7 Funny Replies To “You Know The Drill”

  • September 27, 2023

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This is a secret operation, your friends are about to prank someone. 

You want to be part of this (or not), but when someone asks ‘You know the drill, right?’, you just nod. 

But that’s not the only way to respond. 

You can share some creative or funny responses in this situation, that we are about to share in this post. 


How To Reply To “You Know The Drill”?

When you’re all set to do something crazy, that’s ‘the drill’. 

Based on whether you know what they are going to or want to be part of or not, you can’t just respond ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to it. 

You have the last chance before it begins. 

To lighten the situation, you can try these possible responses to ‘You know the drill’ from your friends. 

How To Reply To You Know The Drill

1. “No, actually I’m new here.”

You joined the new friend circle a few days ago.  

And you don’t know much about how things work in this new setting.  

So tell it straight. 

Or say it sarcastically, when you’re the oldest member of this group. 

2. “Relax, that’s not ‘a big drill’. I mean drill.”

This is a funny response to show that you know the drill quite well. 

Maybe you feel somewhat confused there. 

But as the majority of friends want to do, you think it’s better not to say anything. 

Funny Reply To You Know The Drill

3. “I know, Right? But if anything goes wrong, it’s up to you.” 

You just know what you all are going to do. 

There’s a risk and you just wanted to stay away from it. 

But you couldn’t. And you’re in the drill. 

So as a final warning, you can share this response before the drill begins. 

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4. “You might see this drill as a thrill, but I don’t.”

Their drill means to play pranks on another friend. 

And you’re against it because this isn’t fun to you at all. 

Sarcastically you tell them that this drill might be thrilling for them, but not to you. 

5. “I’m not an expert at it. But I can follow you.” 

Inside, you have no idea why would you do this, there’s no reason here.

And, what they expect from you, you didn’t catch that. 

But as they drag you into this, you’ve agreed to it.

So you choose to be part of the drill even if you don’t know much about it. 

6. “No, I don’t know how to drill.” 

What they are about to do is a wrong idea. 

You tried to stop them from doing it, but they are so into doing the drill. 

So you share this witty response that shows it’s not your skills, nor do you have any interest in drilling. 

Witty Response To You Know The Drill

7. “Huh! I’m the one who came up with the recipe.” 

This friend doubts if you can do it or not. 

But they have no idea that you’re the mastermind behind all of this. 

This will make them shut and do as planned. 

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What Does “You Know The Drill” Mean?

When someone says ‘You know the drill, Right?’, they want to check if you know what to do in this particular situation. 

Maybe it’s an expectation from you alone or your plan for the entire group. 

Here they hope that you know what the rest of the group are doing together. 

And, by saying it ‘the drill’, they just want to confirm that you know how to act or play your part.  

What Does You Know The Drill Mean

If you hear ‘You know the drill’ from your informal connection, they hope you understand the entire plan or already have figured out what to do next. 

They hope you understand everything. 

Because they don’t have time to explain to you anything about it and they leave it on you. 


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