17 Better Responses To “You’re Not My Type” From A Girl Or Guy

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After dating for a while, when someone says “You’re not my type” that’s hurtful. 

It’s hard to accept it. 

But, what else you can do? Nothing, right? 

Well, believe this as the end of your connection, and you should end it with dignity. 

In this article, we are sharing some of the better ways to respond when someone tells you you’re not their type. 


How To Respond To “You’re Not My Type”?

It’s clear that this guy or girl doesn’t think that you match with each other. 

This is a clear rejection, you should know that. 

When it comes to handling this situation, it’s easy to get frustrated over it. 

How To Respond To You're Not My Type

But still, it’s good if you act maturely here and accept this rejection politely.

Don’t get too sad or angry with that person. It just makes the situation worse. 

We know the situation isn’t the same always. 

According to the situation and how someone says “You’re not my type”, the way you should respond is also different. 

Check out these clever, funny, and sarcastic responses to give someone who says you’re not their type.

1. “Thank you for making it clear and not wasting my time.”

Of course, that person saves your time by keeping it real. 

You don’t mind if you’re not that type. 

But you take it normally and respond positively.

2. “I’m happy that you keep it straight.” 

If you want to respond politely to their rejection, say this. 

You express that you appreciate them for being honest with you. 

3. “Don’t worry about me, I have been so ready for this.” 

Possibly, you have some idea that it’s coming to you.

This response you can give a girl who feels hesitant while saying that you are not her type. 

You just want her to take it easy.

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4. “And, you thought I was trying to be your type? Nah!”

The way they make it clear, you could also update them with the facts. 

A sarcastic response like this is enough to tell them that you aren’t even trying to be their type. 

Sarcastic Response to You're Not My Type

5. “You know what? I was feeling the same.” 

That this person and you are not a perfect match. 

You could have said it nearly soon, but before you did, that person told you already

This means you also didn’t expect much from this connection, in the first place. 

6. “Honestly, I want to say the same, but I didn’t have the guts for it.” 

So, you now feel more relaxed as they said it already. 

If you feel hurt and still have to show up positive, this response is the perfect one. 

7. “I knew it that’s why I never spent more money on you.” 

This one is a clever response to share with a girl who thinks she’s smarter. 

But she has no idea that you are not that dumb that you spend your valuable time or money on her. 

If you spend enough time, you can tell they are the best thing happened to you.

8. “Alright, but we have a good time together.”

When a girl already says ‘You’re not my type’, accept the rejection like a man. 

Leave this connection with respect.

And, this is a respectful reply to thank her for the good time you had. 

What to say when a girl says you're not my type

9. “Of course, I deserve better. Everyone told me that already.” 

Well, this one is a sarcastic response to “You’re not my type”.

Someone told you that ‘You deserve better (than this)’ or it’s you who felt that.

Being with them you know who they really are. 

10. “Oh is it? Nice to meet you, goodbye.” 

You don’t even want to wait much there. 

Because there’s nothing good for you, you better get out of that person’s hair as quickly as you can. 

But before you leave you can reply like this. 

11. “That’s what my mom told me, when I talked about you to her.” 

After being together for months, this girl tells you that you’re not her type. 

It definitely hurts inside. 

But you want to get over with it, and this funny response helps. 

12. “Then who’s your type? Let me help you to find that.” 

After approaching when a crush tells you that you’re not his type, you can respond this. 

It shows that you don’t mind finding the right girl for him. 

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13. “I appreciate that you made it very clear to me.” 

When your mind stops working and you can’t decide what to reply, say this.

This way at least you show that you accept the rejection like it should. 

14. “I don’t even want to be your type, what do you think?”

You just have to tell them so they won’t take too pride in it. 

This one is a savage response to a rude guy saying that you are not his type. 

What to say when a guy tells you're not my type

15. “Yeah, then find someone who spends more on you.” 

Your frustration is legit because she tells you ‘You’re not my type’ after having a longtime relationship. 

You can share this response with a gold digger who thinks she used you. 

And of course, you’re not her type. 

16. “And, I know what kind of person you need in life.” 

Because you have watched this person very closely, you know who is their type. 

Else, you can reply to this in a sarcastic tone.

17. “Please don’t expect that I will take this challenge and try to be your type.” 

Sometimes girl or guy plays hard to get. 

When they say you’re not my type, they might have expected that you will beg for their love. 

But you’re not that type of person. 

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What Does It Mean When Someone Says You’re Not Their Type?

When a guy or girl tells (or informs) you that “You’re not my type”, they mean there’s something about you that they don’t like. 

No doubt, your connection started great. 

But over time as you know more about each other, you get to know it better. 

That guy or girl already felt that there was no chemistry between you two or no sense of the relationship. 

What Does It Mean When Someone Says You're Not Their Type

Indeed, they are rejecting you due to differences in qualities and nature or something else. 

But, a guy or girl says so in a different context. 

Some keep it straight because they don’t want you to have high expectations from this connection. 

While in another case, they say so to demean you. 

They want to show that they have high standards and you’re not any close to that. 

Normally, you just respond like ‘That’s okay’, like you accept this rejection politely.  

But based on how someone tells you that “You’re not my type”, you should respond in a way that protects your pride and image.


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