53 Genuine “Welcome Back To Work” Messages For Your Coworkers

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When your coworkers come back to work after a vacation, medical leave or rejoin the company, it’s important you formally ‘Welcome them back’ in the office or team. 

But it can’t be just a regular massage.

Make your ‘Welcome back’ wishes sound meaningful. 

If you don’t know what to say or how to make your wish sound more welcoming, we’ve great suggestions for you. 

So, here in this post, we are sharing the best ‘Welcome back to work’ messages and wishes to share with your formal connection. 

Whether it’s for your colleagues or employees, these are the unique ways to say ‘Welcome back to work’ in person or over message.


Relaxing “Welcome Back To Work” Messages After Vacation

If your coworker or teammate comes back to work after a long vacation, they need time to adjust for a few days.

Your ‘welcome back’ wish is to discuss their awesome vacation memories.

That helps them to get back to work gradually. 

With your wishes, you show your excitement about their vacation.

Importantly, you’re glad that they’re finally back in the office after a long break. 

Here’s what you can say to welcome a coworker who is back to work after vacation. 

Welcome Back To Work Messages After Vacation

1. “Look who’s here. You look totally different; more like you’re fully refreshed.” 

2. “It’s good to see you back. I thought you won’t come back but settled there.”

3. “Seems like you have a great vacation, I can feel the refreshing vibes already.” 

4. “Welcome back to work. In break time let us discuss everything about your vacation.” 

5. “I’m so happy to have you back on the team, how’s your family trip?”

6. “I can see that you have had a great time. Now it’s time to get back in the business.” 

7. “I’ve seen the holiday pictures you posted, and it seems like you enjoyed it a lot.”

8. “Welcome back. I’m sure that your vacation was perfect and made you feel recharged.” 

9. “We missed you a lot while you weren’t here. But a break is also important. I know.” 

10. “So, how was your first foreign trip? Tell me about everything during break time.” 

11. “Finally as you’re here, you bring positive energy to the office environment.”  

12. “Now let’s get back to work, time to work, and save for another big vacation.” 

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Caring “Welcome Back To Work” Wishes After Sick Leave

Working together for so long, you and your coworkers are not just a team but a work family. 

You do take care of each other at work or not. 

So, when your coworkers can’t be on the job due to their medical condition, your warm welcome wishes on their return, show them you care for them. 

If after a long sick leave, they return to work, here is what you can say in your ‘welcome back to work’ wish for your colleagues or employees. 

Welcome Back To Work Wishes After Sick Leave

1. “It feels good to have you back with us. How are you feeling now?”

2. “Welcome back, we all have prayed for your recovery and see you’re here.” 

3. “Good to see you back. Take your time to adjust to work, and worry about nothing.” 

4. “We all have been missing you like every day. Happy to see you healthy and fit again.” 

5. “Welcome back to work. Feel free to contact me if you need a hand, I’m here for you.”

6. “You’re a fighter, your dedication to the work always inspires us. Welcome back.” 

7. “This empty chair reminded us about you. I’m so happy to see you back in the team.” 

8. “Without you, this team felt so incomplete. We were praying for your better health.” 

9. “So nice to see you back in the team. Don’t hesitate to inform me if you need me.” 

10. “I was quite worried about your comeback. Welcome back, don’t stress too much.” 

11. “It’s good to see you back at work. Take your time to adjust in the office, it’s fine.” 

12. “Take care of your health, it’s good you’re back. But your wellness is more important here.”


Comfortable “Welcome Back To Work” Greetings On Rejoining

When your old colleague or teammate returns to the team after some years, your ‘welcome back’ wishes have to sound comforting to them. 

It’s not easy to get back to work after leaving it for some reason. 

But, with your good ‘welcome back’ wishes help them to get over discomfort. 

To make them feel more accepted in the team, this is what you can say on their comeback.

Welcome Back To Work Greetings On Rejoining

1. “We all are so glad to see you here, after a long time. Welcome back to the team.” 

2. “In the last few years, you’ve been through a lot. Good thing, you’re here with us again.”

3. “You took a great decision to rejoin us. We’re glad to welcome back to the team again.” 

4. “This team, this company needs coworkers like you. You’re the best, welcome. “

5. “So excited to work with you again. I hope you’re also feeling great to have here.” 

6. “Welcome back, I cannot believe that you’re here, and I’m so happy about it.” 

7. “All these years, a lot of things have changed and I’m sure you feel better now.”

8. “We always talk about your work ethic, feeling great to have you with us.” 

9. “I’m so excited to see you as I hear that you’re about to join this team again.”

10. “Look forward to working with you after all these years. It’s good to have you back.” 

11. “You come back at the right time, the company, this team and we all need you.” 

12. “It was a pleasure to work with you. So glad that we’re going to work again.” 

13. “We are so happy to see you again after a long time. So are you ready for the new inning?” 

14. “Glad to have you on board again. So eager to work with you and do our best as we used to do.” 


Funny “Welcome Back To Work” Messages For Your Colleagues

You might be a coworker or teammate and your connection is formal. 

But over time, it became more like a friendly one. 

You become friends and start spending time outside the office. 

Well, if you have an informal connection with your coworkers, here are some funny ‘welcome back’ wishes and messages to honor their return to the office.  

Funny Welcome Back To Work Messages

1. “Everyone missed you when you were absent. But I miss you more than anyone.” 

2. “Well, I might take your spot now, but you’re finally back at work, that’s great.” 

3. “None of us remember you for your work, but for the jokes you bring to work.”

4. “Welcome back to your home. Right where you left, now start from there.”

5. “Sorry, but I can’t recognize you, Who are you? Oh, it’s you, you look tanned.”

6. “The team meetings were so dull without you. We were really missing the fun part, You.” 

7. “Yeah, we all know why you left and why are you here. Now let’s get back to work.” 

8. “Now you’re finally here, I can have my money back that you borrowed last time.” 

9. “I thought you’d quit this job. How have you been and why are you back here?” 

10. “It’s good to see you back because now I’m your boss and you will work under me.” 

11. “This team wasn’t the same as if you were not here. Now you’re back, that matters.”

12. “Welcome back, buddy. But, most of us know that you will come back here. “

13. “So happy to see you with us again. I can’t wait to hear your all story so far.”

14. “Even if I lost the bet that I you won’t come back, I’m still happy that you are here with us again.”

15. “Oh so, you came back. I thought you joined the another organization.”


How Do You Say “Welcome Back To Work” To Employees Or Coworkers?

Sharing ‘Welcome back to work’ wishes is important for your professional connection. 

But more than that, it also shows that you were missing that coworker when they are not in the office. 

Because you value them more than just a colleague. 

If they come back to work after vacation, don’t just discuss the pending work.

Along with the ‘welcome back’ wishes talk about how their trip or overall experiance from this break time. 

How Do You Say Welcome Back To Work To Employees or Coworkers

If your coworker isn’t available at the job, due to a medical case, ask about how they are feeling now. 

Your care and support help them to recover from their mental state and get back to work. 

There’s also a possibility that one of your coworkers rejoins the company after leaving this job for years. 

In this case, your ‘welcome back to work’ message makes them feel comfortable.

All the formal ‘Welcome back’ wishes that you are about to share with your coworkers, are to make them feel relaxed, comfortable, and cared for. 

Show them that you missed them when they weren’t around. 

This is also the way to make your coworkers or employees feel valued in the team. 


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