11 (Savage &) Funny Answers To “Where Are You From?”

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When someone asks “Where are you from?” and you tell them the city or country you belong.

That’s as simple as that. 

But sometimes, you may not feel comfortable to answer it. 

For security purposes or due to some obvious reason, you wish you could avoid this question somehow. 

Well, that you can do cleverly and creatively. 

Here in this post, you will find sarcastic, savage and funny ways to answer regular questions like ‘Where are you from?’.


How To Answer To “Where Are You From”?

In normal cases, you don’t mind sharing your address or place you’re from with someone.

You trust them they want to know it to get to know you more. 

Also, this helps you to find something common to make this connection meaningful. 

How To Answer To Where Are You From

But sometimes, you don’t want to share your address or where you are from with someone you barely know. 

Especially to strangers, you want to avoid sharing it and you better ask the reason for it. 

In another case, you can just say something else instead of giving them directions to your place or home. 

Because you don’t know what makes them ask it. 

Next, here are the witty and funny answers to “Where are you from?”, in case you want to avoid answering it straight.  

1. “I’m from the earth and you?” 

This is an alien who is interacting with you first time. 

And, they curiously want to know where you are from. 

You take it as an obvious question but give them this fun response. 

2. “What will you do with info?”  

The earlier they ask, the faster they sound suspicious.   

Here they want to know your place, but you want to know why they need to know it. 

They might have curiosity, but you have some logical thinking.

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3. “I’m from here. Where are you from?” 

When you get a friendly vibe from someone, you can tell them that you are from this place. 

Maybe this person is new to the city and wants to make a connection. 

Else, this is also a way to avoid revealing your actual address. 

This is the best reply to ‘Where are you from?’ question that you want to keep handy.

By asking the same you check if they feel fine saying it. 

Funny Answer To Where Are You From

4. “Please don’t send me where I came from. Only I know, how I manage to get out from there.”

This is a funny thing to say when your new friend asks ‘Where are you from?’. 

Maybe you don’t feel so comfortable sharing your address at the time. 

Or, you just want to make your answer interesting, though.

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5. “I’m lost here. I don’t even have any idea from which direction I came.”   

You want to play with this person and don’t want to give a direct answer. 

So you tell them that you have no idea where you’re from. 

Tell them that you’ve lost your way home. 

6. “Well, I’m from somewhere you can never reach.” 

If you feel that this person is trying to get personal to you, this will stop them.  

This witty answer to ‘Where are you from?’ will make them realize that you’ve boundaries.  

And, more likely they will not make a move further. 

With such responses, you keep the jerks away.

Witty Answer To Where Are You From

7. “In your heart, I have rented it last month.” 

In case, your crush asks you ‘Where are you from?’ share this flirty answer. 

It will make him or her realize that you have a crush on them from when. 

8. “You don’t deserve to know that. Sorrym I’m not telling you.”

For some reason, you don’t want to talk where you’re from.

Mainly, when you’re chatting with online or stranger asks, with this sarcastic response you withdraw the question.

That’s alright, they will know that you’re not interested.

9. “My parents brought me here. I don’t know where they picked me from.”

You are not in a mood when stranger asks where you are from.

So, this is a savage response to express that you have no idea any from the place you belong.

10. “Well, I’m from your yesterday’s dream.” 

If your match or crush asks you where you are from, this is a flirty reply to share.

Further you can tell that you are the same person they have been dreaming of.

11. “I’m from where you are. We are from the same place.” 

Well, this response can be taken many ways. 

But what you mean here is- you tell them that you know from where they are.

So you say confidently that you both are from the same place. 

Or, it’s a trick to make them say their place and you just will say ‘Exactly, I’m from there, too’. 

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When Someone Asks “Where Are You From?”

Well, the question “Where are you from?” is a normal question that you get from someone you’re developing a connection with. 

It’s fine to share your native place or your address when you feel right. 

In some cases, you don’t want some random people to know your address or feel they might come to your place anytime, don’t share it straight. 

When Someone asks Where Are You From

In case you want to avoid answering this question. 

Else, you take time before you give them such information. 

But, here shared witty and funny answers to “Where are you from?” make sense to use when you think they don’t need to know about that so fast. 

And if that still doesn’t work, you can just hit them with a hard ‘Why’ question. 


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