3. “That is by far the best dad joke ever. You’re so good at it.” 

Like most people, you don’t enjoy the ‘dad jokes’. 

And those who share it you find them annoying.

So basically, here you sarcastically tell this person that they’re best at bad jokes that no one laughs at.  

4. “Dude, you’re not improving but getting worse day by day.” 

If someone thinks they are funny, with this response you tell them they’re not funny at all. 

5. “You and your dead joke, that’s a perfect match.” 

This isn’t only a dad joke, but a dead joke that no one is laughing at. 

But this person keeps saying the same thinking that they are funny. 

You criticize this person’s humor, and it will take them time to get it. 

6. “I’m just waiting for the day when you act your age.”

You’re worried about your sibling or cousin who just cracks jokes without much thinking. 

With this good comeback, you tell them when they’re not funny. 

You hope to see them grow up and show some maturity. 

Good comeback for someone who thinks they're funny

7. “Do you have any sense of when to joke and when not to?” 

You ask so because you really want to know how they rate their humor. 

8. “With such humor you can give someone a brain tumor.”

You mock their humor because it makes no sense. 

But this one is a funny way to tell someone who thinks they’re so funny.

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9. “What it was a joke? I thought you were serious here.” 

So, you forget to laugh at it. 

Just to make them feel good, you can give them a fake laugh. 

10. “You almost make me laugh. Better luck next time!”

This relative or your annoying cousin trying to put you down with some joke. 

But it didn’t work and no one found it funny anyway. 

So you can wish them luck for the next attempt. 

11. “If you still find it funny, then I think you’re in the wrong company.” 

You believe that it’s their influence that made them do more of such nonsense jokes.

12. “This isn’t the right time to joke, you should know that.” 

This is a serious situation or you’re discussing something very important. 

But this person has no idea or just tries to make the situation lighter. 

Which is not acceptable at all. 

13. “I don’t find anything to laugh about. Anyone, do you?” 

After the joke, the only person who laughs at it is the one who shares it. 

Everyone surprisingly looked at each other what’s funny in that. 

Knowing so, you deliver this clever comeback at the right time. 

14. “I know you try to be interesting, but you don’t have to be a joker, though.”

This rude relative or friend always makes a joke about you. 

Not sure what but they pick anything you say and leave mean comments about that. 

They think it’s funny, but it never works. 

So, you tell them that they are not funny but end up being a joker. 

15. “Oh so, we are supposed to laugh. Then there is my- hahaha.” 

By cracking the joke, they expect a hilarious response. 

But this isn’t the right time for fun. 

So, you have this sarcastic way to tell them that they are not funny. 

sarcastic way to say not funny

16. “Once more. Because I didn’t hear you at first.”

It will make them realize that their joke just failed.   

17. “Well, I must say that was a good attempt.” 

You know that this person is jealous and wants to make fun of you anyway.

Here you tell them that you appreciate their efforts. 

But it fails to leave any impact again.  

18. “I can get it, It wasn’t a joke. But a serious concern.”

You don’t want this friend to feel dishearted as his joke failed.

To fix the situation you just want to present it as a serious concern.

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When Someone Thinks They Are Funny (But Are Not)

To someone who has no sense of when to joke and when not to, you need to tell them. 

Because such behavior is unacceptable. Sometimes, it can get you in trouble too. 

So if your cousin, relatives, or even sibling thinks they are funny, tell them that when it’s not funny to joke about something.

When someone thinks they're funny but they are not

It could be jokes about you or in some serious situation. 

But you need to be clear with them that you don’t find something funny even if they think they are. 

With such sarcastic ways to say ‘Not funny,’ you make someone think before cracking jokes again. 

It will make them think before saying anything to you (or anyone) from next time. 


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