12 Funny Answers To “What’s Your Name?”

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Normally, you don’t have any problem sharing your name.

While in some cases, you really don’t want someone to know your real name. 

Maybe because this person is a stalker and you don’t want to see them ever again. 

Or maybe you’re afraid that they might make fun of your name and start name-calling you

So for such a situation, we have prepared some funny answers and savage comebacks to share when someone asks your name but you don’t want to answer it right. 


How To Respond To “What’s Your Name”?

In most cases, keep it normal like ‘My name is…’, ‘It’s…’ or just share your name, on asking what your name is. 

That’s not a big deal. 

Also, there’s no perfect way to do it. 

Either in formal or informal interactions, you share what is your real name as it is. 

How To Respond What's Your Name

Nothing to pressure yourself. 

But in some cases, a stranger asks your name and tries to get closure. 

You don’t feel any good about how they approach you, already. 

So, you want to give answers that are funny or savage to protect your identity because you’re not going to show them again.   

1. “I share my name based on intention? Tell me what’s that.” 

You already feel something fishy there. 

So you don’t want to share your real name. 

It’s always a good idea to know what they are up to before sharing your name. 

2. “Everybody knows me here, who are you?” 

Well, asking your name in your area is an insult to you. 

Nobody ever asked you, your name, but this person did. 

You act like you’re really mad at them.

And, no way you’re going to tell them your name.

3. “I think you don’t need to know that.” 

You don’t want to tell your name to this person. 

This could be a rude response.

But it’s okay, as you want to stay away from any drama or problem you might get.

4. “I don’t know, but everybody calls me…”

If you want to give some fun responses, this is the one. 

Because other people know your name more than you.

So, it’s obvious that you might have no idea what your name is. 

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5. “I don’t want to have any connection with you. So, I’m not telling you my name.” 

Such a direct and savage reply to share what’s your name, even if it’s a normal question. 

You don’t want to behave so harshly. 

But to strangers, you really want to be honest so they don’t play any games with you. 

Savage Reply To What's Your Name

6. “Sorry I don’t want to give you my name.” 

Say it loud and clear, so they understand it well. 

Neither you want them to know your name, neither you want to know theirs. 

It’s a deal which is good for you both. 

7. “You guess… What could be my name?” 

Eventually, you wish to avoid this question, so you keep them guessing that

This is also your chance to know what perception they have about you. 

You will know it based on their response.

8. “Why asking, do you want to stalk me online?”

You might come across jerks who are asking your name for no good reason. 

This one is a sarcastic comeback to share when someone asks your name but you already know what they’re up to with that.

When you feel it in the first place, it could be right.

9. “I don’t think you deserve to know my name.”

For some reason, you just don’t want to share your name to someone.

In that case, this is a good response to share.

10. “Name? What’s that?”

Act like you lost your memory.

To avoid sharing your name playfully, this reply will work.

11. “I will share my name only if you keep it limited to that only.”

You have no interest to have any connection with them.

Better if you tell this straight to a guy.

Such a direct but strong response to keep jerks away.

12. “You can just call me nobody.” 

Plus, you want to remain nobody (for them) forever. 

And, it’s good for you both that you both remain nobody to each other.

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When Someone Asks Your Name (But You Don’t Want To Answer)

Sharing your name doesn’t always have to be so uncomfortable and uneasy. 

But to some people, it’s better if you remain anonymous.   

Indeed, strangers you meet elsewhere or jerks you get to see at clubs, they try to get closure and ask your name. 

Maybe for the stalking purpose, obviously.

You don’t know them, nor do you have any interest in knowing them. 

But they seem to be interested in you and they might force the connection on you. 

When Someone Asks Your Name But You Don’t Want To Answer

You don’t want to give this connection any time, so better if you don’t even let it start.

You want to remain nobody to people like these. It’s better for you. 

So,  when someone asks your name, you can respond with these funny and savage comebacks.

Because you don’t see any good reason to share your name.  

Only share your real name, when you feel comfortable with that person and you really wish to have some connection with them in the future.

And if you feel uncomfortable sharing your name, you could give your false name or just give the responses that we shared here. 

Such funny comebacks are to show them that you’ve no intention to answer what’s your name.

Because you don’t want any connection from them. 


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