(9 Smart Replies) When Relatives Ask About Salary

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Nope, you’re not alone. We all hate it when relatives ask about salary. 

After all, why should they have to know how much you make? 

Do you owe them something?

Or, Because they care if you’re earning enough for yourself and your family.

Nothing at all.

Instead, they just want to know. And, hey are like that. 

If you earn as per your qualification, and make enough (or more) for a living, sharing your earnings with your relatives is always uncomfortable. 

Of course, you don’t want to discuss it, but those are nosy relatives who ask for it anyway. 

So, here we’re discussing what to say except revealing your income or telling them not to ask about your salary anymore.


What To Say When Relatives Ask About Salary?

As you start earning or your parents announce that you work in a multinational company, eventually everyone takes an interest in you.

Especially those relatives and neighbors are ready with questions, such as ‘How much do you make’, ‘What’s the package’ and ‘How’s about salary’. 

None of them will ever ask how’s your first day at a new job, but they ask how much you earn.

You can’t avoid this question, but yes what you can do to handle it smartly? 

Because you don’t want to talk about your salary to anyone. 

Not with your relatives, neighbors, and family members.

Because they could also tell the relatives eventually.

So, before someone asks about your salary, be prepared with smart ways to handle questions about your salary and your income. 

Because you don’t want them to ask it again (and, you’re not answering it anyhow). 

What To Say When Relatives Ask About Salary

1. “Sorry to say, but even my parents never ask for my salary.”

Your relatives are part of your life (unfortunately), but they’re not part of your struggle. 

It might take courage to say it straight.  

But why should you care, when they don’t think before asking you about your salary?

2. “I earn enough for all our family. They’ve no complaints, So it must be good.” 

They just want to know how much you earn a month. 

It’s like they care about how you manage the house. 

Tell them that your earning are sufficient to bring food to the table and pay most of your bills. 

3. “Currently I’m not working for a company, so I don’t get any salary.” 

This relative or neighbor has no idea what you do and where you are working currently

Maybe they’re worried about how you survive. 

Tell them that you don’t get any salary. 

Because you own a business or do trading.

You get profit and not any salary.

This one is a clever answer to avoid salary discussions with anyone. 

4. “I’m not earning enough to make it last for a month. Can you please give me some money this time?”

This relative wants to know if your salary is enough. 

Well, your salary isn’t enough. So, they can provide financial support. 

But yes, your salary is not that enough. so you could borrow money from them. 

When you share such a sarcastic answer they no longer talk about your salary anymore. 

5. “I’m not sure. But, it must be more than what your son earns.” 

Don’t care if your relatives find it rude as you say it.

You never ask about their age, their high school kids’ marks, or their elder son’s salary. 

Because that’s all a personal thing to ask someone. 

Which they don’t understand clearly. 

So you give them such savage answers on asking about your salary. 

6. “Oh thanks for asking me. I was about to borrow some money from you.” 

 When someone asks about your salary, they might ask for some money later, if it’s higher. 

So, you could stop them from getting any further, by replying like this. 

You’re not asking for money, which they might know already. 

But it will make them not ask such a salary question again. 

7. “You better ask my parents; it goes to their bank account. I just work.” 

This relative tries to be nice to you and secretly asks for your salary. 

They might treat you like a kid, but you’re not.  

So you tell them to ask your parents, they can handle this relative better. 

And, even if they ask your parents, they can’t answer. 

Because even they don’t know how much you make. 

8. “Salary? No, I’m working for the NGOs.”

You just want to have fun with the question about your salary.

Particulary, with the relatives. They don’t need to know about how much you earn. So, to make fun of their question, give this response.

9. “It’s not as much as you think I earn.” 

When nosy neighbors or relatives ask how much you earn or about your salary, they might have some perception about it. 

But you’re not going to reveal your income. 

Instead, you will make them more confused, with this smart answer

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Should You Disclose Your Salary To Relatives?

Salary and earnings are personal matters. 

That you should not share it with anyone else, not even with your family members, siblings, friends, and especially those nosy relatives. 

Because many things could happen if someone knows about your salary. 

Should You Disclose Your Salary To Relatives

First, if it’s higher than what they think, they might be jealous. 

And, if it’s less than what they make, they keep bragging about it.  

And because you earn less, they might often make you feel inferior, now and then. 

That will hurt your confidence and satisfaction (while working on your passion).

So, you better be careful with what you share.

Don’t just share it all, when someone or relatives ask about your salary for no reason. 


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