9 Hilarious Responses To “You Mad, Bro!”

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When someone asks “You mad, Bro” based on their tone or your connection, decide whether to give a sarcastic or funny reply. 

Because it could be an insult or a compliment.

When your friend calls you ‘Mad bro’ that’s not any problem to you. You’re happy they enjoyed the joke. 

But some don’t just take it lightly and get mad at you. 

These are two different situations that normally happen. 

And, considering your case, you decide whether you should share savage comebacks or lighthearted responses. 


How To Respond To “You Mad, Bro!”?

There’s no need to take this question seriously when you do something as part of a joke. 

You don’t have any intention to hurt anyone’s feelings. 

But some people are just so boring they never get a joke nor do they accept someone being so awesome

So considering the situation you better decide what to say when someone calls you mad. 

How To Respond To You Mad, Bro

There could be comebacks when they attempt to insult you.

Else, there could be funny responses to have the fun conversation going. 

Well, here we are sharing some replies to show that you’re fine with being this mad and this is who you are. 

1. “Of course, I am. Do you have any problems?” 

You admit that you’re mad and you don’t see it as any problem with you. 

When you reply to it clearly, they have nothing more to say.

This will shut them up if they want to make you feel bad. 

2. “I wasn’t like this, it’s because of your influence alone.”

When a friend calls you ‘Mad bro’ tell them that you’re like this because of them.

You’ve changed a lot in the past few years.

And this friendship seems to have the biggest impact on your nature. 

3. “It’s better to be mad than be boring like you.”  

Sometimes it’s all fine to do some crazy things and enjoy little things. 

They mock you for being crazy, but you’re happy that you do something and make others laugh. 

But you’re not boring like them. 

4. “And, that’s why people love me.” 

People love your silly jokes and the madness you bring into any situation.

So you don’t think there’s anything wrong with you

Only this person has some issue with you. 

Comebacks when someone calls you mad

5. “I’m mad just for you, babe!”

When your partner or girlfriend calls you ‘Mad’, share this flirty response. 

She says it hilariously and you take it as a compliment.  

6. “No, I think we are mad at each other.” 

This one is a bit of a clever response to share with your crush. 

She kind of enjoys the jokes you shared and calls you mad about it. 

To keep the joke going, you use your wit to make it a playful conversation. 

7. “I’m mad, every time you call me ‘Bro’.” 

You are fine with being called ‘Mad’. 

But when a crush calls you ‘Bro’, it hits you differently. 

So you make it clear why you act so mad. 

8. “You jealous, Bro?”

This person seems to be very angry at you and asks you ‘Are you mad, Bro?’ in frustration. 

Of course, they are mad because they can’t be awesome like you.

So they deserve this sarcastic response back. 

9. “YES.” 

A stranger says ‘You mad, Bro?’ and you take it as a genuine question. 

So, being so relaxed and polite, you just answer it. 

If they ask you this to insult you, this response will silence them.  

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When Someone Says “You’re Mad”

For what you said or did, someone calls you ‘Mad’. 

You don’t want someone to judge you while you’re having fun and joking around. 

In a friendly setting, this is a compliment that your friends enjoyed your madness and some prank you just played. 

When Someone Says You're Mad

So you don’t take it as an insult. 

But when someone asks ‘You mad, Bro?’ in a manner to make you feel bad about yourself, you can share these comebacks to shut them up. 

Maybe they are jealous of you or just irritated with your humors. 

Well, if you haven’t crossed your limit and said nothing inappropriate, you don’t have to change at all. 

Be yourself and embrace your madness if that comes to you naturally.


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