16 Best Answers To “Are You Flirting With Me?”

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When you’re a friendly person or get personal (or special) to the opposite gender, someone may consider you a flirt. 

This happens when you ‘act so nice’ in this world. 

Whether you like them or not, when someone asks “Are you flirting with me?” it is challenging to decide what to say.

You could either answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

And, that both aren’t easy.

It’s better to know if he just asked that or if she wants to stop if you flirt with her.

In anyway, this article will provide you with something to say next.


When A Girl Says “Are You Flirting With Me?

There’s a girl in your group you like or just as a friend. 

If you are nice to her, she immediately feels that you are flirting with her and attempting to get close. 

Depending on what you feel about her, these are some possible answers if she asks you so.

When A Girl Says Are You Flirting With Me

1. “Sorry. I can’t take my eyes off you. Because, today you look different.” 

This way you’re already letting her know you flirt with her, but not on purpose.

It’s because today she looks great. And, you can’t stop yourself from flattering her. 

Hope, she takes it as a compliment. 

2. “No, I have a crush on a girl and she’s damn hot.”

You’re just being friendly to a girl and nothing else. 

It’s clear that you’re not attracted to her. But your nicest nature, she misunderstood as a flirt.

So, be clear and give her an honest response. Maybe it’s savage, though. 

3. “I’m so sorry you feel that way. I don’t mean it.” 

You had no idea that she thinks of you as a flirt.

All you do there is help her or compliment her.

That makes her believe that you’re trying to flirt with her.

An apology is indeed a good move when that’s not what you do or she is upset about it. 

4. “Yes, I’m flirting but not with you. It’s for your best friend.”

Some girl brags and asks, ‘Are you flirting with me?’, only to get attention. 

You’re smart to sense her arrogance in it. 

For such a case, you can give such a funny response instead of saying ‘You’re not that attractive.’

5. “What do you think, Babe?”

There’s no problem if you flirt with her, after all, you just started dating now. 

When a girlfriend asks you if you flirt with her over text, it is best to ask how she feels about that. 

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6. “You’re right I’m being a flirt right now. 

It’s your crush that asks you so, while you’re texting. 

You think it’s the right time and that her mood is perfect, so you can reply with this flirty response. 

7. “I don’t know, I just say what my heart wants.”

This means you listen to your heart and follow it. 

In this response, you try to convey that how you feel about her is out of your hands. 

Her beauty captures you.

8. “Yes, if you want me to. No, if you want me to stop.” 

Well, you’re trying to flirt with her but without hurting her feelings.

You don’t want to do anything that ends your connection. 

This is a witty answer if you flirt.

But also, you respect if a girl asks to, to stop flirting with her, you’re fine, too.  

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When A Guy Says “Are You Flirting With Me?”

A few boys are so corny. 

When you (a girl) say something nice to them, they feel like you like them. 

They misunderstand your nice nature and question whether you flirt with him. 

To deal with them, this is how you respond correctly. 

When A Guy Says Are You Flirting With Me

1. “Of course, not. Why am I?”

When you don’t want him to think anything beyond friendship, be clear.

This might be a short response, but enough. 

2. “I’m in a relationship and I don’t like you at all. So don’t think about it.”

Else, you could just say ‘I’ve a boyfriend’, Simple. 

This will certainly break his ego and tell him not to carry unreasonable hopes. 

3. “I’m just being nice to you and you think I’m a flirt, Wow!”

You’re mad at your guy friend who thinks you ever flirt with him. 

It’s his mistake, not yours. 

No point in being upset. Be very clear about your feelings. 

4. “Yeah, today I don’t see you as my friend but more.”

This guy has been in your friend zone. But not anymore. 

Whether you start to have feelings for him or an in-joke, this one could be the best response to give. 

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5. “I’m not that crazy to flirt with you, I know you.” 

Some guys who are flirting will think they’re the dudes. 

To bring him back immediately, you can give this savage comeback.

6. “It’s the same I behave normally with everyone.” 

You’re such the coolest girl in the group and quite friendly too. 

But when a guy thinks you flirt with him when you’re not, this is your response. 

7. “Of course, I am. Do you have any issue with that?”

Indeed, this one is a quite bold answer to give a guy when you flirt with him over text. 

You kind of like him already and he never gets it.

But finally, he does.  

On asking, you’re being frank that yes, you’re flirting with him. As if you’re ready. 

8. “I am no, are you flirting with me?”

Here, you act as if you’re not flirting with him, then probably it’s him.

Maybe you cleverly ask the same back of him. 

You want to see how he reacts and if he shares his feelings with you, finally? 

So, you can continue flirting with him. 

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Why Does Someone Ask If You Flirt With Him/Her?

When the question ‘Are you flirting with me?’ comes from an opposite-gender friend or someone online, it is quite uncomfortable to answer. 

This is a direct question, and so your answer is either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. 

But, if that person asks you if you flirt with them, they could mean many things. 

Maybe it’s your crush who finally realizes that you like her or the girl is just seeing you as a friend only.

Anyway, your response decides where your connection goes from there. 

If you think that person doesn’t like it when you flirt, just apologize and tell them this won’t happen again. 

Else, if that guy or girl asks you to mess with you, be bold and tell them ‘Of course, I’m flirting with you. But, I can’t stop.’


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