24 Witty Comebacks To “You’ve No Sense Of Humor”

  • February 22, 2024

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You can’t make everyone laugh. And, that’s fine. No pressure!

Some will appreciate your fun nature.

While others give an annoyed look, and will say ‘You’ve no sense of humor’. That hurts your confidence. 

Well, that’s their personal view and there’s no need to take it personally. 

You can ignore it because you have people who think you’re so funny

But sometimes, it’s good to have clever comebacks to deal with comments like ‘You’re not funny’ on social media or while you’re on stage.

Here in this post, you will find something to say when someone criticizes your comic skills.


What To Reply When Someone Says “You’ve No Sense Of Humor”?

Every people have a different taste of humor. 

Maybe they don’t get the joke or your joke is that bad

But, the most common reason why someone says you’re not funny is because this person is jealous of you. 

What To Reply When Someone Says You've No Sense Of Humor

Yeah, that could be your friend or frenemy who just never appreciates you.

Even while everyone laughs, you see them making faces and leaving rude comments on you silently. 

But if by telling ‘you’re not funny’ when someone tries to put you down, show them your quick wit and humor skills. 

Your amusing responses can make everyone laugh at them. 

They make fun of your humor, but with your witty comeback, you will make them joke eventually. And, here are the best responses you can give to someone who says ‘You’ve no sense of humor

1. “Oh, is it? Thanks for your opinion. Did I ask you for that?”

They might not appreciate your humor, but you didn’t ask for their opinion. 

Anyway, you appreciate their time for their feedback on your humor. 

2. “You say it because you’re jealous. Because I’m famous.” 

Share this clever comeback with your friends who secretly dislike you.

3. “Yeah, because this joke is on you.” 

The way they call you ‘unfunny’ that’s insulting. 

But it’s you who had a joke on them and they didn’t like it. 

So you give it another comeback as a joke.

4. “Have some interest in your life, bro!” 

Jokes are supposed to be silly and weird. 

But this smart dude thinks logically and that’s why they never get any joke. 

5. “It’s not my problem that you don’t get the joke.” 

Your job is to deliver the jokes. 

As far as more people find it entertaining and laugh at it, you don’t have any problem with that.

6. “I can’t help you with your boring life. Sorry!” 

Tell this friend to ‘get a life’ and add some excitement to the life. 

7. “You need to first grow up to understand this joke.” 

Because what you just said, is for the mature audience who get the joke in the first place. 

Clever Reply To Someone Who Say Not Funny

8. “I know that, brother. I’m even surprised what’s funny and why everyone is laughing at it.” 

You agree with them that you also think that you’re not even funny. 

But as everyone laughs at such jokes, you keep it going. 

9. “But, you were the first one to laugh at it.”

And everyone noticed that, too.

This person just tries to pretend that this joke isn’t funny. 

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10. “And, that’s a joke from you.” 

You see it as a joke when someone says ‘You’re not funny’. 

This is the first time you hear it from someone. 

Either it’s humor or honesty, but it’s a good one. 

11. “It’s not even a joke, I’m being serious here.” 

They try to tease you for being funny. 

But you tease them back for taking your serious point as a joke. 

12. “I knew it already that you won’t get it at first.” 

To a friend who never laughs at your joke, you can respond sarcastically. 

13. “Sorry, I make a high-level joke. But you’re used to that.” 

You’re fine that this person doesn’t find your jokes funny. 

But you criticize their sense of humor, and this reply shows your confidence in your skill. 

14. “And, I don’t even care what you say to me.” 

Not only you but nobody cares what this person has to say. 

Because most people find you funny and enjoy being with you. 

15. “Well, that’s you only. But, your girlfriend thinks differently.” 

Because whenever you crack jokes around her, you make her laugh. 

And, she calls you to ‘Stop it’. 

16. “So sorry, I didn’t know that you were even here.” 

If you know this person is here, you will share jokes of their level. 

17. “That’s the honest opinion and I appreciate that.” 

You are thanking this person for giving their genuine feedback. 

You take it as advice and will work on your humor. 

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18. “Well, I’m not here for you. You are the only serious person here.” 

This one is a sarcastic comeback to someone who keeps telling you you’ve no sense of humor. 

But still, they hear your joke or come to your show.

19. “I feel so sad about your boring life.” 

Some people are living quite serious lives, and only they’re responsible for that. 

Sarcastic Response To You're Not Funny

20. “Yeah, because I’m too good-looking to be a comedian.”

This witty response shows off your confidence because that’s the fact here.  

21. “Whatever but you’re not going to get any refunds.” 

They buy tickets for your show and call you ‘unfunny’. 

To tease them more, you tell them if they don’t get your joke, there’s no refund policy either.

22. “Sorry, I can’t entertain you. But, look at others’ reaction.” 

Everyone is laughing and enjoying your jokes. 

But only this dude has some issue with your humor. 

23. “Yeah, I’m thinking of taking comedy classes from you.” 

And, that you can start it from today itself. 

Tell them what’s the first advice they have for you to develop a ‘sense of humor’, like them. 

24. “Whatever I don’t have time to explain the joke to you.”

This response expresses your confidence in your comedy.

You don’t care about those one or two people who thinks you’re not funny.

Just their sense of humor isn’t that good.

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What Does “You’ve No Sense Of Humor” Mean?

Those who didn’t get a joke or don’t find anything amusing about what you said, will say ‘You’re not funny’ or ‘You’ve no sense of humor’. 

Well, it’s just their opinion about your comic skills. 

Maybe they almost laugh at your joke, but they control themselves. 

Because they hate you and want to show that it’s not that funny.  

What Does You’ve No Sense Of Humor Mean

Some people are like that and we can’t do anything about them. So take it easy. 

They comment on your talents and make you feel miserable. 

Even if you’re good at it, they never appreciate you. 

Well, when someone makes fun of you by saying ‘You’ve no sense of humor’, you can try these witty comebacks to deliver at the right time.

This is to show that you might be not funny (for them), but you’re clever enough to make someone a big joke who is serious or seriously jealous of you. 


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