9 (Savage Replies) When Someone Calls You “Kid” Or “Child”

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If you’re a teenager or grown-up, being called a ‘Kid’, is insulting. 

Whether they tell you ‘Kiddo’, ‘child’ or just advise like ‘you should grow up, it pressures you to act old or perfect (in their eye). 

You might be smart and act your age.

But when you hear it, you doubt your ability.

Don’t let anyone make you feel that. Have something to say.

So, next time when someone makes a joke about your maturity and calls you ‘kid’ again, defend your confidence with the best comebacks which are smart to savage. 


How To Reply When Someone Calls You “Kid”?

When you’re growing up faster, your family and parents’ expectations also grow.

Possibly, you may make some mistakes in the process. 

Supportive people will understand your flaws and let you learn things. 

While some overconfident people will tell you that you’re not enough and still a kid. 

Which isn’t right at all. 

First, these people need to understand how to act maturely around young ones. 

Most comments insult you and break your confidence. 

Especially those who don’t know who you are and what you’re capable of, but still call you kid, stand up for yourself and say the right thing. 

If you don’t know how to say it, here is something to reply with.

How To Reply When Someone Calls You Kid

1. “Age is just a number, and that I know after seeing you.” 

Being with them you realize that maturity doesn’t just come just with age. 

This one is a sarcastic comeback to give to those who are proud of whoever they are.

2. “I might be a kid, but I act my age. Maybe, you should, too.” 

They may call you a kid, but they’re not acting mature for their age, too. 

Say it directly.

Because before you, this person needs to act their age. 

3. “Thanks for saying that. It’s my dream to remain a kid forever.” 

Some people will try to insult you by calling you ‘Kid’ constantly. 

When you show that you never mind whatever they say, they will stop saying that again. 

4. “I rather stay a kid than get older and be like you.” 

Well, growing up so fast and always acting so smart is boring. 

You can enjoy life being a kid and that’s not a problem at all. 

And that’s what you’re proud to do. 

5. “Yes, but right now you are acting like one.”

Self-acceptance is the perfect response when dealing with mean comments

It will annoy them and fail their every attempt to hurt you. 

When someone older in your connection, can’t stop correcting you on everything, tell them they should be mature enough to know where to spend time in. 

6. “Sometimes it’s good to stay a kid and live carelessly.” 

You don’t want to spend your time of life in just worrying alone. 

Instead of living under pressure, you prefer to act childish sometimes to experience things differently. 

7. “At least I don’t want to look mature or perfect.” 

By saying this you’re hurting their ego of being so perfect in life. 

Maybe they’re perfect or not, but you have a right to live life on your terms. 

And no one should interrupt the way you live. 

8. “I might be a kid, but am the one who pays his own bills.”

Sometimes stranger who doesn’t even know about you says you’re just a kid and need to learn a lot. 

For their information, tell them that you’ve grown up already. 

You might have acted childish at the time, which noticed. 

But what they don’t know is that you are working, earning, and taking your own responsibility. 

9. “Even if I will have a kid in the future, I will always be like this. I love the way I live.” 

The parents or relatives who express their worries about you being childish, call you a kid in frustration. 

You know they’re just saying so and don’t mean to insult you. 

So, you take it lightly and can use this funny response to take it easy. 

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When Someone Calls You A ‘Kid’ or ‘Childish’…

When someone calls you a kid, maybe because you’ve done something that people of your age shouldn’t do. 

Some people believe that. 

Yes, your family, relatives, or elders at home or outside may tell you so, when you act childish.

You should first check in which means they’re saying so. 

When Someone Calls You A Kid

When your parents tell you that, they’re irritated and also worried about the way you spend your time. 

Respect your elder, listen to them, and understand their point. 

But some also call you ‘kid’ to prove they’re older so more mature than you are. 

They can’t see that you’re responsible already. 

For a time, when you act childish and have some fun, that doesn’t make you kid at all. 

When someone forces you to act mature all the time and has no idea who you are, they deserve solid comebacks for calling you a ‘kid’. 

Because it’s always a good idea to keep the inside kid alive to make life enjoyable at any age.


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