14 (Funny &) Cute Replies To “Aww” Text From Someone

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It’s sweet to hear ‘Aww, that’s cute’ or ‘Aww, thank you so much’ at first.

But, not all ‘Aww’ you get are genuine ones. 

Girls sometimes say it by nature. Surprisingly, even guys also say so in chatting.  

When this happens, you’re staring at the screen, thumb in position to write, and can’t decide how to respond to ‘Aww’ text from her or him.


How To Reply To “Aww” Text From A Guy/Girl In Chat?

After all, the ‘Awwww’ is still a one-word response that basically says nothing. 

While trying to keep the conversation going, you feel lost due to dry texting from another side.

It’s not all hopeless, we have some suggestions for you. 

When texting, use these best responses to Aww to keep this chat lively. 

How To Reply To Aww Text From Someone

1. “Thank God, you didn’t say Lol.”

You were sharing some special things with a girl over text. 

When you try to be cute, she doesn’t take you seriously or make fun of you. 

It’s finally over when she says ‘aww’. 

Express how you feel, too in your response.

2. “Aww you, too!”

She’s being cutesy with her ‘aww’ texts to you. 

And you can, too, with the same response like this. 

It’s more like ‘Love you, too’.

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3. “Awwwesome, Right?

There’s no need to think what to say after ‘aww, sweet’. 

Just be smart enough to pick the chance and try something creative. 

This makes the witty response to ‘aww’ to engage well. 

4. “I wish I could witness this ‘aww’ in person.”

Maybe you admire her or she loves your stories and she says ‘aww’ in text. 

This is a flirty response to a girl on a dating site. 

Meaning, you’d like to meet, if she is also interested.

5. “You are looking so sweet, as you say so.” 

With a message like this, you expect more awws from her or him. 

It’s confusing to reply when someone says ‘aww’ for the praise you give.

So you respond with another compliment.

You mean it, after all, they’re your favorite person for sure.

6. “But, this isn’t as cute as you are.”

When your crush says ‘aww, that’s so cute’ in response to something you said, this is how to reply.

This is a little flirty reply for your crush to make her blush. 

Here, you grab the chance and tell her, she’s cuter than anything. 

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7. “I’m happy to make you go ‘Aww’.”

And, you’re also ready to do the same no matter how many times. 

Which makes it a witty response to give your crush. 

Replies to aww that's cute

8. “Aww, thank you so much.”

When you and the girl have been exchanging some nice things about each other. 

And on mentioning some sweet quality, she says ‘awww’, you better respond with a cute ‘thank you’ message.

Even, you better have cute replies to thank you from a crush particularly.

10. “Does this Aww mean, ‘Awwe-some’ or ‘Aww-ful’?”

When you inform your friend that you just lost your job, he replied just ‘Aww’.

You can’t decide what’s the point of sharing that here. 

As you’re not aware that ‘Aww’ is not only for excitement but also for sympathy. 

For this confused situation, this funny reply to ‘aww’ will make things clear. 

10. “By the way, do you have any plans for this weekend?”

As she is more and more ‘aww’-ing at you, she is flirting with you.

You can make a move when you get enough signals from her and she too is ready. 

11. “That’s not it. There’s more to come, Ready?”

Your girlfriend loves the birthday message you sent her.

Her reaction is ‘Aww’.

Next, you also have to plan something special.

So you tell her to save more ‘aww’ in line. 

This is a flirty response, you share on ‘aww’ from your girlfriend.

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12. “How’s everything going on with your life?”

On sharing some events or cute memories, she texts you ‘aww’.

You don’t know what to say next, also can’t let this dry text end the conversation.

Better to ask some interesting questions she is more interested in.

Responses to aww thank you

13. “Thanks, If you wish you can join me, next time?”

When a girl comments ‘aww’ on your dog fostering pictures, this is what you reply. 

She finds you sweet doing something, you can also ask her to join you. 

14. “No, please don’t Awww at me.” 

As long as it’s from a girl, it really feels so sweet. 

And not when guys do so to another or to a girl. 

If you feel that your guy friend is trying to flirt with you or just randomly send you ‘aww’ to your wishes for him, make your reply funnier.

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What’s The Meaning Of ‘Awwww’?

There’s nothing perfect about when someone says ‘aww’ while texting. 

However, as the situation changes, the meaning of ‘aww’ changes, and you already feel that.

Messages like ‘Aww, that’s cute’ or ‘Thank you’ clearly indicate that the person is happy with you.

While the simple text like this is quite confusing. 

What’s The Meaning Of Awww in Text

People often use ‘Aww’ to express ‘delight, admiration, and shock’ feelings.

To make it clear, sometimes a person uses emojis with ‘Aww’ for clear meaning. 

While texting a guy or girl, when you’re aware of what they mean, choose to respond with one of the best replies to ‘Aww’ text from someone like the above.

Otherwise, you can just reply with ‘Thank you’, if you hesitate to ask why they said ‘Aww’.


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