(6 Comebacks) When Someone Calls You “A Piece Of Work”

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If you did something extraordinary or crazy, people might call you ‘a piece of work’.

Based on you, if that’s your talent, or you’re confident in being yourself, you take it as a compliment. 

It could be encouraging as you’re not like the rest.

The unique. One and Only.

But sometimes, it’s an insult for not being normal (like everyone else).

This could be due to your talent, skills, or intelligence, they say ‘You’re a piece of work’ and how you will handle that’s what we are going to discuss here. 


What To Say When Someone Calls You “A Piece Of Work”? 

When you do something as your talent, this could be a compliment. 

That they are impressed with what you did. 

As this is something new they see for the first time. 

What To Say When Someone Calls You A Piece Of Work

So you can just thank them for appreciating who you’re.

But when someone says ‘You’re a real piece of work’ they show what you do they see it as complete nonsense or obnoxious. 

Which they find hard to accept.

You already know when it sounds like praise or when someone insults you

Generally, most of the time consider such comments as criticism.

So, here are your comebacks when someone says ‘You’re a piece of work’. 

1. “Am I really? And what about you? You’re perfectly normal, right?” 

You can also tell them that you see them boring for always being so regular or rude.

It’s fine to do some crazy things sometimes to just have fun. 

2. “Yes, that’s what makes me who I am.” 

No matter in which sense they call you a ‘piece of work’, you’re self-confident. 

What you do, you just know how to enjoy every moment. 

That’s the real you. 

3. “Only at that part we’re relatable. But, I think you’re still the best.” 

Well, you just inform them that you two are actually pieces of work. 

Indeed, that’s the same pinch.

This one you can give as a sarcastic response because this person thinks they’re all normal. 

But tell them that they’re not. 

And, by calling them ‘You’re the best, you mean they’re the worst. 

4. “Do you have any problem with that? Sorry, I can’t help.” 

Because you’re not going to change you for anyone else. 

Who you are, they must accept you as it is. 

They’ve no any other choice.

It shows you are proud of being a ‘real piece of work’. 

5. “All credit goes to my parents, Obviously.” 

When your relatives or friends tell you that you’re a piece of work, this comeback is the perfect one.

Undoubtedly, your parents are the one who makes you like this. 

Which makes your parents the real artists. 

6. “Yeah, Because I’m built different.”

When someone calls you a piece of work, you take it as a compliment.

Instead creating a scene, you look at the positive side.

Here, you’re happy that you’re not part of the normal group.

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What Does ‘You’re A Real Piece Of Work’ Mean?

When someone finds you acting weird, and beyond normal, they might call you a piece of work. 

Some people say it with an impressive gesture.

Because, what you did really surprised them. 

Then it means they’re complimenting your unique skills and personal quality. 

But the same phrase, you hear when you annoy someone, during an argument, or unknowingly. 

Here they’re shocked by what you just did.

That’s unbelievable. 

What Does You’re A Real Piece Of Work Mean

This time, it’s an insult to you, like they’re saying ‘Are you mad’ or ‘What’s your problem?’.

Because they can’t relate to you as that’s not normal. 

Well, when someone calls you ‘a piece of work’ could be either a compliment or an insult to you.

Based on, who is saying it and why.

But if you take responsibility for what you do, enjoy being yourself, or are proud of living on your way, these comebacks will surely keep that confidence alive. 

Because you’re a real piece of work and you should be that way if you love it. 


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