12 Polite Replies To “Enjoy Your Time Off” Mail From Boss (Or Colleagues)

  • February 16, 2024

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When you’re going on a short break from work, your coworker and boss greet you with “Enjoy your time off”. 

And if you plan to go on a trip, they might say ‘Enjoy your vacation’.  

Such greetings show they are happy for you.

They want you to make the most out of this time off from work.  

You may have such a greeting in person. Else, in the leave approval mail from a manager. 

In this article, we are going to share the best ways to respond to the ‘enjoy your time off from work’ greeting from your boss, manager, or coworkers. 


How To Reply To “Enjoy Your Time Off”?

At work, everyone knows that you work hard and how much you need this break.  

So, they are glad that you going on a vacation. 

They are happy that you’re taking time off the work. 

Your teammates, coworkers, boss, or HR, greet you either in a personal or professional way. 

How To Reply To Enjoy Your Time Off

In normal cases, you can just respond with ‘Thank you for your greeting’. 

But there are better ways to respond.  

If someone expresses their excitement and only wishes good for you, appreciate it genuinely. 

Here are the formal and polite replies to ‘Enjoy your time off’ from someone at work.

1. “Thank you for the leave approval. I’m so excited about this vacation.” 

You get an email from your boss that he approved your leave. 

He didn’t make you wait or follow him up. 

Instead, your boss shows excitement and tells you to ‘enjoy your vacation fully’. 

2. “Sure, I’ll see you next week. But, you can call me if anything is urgent.”  

Your team wishes you to enjoy your break from work. 

In response, you share that if they need you for any urgent matter, they can still reach you.

This shows you might be on break but won’t let your team feel helpless.  

3. “Yes, I need this break to recharge myself.”

You are going on a vacation and taking a break from work. 

So, you’re also hoping that this time off will work well for you. 

Further, you assure your coworker or boss that when you come back you will feel excited for the work. 

4. “Note down, I will be back soon and with more energy.” 

You’re not feeling well at work and taking off for a few days. 

To express your positivity and dedication to work, you can share this response to your coworker’s ‘enjoy your time off’ greeting. 

Polite response to hope you have a great time off

5. “That’s the goal. And, you too enjoy your work day.” 

You are going on a vacation and get a leave. 

But this coworker isn’t. 

Still, they wish you ‘enjoy your time off’ and are happy that you’re on a vacation. 

To make them feel good, in response, you wish them a good day at work

6. “Indeed, boss. Thank you for giving us this break.” 

Your boss or employer has arranged a small trip for you all. 

This mail ending with a ‘enjoy your work off’ greeting covers the trip details. 

Here you thank your boss for understanding your break needs on behalf of the entire team. 

7. “This time off worked well for me, I feel better now.” 

When you get back to work after vacation, your boss or colleague may ask ‘I hope you enjoyed your time off’. 

And, in response, you can inform them that you’re feeling refreshed. 

8. “I appreciate that you understand that I need this break.” 

You’re thanking HR and your manager for approving your leave request. 

As they wish you ‘enjoy your time off’ in the mail, this makes you feel more valued and relaxed. 

In response, you acknowledge their understanding and greeting politely. 

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9. “I can’t wait to come back and share the whole story with you.” 

This response you can share this with your coworkers who are happy that you’re taking work off. 

Tell them that you’re so excited for this trip.

You also want to meet them soon to share this experience.  

Best response to enjoy the time off

10. “I have so much to talk to you about all. Let’s discuss in break time.” 

After taking a long time off from work, you get welcome back wishes at work

Seeing you smile and be so happy, they say ‘I can see you enjoyed your time off greatly’. 

You assure them that you’ve so many things to talk about in a break time. 

11. “I think this vacation ends so fast. But I’m feeling good to be back here.” 

So, you’re finally back after your vacation and this went really well for you. 

When your colleague tells you ‘I hope you had a great time off’, you share this response to show that you really enjoy it. 

And, now you also feel good to be back. 

12. “I hope my kids and everyone at home won’t forget that I take this work off for relaxation.” 

You’re on a break from work for a few days, because you feel so exhausted at work. 

But your family might have some job ready for you. 

So, when your work friend tells you ‘I hope you enjoy your time off’ you tell them that you’re hoping the same. 

This is a funny response and only someone in the same stage can understand well. 


What Does “Enjoy Your Time Off” Mean At Work?

Your boss or HR happily approves your leave request and shares a ‘Enjoy your time off’ greeting in the same mail. 

It shows that they appreciate your work and efforts.

They allow you to take time off from work because you’ve been working so long. 

With this greeting ‘enjoy your time off’ or ‘enjoy your vacation’ someone tells you to enjoy your break time as best as you can. 

What Does Enjoy Your Time Off Mean At Work

This greeting also says that they want you to think no more about work when you’re off from work. 

They want you to relax and make the best out of your leave. 

In the workplace, such small gesture shows they respect your contribution and value you as a worker. 

To acknowledge that we have shared the best replies to ‘enjoy your time off’ and ‘enjoy your vacation’ greetings. 

It works well to have a stronger connection at work with your boss or coworker. 


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