76 (Sarcastic &) Funny Responses To Compliments

  • February 19, 2024

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It’s always good to hear compliments from others.  

But not all are the same (Talking about people and praises). 

Some are too fake and forced ones that you already feel, as you get it.  

If it’s genuine remarks, you can say ‘Thanks’ or more. 

But when compliments come with some secret intention and from someone who hates you, you better know how to respond differently than usual. 

You guessed it right.

In this post, we are going to share witty, sarcastic, and funny replies to compliments, which are so fake that even your dog can smell them. 


Funny Responses To Compliments

When your friend or someone praises you for something, your response would be honest and hilarious.  

Because, you know eventually they’re trying to make fun of you and not complimenting you. 

So, to take their compliments as a joke, here are some funny ways to respond. 

Funny Responses To Compliments

1. “I wish I could be just like you, so nice and fake.” 

2. “Oh really? I don’t believe you at all.” 

3. “Is it a dare or something?  Who sent you here?” 

4. “Not sure if you’re trying to make me feel nice or say it really.” 

5. “You love this dress. Me, too. But, please don’t ask for it later in the future.” 

6. “Are you drunk text me again. I don’t want to hear anything.” 

7. “I value your time to compliment me but I can’t accept it.”

8. “Do you even know what you’re trying to say to me?” 

9. “You picked the right person, good job.”

10. “That’s strange and hilarious at the same time.” 

11. “My friend, you don’t know me yet.” 

12. “Your comment has been rejected due to sounding too fake.”

13. “I like it when people say nice things to me but I know why.”

14. “I wish people would give me one dollar instead of a compliment.” 

15. “But, last time you complimented me, that’s something different.” 

16. “I’m looking like this every day, not just today.”

17. “You can say that to me but I can’t say that about you. Sorry, friend.” 

18. “How long have you been following me?” 

19. “I’m not sure who you are again.”

20. “This is something new to hear, thank you for it.” 

21. “Do you say it to me or someone told you to say this?” 

22. “Your compliment doesn’t look genuine to me.” 

23. “What’s the point of being so nice to me?” 

24. “Still, it’s hard for me to accept if it is you saying something nice.” 

25. “Not sure why but why It’s hard to accept that you’re actually complimenting me?”


Sarcastic Replies To A Compliment

When your haters or someone you hate compliments you, you don’t feel any good about it. 

Their words might be nice but their expressions say something else. 

Maybe someone challenges them to act nice or they try to use sarcasm on you. 

But don’t worry, you don’t have to fake it like them. 

You better respond sarcastically to their compliments to show that’s how you take it.  

Sarcastic Replies To A Compliment

1. “Oh, you like it. But, now I hate it.” 

2. “I don’t think I’m that good, I’m just rich, that’s all I know.”

3. “Stop it, I’m your friend and I’m straight, yo!”

4. “I wish I could be just like you, but I’m not so good at tricking others.” 

5. “That’s fine, but we can be just friends, nothing more.” 

6. “Dude, you don’t even know how to compliment. Learn it from me.” 

7. “I’m not beautiful, I just hired a PRO makeup team.” 

8. “Today you’re complimenting me too much, does it mean you’re in love with me?” 

9. “Sorry, I can’t say the same about you in return.”

10. “Every time you say something nice, bad things happen. I’m scared now.” 

11. “I appreciate your sweet words, but I don’t have any money right now.” 

12. “Just good? I’m the best, baby, what are you talking about?”

13. “All credit goes to my design skills and editing software.” 

14. “That’s a nice try, but still, I’m not interested in you.” 

15. “And you’re the 47th person to say this to me today.” 

16. “I know it must be very hard for you to praise me.”

17. “I don’t know what you think of me, but I think of you nothing.” 

18. “Whatever it is, mail me and I will respond as soon as I can.”

19. “I have no time for this, can you please say it tomorrow?” 

20. “Sorry to say but your compliment is rejected for too much fakeness.” 

21. “Could you please shut up, I don’t have time for this.”

22. “Just tell me why you’re doing and saying all these things.” 

23. “You like it, but I don’t like it at all. Now what?” 

24. “Whatever it is. But sorry, right now I can’t help you.” 

25. “That’s a good one, thanks!”

26. “I can’t take your compliments, buddy. They are costly to me.”


Clever Comebacks To Compliments

This person who compliments you never seemed nice before.   

But as they are praising you, it means they have some secret intention behind it. 

Maybe they try to get closer to you or expect something in return. 

Of course, you’re smart to catch their purpose. 

So with these witty comebacks, you acknowledge their compliments but tell them don’t expect anything from you. 

Clever Comebacks To Compliments

1. “Wow, you’re saying nice things to me, that’s very strange.” 

2. “Not sure if you are complimenting me or complaining about me.” 

3. “Wait, are you hitting on me? Please don’t even try to.” 

4. “You should have asked for permission before saying this to me.” 

5. “What you want from me, I can’t give you. Thanks for the praise, though.” 

6. “If you want to remain friends, then don’t say it again.” 

7. “Being so hot I also have to be smart to deal with jerks.”

8. “Thanks, but your words don’t feel genuine to me.” 

9. “You need money from me, right? Sorry, I don’t have any.”

10. “If you love me then give me the first vote for the presidency.”

11. “You shouldn’t have to say that, I didn’t dress for you.” 

12. “I don’t want your compliment; I want my money back.” 

13. “The quota for compliments today is done. Come back tomorrow.” 

14. “Thanks, but I didn’t ask you for that, did I?”

15. “I can see where you’re going with that, don’t think of it.” 

16. “Thank you for spoiling my mood and for being so nice to me.” 

17. “Wait, have you been checking me out?” 

18. “Suddenly why are you being so nice to me? Is it karma?”

19. “Because I get to hear this from you, I believe it’s true.”

20. “Let me guess, you have developed feelings for me, right?”  

21. Sorry, I don’t have a pen available to sign you an autograph.” 

22. “When a narcissist compliments you, that means you’re really good.”

23. “Do what you can do, but I’m not giving you my number.” 

24. “If you’re giving me praises, that means I’m really good at it.”

25. “So this is your new way to bully me?” 


How To Respond When Someone Compliments You Too Much?

No need to tell you, but you already know that when someone compliments you too much, they want something. 

It’s like those marketers and salespeople who act nice to get something from you. 

This person who compliments you, either hates you inside or doesn’t want to praise you but they have to.

They think that you will fall into a trap and give them something. 

How To Respond When Someone Compliments You Too Much

If someone compliments you and you feel that they’re faking it with their expression, be honest and share what you feel about it. 

It doesn’t matter if that’s your fake friends, haters, or bullies, when they say something nice, and you know their intention already, expose them. 

With these witty, sarcastic, and funny responses to compliments, you tell them that you either find their words too fake (or confusing). 

So, you can’t accept it at all. 

But before sharing any of these responses, you have to be sure that this person is trying to be nice. 

And, maybe they have secret intention(s) to compliment you. 


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