12 Good Responses To “We’ll See” From A Guy

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Generally, guys are straightforward about what they think or how feel about you. 

But when you hear “We’ll see” from a guy, this shows that he is confused.

Or, he is just not ready for your plan or proposal. 

Maybe he just wants some time to think or can’t admit it. 

To get straight to the point, in this article, we are suggesting the best ways to respond to “We will see” from a guy during texting. 


How To Respond When He Says “We’ll See”?

While you expect the exciting ‘Yes’ (or ‘No’) from him, he gives you a confusing one. 

You’re fine with whatever decision he has. But he has to be honest about it. 

Of course, hearing “We’ll see” is confusing and irritating sometimes. 

But, he might have some reason for that as well. 

So, depending on the situation and level of your relationship, you can choose to respond to it in many ways possible. 

If you can be patient or not, here are the best ways to respond to “We’ll see” from a guy.

How To Respond When He Says We'll See

1. “Sure, see you then.”

Well, this should be your typical response. 

But that’s fine. 

You don’t want to pressure him to agree with you anyway. 

You are fine with his ‘We’ll see’ and think not much about it. 

2. “Yeah, let’s see what happens!”

This one is a slightly exciting response you can share to the guy’s ‘We’ll see’. 

You might be confused about how he reacted. 

But you don’t want to let any negativity spoil your mood or this relationship.  

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3. “Unacceptable, give me a straight answer either Yes or No.”

A guy trying to hide something, or hesitating to share his decision, be direct with this response. 

You just want him to tell the truth and what he thinks about your plan.

There are no ifs and buts allowed here. 

4. “Okay, Can I ask when we will see it?”

Well, to some guys you might come off as bossy or desperate. 

But to some, this is a flirty response. 

Because you’re being direct and want to know what he thinks or feels about your plan. 

Sometimes, your bold move like this, makes him change his mind. 

And, he might get ready for the plan right away.

Flirty Response To We'll See From Him

5. “You should be capable of making decisions faster.”

This might sound like you are pressuring him. 

A sarcastic response to share when he takes too much time or could make you wait for too long. 

He has to make a move faster as this situation is critical. 

6. “I hope I’ll get to hear from you in this life only.”

Share this funny response when a guy says ‘We’ll see’. 

You don’t mind that he’s taking time to make a choice. 

But you also aren’t a fan of waiting for long.  

7. “I can relate with you. Relax, I don’t mind it!”

You already know that this guy has not much interest in your plan or something.

But instead of forcing him to say yes, you want him to relax at it. 

This one is a clever response to show that you can relate to what he means with ‘We’ll see’. 

8. “But I can wait for you until the next two weeks.”

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to give him a certain time limit. 

You don’t want to wait to hear from him forever. 

By giving him a clear time, you challenge him to decide within that period. 

9. “I don’t think this is any heavy decision to make.”

A bit of a sarcastic response to give a guy who can’t make a simple decision. 

You want him to be direct and honest with you. 

So you taunt his ability to make decisions faster.  

10. “Fine, but don’t make me wait, Okay?”

You felt that he had some reason for not giving direct approval. 

So you tell him to not rush and take time to decide. 

A polite response to show that you value his condition. 

11. “Then, I think I have to find someone else.”

There’s no point in hiding how you feel or what you think. 

You are just bold enough to admit that you don’t accept his confusing reaction. 

Share this witty response either to tease a guy or to make him make a decision faster. 

Witty Reply When Guy Says We'll See

12. “Anyway, It was nice meeting with you, goodbye!”

You already know that he’s just tuning down your plan, but can’t say ‘no’ to it. 

But you’re smart and honest about what you feel. 

So this one is a clever response to show you’re not going to bother him anymore. 

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What Does It Mean When Guy Says “We’ll See”?

When a guy says ‘We will see’ on something you suggest or think about, this means he’s confused about it. 

Or maybe he has no confidence to say ‘No’ to you. 

You need to check his tone and what he’s on his mind about your plan or something so far. 

This way you will get to know what he really thinks about it.

What Does It Mean When Guy Says We’ll See

Sometimes, you can give him time to think and share a final decision. 

This shows you’re understandable and patient. 

Whereas to get a clear reaction, you can try witty to flirty responses to “We’ll see” from a guy to give him confidence in making a decision. 

Don’t forget that every guy and the context is different. 

So, you better look for the right way to respond to that. 


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