14 Flirty Responses To “What’s Cookin, Good Lookin?”

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Are you interested in knowing the better ways to respond to “What’s cookin, good lookin” from someone close?

Well, in this article, we will share some funny and mostly flirty responses to this sweet opener.

That you can share with your crush or romantic partner. 

To make your interaction feel more than good and lively, here, you will find the best replies that suit your connection and conversation tone greatly. 


How To Respond To “What’s Cookin, Good Lookin”?

There are many ways you can reply to this phrase. 

But to make your response sound more interesting and genuine, first, you should consider your connection with the sender as well as your mood. 

Mostly, this phrase you get from your lover or romantic interest. 

And, sometimes your online match or even a friend also checks on you this way. 

Depending on who is saying this, we will discuss the possible replies to share. 

Check out these funny, witty, and flirty responses to share when someone says ‘What’s cookin, good lookin’ in an online chat or person. 

How To Respond To What's Cookin Good Lookin

1. “Sorry to say but I know nothing about cooking.”

It’s like you’re answering what you’re cooking, as they have asked it. 

A playful response to admit that you’re not good at cooking. 

2. “How do you know that I’m cooking? Are you watchin’ me?”

This response might scare your match off. 

But you just want to tease someone who approaches you with a classic line. 

3. “You’re right about ‘good lookin’, but wrong about ‘cookin’.”

Here you appreciate their compliment on your looks

But you also inform them that you are not cooking right now or know nothing about it. 

4. “Did you smell anything, what I’m cookin’.”

This one is a funny response because you’re already cooking something. 

Maybe they might have smelled it, or it’s a perfect guess. 

Else, you can use this reply to keep it normal. 

Funny answer to What's Cookin Good Lookin

5. “You tell me what you want to eatin’ tonight.”

This way you express your interest in cooking for him. 

When a guy casually asks ‘What’s cookin, good lookin?’, this clever response shows that you are inviting him for dinner. 

6. “Today I’m not in the mood to cookin’, take me out for dinnin’.” 

Such a clever way to propose your partner take you out for a dinner date. 

Obviously, because you’re not in the mood for cooking anything. 

7. “I was thinkin’ about you, not cookin’.”

Tell them that you were thinking about him and missing him already.   

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8. “Your pickup line is so borin’. Sorry, I have to say it.”

When your online match approaches you with this cheesy line, and you don’t like the way they say it, just be honest about it. 

This response is to show that you’re not impressed with it.  

9. “Stop it, you’re making me blushin’.”

When your lover or crush says something nice to you, it makes you blush. 

This one is a cute response to tell them you like how they approach you.  

Best response to What's Cookin Good Lookin

10. “Doing nothin’, just wishin’ that somehow you could be here.”

You are missing them and wishing them to be here with you

To rhyme with the ‘cookin’ and ‘lookin’, you can share this reply to keep your interaction unique.  

11. “That’s disgustin’, don’t call me that again. Are you understandin’?”

Make it straightforward when you don’t want someone to pick you up like this. 

This could be your online match or a friend.

But, you want them to not try to be flirtatious with you.  

12. “I’m preparing a surprise for you. Can’t wait to see your reaction.”

Your lover just randomly approaches you with ‘What’s cookin, good lookin’. 

But with this flirty response, you actually invite them to come over

This expresses your excitement to be together. 

Flirty reply to What's Cookin Good Lookin

13. “I can cook anything for you, babe!”

Make your partner feel special that you’re ready to cook anything to make them happy. 

This might be a simple response. 

But a romantic gesture to express your affection. 

14. “Oh, thanks for reminding me that I was cooking something.”

You were so busy on the phone or binge-watching that you forgot that you were cooking. 

As this person texts you ‘What’s cookin, good look’, this response is situational.  

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What Does “What’s Cookin, Good Lookin” Mean? 

When someone says “What’s cookin, good looking’, this means that person is in a playful mood. 

In simple terms, they just ask ‘How are you doing?’ or ‘What are you doing’. 

You could take it as a light-hearted or flirtatious approach. 

What Does What's Cookin Good Lookin Mean

Overall it’s just a conversation opener. 

So, you can respond to it likewise, as per your mood and the type of connection you hope to have. 

We have already discussed the best responses to “What’s cookin, good lookin” and you can pick based on what feels right to you. 

Try to make your interaction engaging as possible, when this is from your partner or someone close.


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