22 Best Ways To Respond To “I Have A Hectic Day” At Work

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If someone tells you they are having (or had) a hectic day at work, better say something comforting. 

Your friend or coworker needs to hear that.

Indeed, you can say the same, when you are feeling the same. 

But, it will lead to a negative conversation. So, Avoid that as possible. 

And, especially being their coworker, you better give them support on this busy day. 

In this post, you will find the best ways to reply to ‘I have a hectic day at work’ message from your coworker, friend, or someone close.


How To Respond To “I Have A Hectic Day”?

The first thing to check is if the person really has a busy day or they just make excuses. 

Because some people who aren’t into jobs they enjoy, they feel the same every day. 

So when your coworker tells you ‘I have a hectic day’ make sure they really are stressed about it and not saying it as a habit. 

To someone who really has a lot to do in a short time and has work targets overhead, they need some moral support and encouragement. 

How To Respond To I Have A Hectic Day

As their teammate, you can help them out with ease. 

Advice or share strategies to make the work simple. 

When you can’t do it, you can at least say something positive or encouraging to a coworker who is having a hectic day. 

If you want to know how to make your coworker feel better on a busy day, this is what you can say. 

1. “It’s a good problem to have, Right?” 

You want them to look at the positive side of this situation. 

It’s a hectic day and means they have a lot of work to do.  

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2. “Lucky, you. I had such a boring day.” 

You think it’s better to be surrounded by the files to work on than stay in place with no work.

Having work is good, but having nothing much to do is boring. 

3. “I’m here to help. Let me know how I can help.”

You offer help to a coworker who is having a hectic day.

It’s supportive nature as you say ‘what I can do for you?’.

4. “Yeah, so hectic that I can’t even reply to your message.” 

Here, you get a message ‘What a hectic day’ from your work friend. 

And you share this light-hearted response.  

5. “I think you aren’t used to your work, still.”

This reply you can share with a coworker who just joined the organization a few weeks or months ago. 

Tell them, a hectic day is normal here.

6. “It might be. But don’t forget to take a break.” 

You admit that this is such a hectic day at work for all. 

But, you tell your coworker to not skip lunch for it. 

A break time is important, too. 

7. “Then I think you should learn how to manage your time and tasks.” 

Some colleagues just can’t stop saying that work is hectic all the time. 

This one is a clever way to tell them that the day isn’t hectic. 

It’s them who are so disorganized. 

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8. “Let’s have a coffee to make you feel better.” 

This teammate seems like they need a break due to working so long. 

Such a break is enough to refresh the mood on a hectic day. 

9. “That is what makes you a hardworking employee in this team.” 

A small compliment and encouragement are all worth it to make someone feel good on a hectic day.

Encouraging Text To Someone On Hectic Day At Work

10. “I have some tips for you. Let me share it with you.” 

When your employee says ‘It’s a hectic day’ you can tell, ‘That’s part of your job’.

But that’s not how you treat your team.

Better if you can give some tips or techniques to make their work easier. 

11. “It won’t be if you start enjoying your work.” 

So, you taunt this coworker who always complains about a boring and hectic work day. 

12. “Really, you look so tired. Take a good sleep.” 

It’s an obvious thing and you admit it with them as they say it. 

Further, you can tell them to take a shower and get rest after work. 

13. “Whatever, I must say you are doing great.” 

You’re impressed with their management or organization. 

How they handle themselves on such a hectic day, is great. 

14. “Me, too. I also wish this day would end so fast.”

It is not just a hectic day but a long day that you think lasts longer than usual. 

You’re not complaining but it is what it is. 

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15. “Absolutely, I can’t deny.” 

You relate with them and there’s nothing more you can say about it

But you acknowledge their fatigue because you feel it, too. 

16. “Tell me what happened.”

Well, this is not a normal day.

It’s the first time someone tells you that they had a hectic day. 

So to help them vent, you ask them what happened.

17. “I can see it just by looking at you.” 

Even if they hadn’t told you, you figured that they had a hectic day at work. 

Looking at their situation you realize they need time off from work.

18. “Yeah, such a perfect day to have a relaxing sleep.” 

Your office friends seem to complain about her hectic day.

But with such a positive response, you want to divert her mood to something good at least.

19. “Let’s hope tomorrow will be a normal day.” 

Due to some important project, you are both facing a busy day at work. 

When your coworker says ‘I had a hectic day’ while leaving work, you share a positive response. 

Positive Response To I Have A Hectic Day

20. “Not for me. I do everything on time.”

A little boastful reply to show that you’re managing work stress right. 

But this coworker tends to avoid things and do it at the last minute. 

So this response shows that ‘It’s your problem and not mine’.

21. “So, it’s like a normal day like every day.”

This is not the first time this person says that they feel this day is hectic. 

They say it like every time or at a specific hour of the day. 

Because they are bored and want to leave work early. 

22. “Don’t worry, it’s the weekend already.” 

To make them feel better, you can tell this colleague that the weekend is almost here.

This day might be hectic but they have two days to relax and recharge. 

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What Do You Say When Someone Has A Hectic Day?

Not necessarily everyone who says ‘I had a hectic day’, complains about it. 

They just tell you, as it is. 

Maybe you asked them in the first place ‘How was your day at work?’, while leaving work or in the evening. 

Based on your connection with them and their tone, you can express supportive, positive, or encouraging responses to someone having a hectic day. 

What Do You Say When Someone Has A Hectic Day

If you can offer them a hand, do it to ease their job. 

If not, you can still give them moral support by hearing them out. 

You can also give them hope for the next day. 

So when your friend or coworker says ‘I have a hectic day’, you have some right things to say to make them feel heard also better. 

Hopefully, that helps to lower their work stress and they won’t take a burden. 

But, see it just as a ‘normal busy day’. 


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