12 (Naughty And,) Flirty Replies When She Calls You ‘Daddy’ or ‘Papi’

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Of course, you know exactly what your girlfriend means when she calls you ‘Daddy’ or ‘Papi’ at a random time.

Yes, there’s always an intention!

And, knowing how to respond that it (passionately) intensifies her desires.

That’s what you want, Right?

So, here are some of the funny, naughty, and flirty replies to ‘Daddy’ or ‘Papi’ from your girl or woman. 


What Does It Mean When A Woman Calls You ‘Daddy’ Or ‘Papi’?

Whenever a woman calls you ‘Daddy (or papi)’, whether she’s your wife, girlfriend, or date, this simply means she wants you.

She also wants you to take charge and control her likewise. 

Obviously… you’re not her dad.

But, you’re her husband, boyfriend, or probably a crush, so here ‘daddy’ means different.

By calling you dad or papi, she expects to control her and fulfill her desires. That’s it.

When a woman calls you daddy or papi means

Right now, she is turned on and ready to spice things up when she says so.

Here, she is romantically attracted to you and wants to get naughty with you.

Maybe, it’s an invitation from your girl. 

With a good reply, you can also show her you’re ready to follow her lead.

When you don’t know how to respond, these are sassy ways to follow.


Flirty Replies When A Girl Calls You ‘Daddy’

Your girlfriend or wife may call you ‘babe’ or ‘baby’ often. 

But when she calls you straightaway ‘daddy’ it’s not her typical expression of love. 

It’s time to prove your love. 

Your girl loves you, if she says so, randomly she has something on their mind and it’s your time to get it being flirty with such responses.

Flirty Replies When A Girl Calls You Daddy

1. “Hey baby, I’m always ready to make a move. It seems you’re, too.”

You’re just confirming before starting your action.

Next, you can tell her ‘You’re mine now‘ to make the mood even more romantic.

2. “You’ve my attention now. Please go ahead, Dear.”

She’s trying to get close and you’re just acting normal. 

You’re just messing with her to take the next steps.

Hope she won’t find it unromantic.

3. “Well, well… I know what my baby girl wants from her daddy.”

It’s booty time. You have an invitation from FWB and they need you right now.

That’s also why she texted ‘daddy’ to you.  

Maybe you both use it as a code to turn the action mode on.

4. “Honey wait, I’ll be there faster than ever.”

It’s a text from your girlfriend calling you ‘Daddy’, you instantly get what she meant by it. 

It’s an important order. 

You must go, tell her you (her daddy) is coming.

5. “No it’s not me, I have your dad’s number. Let me call him.” 

You’re being ridiculous here, and actually just kidding for sure. 

Whether you’re not in the mood or just want to tease her, this one is a funny reply to ‘Daddy’ or ‘Papi’ from your girlfriend.

6. “Are you drunk? Why are you so high?”

Maybe it’s from the girl you’re not interested in. 

Else, you try to play a bit more and let her reveal your feelings about you. 

Possible that this girl has a crush on you.

But first, you want to be sure before making the next move.

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Funny And Naughty Replies When She Calls You ‘Papi’

In case you don’t know, the word ‘Papi’ is the same as meaning ‘daddy’ when your girlfriend, wife, or a girl calls you by this. 

When you have a Mexican girlfriend, she calls you ‘papi’ because she notices you’re very attractive, and she admires you here. 

And she might use it as a nickname to show her affection to you.

But if she calls it when you two are alone, means it’s showtime. 

Make things even hot with such funny replies to papi from the girl you love.

Naughty Replies When She Calls You Papi

1. “Your papi is at your service, Mi Mamacita.”

This is enough to let her know that you’re also in action mode. 

As your girl calls you papi, and in replying when you call her ‘Mamacita’ is like you also admire her and find her attractive. 

2. “Got it, you’re alone and scared. Your daddy is on the way” 

Well, you get a signal here. 

You know exactly what her intention is, and you’re ready for it. 

Maybe you left your home already.

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3. “Hey naughty mama, I’m all yours now.”

By calling you papi, your girlfriend is flirting with you and wants you with her.

Let her know you’re ready to control her and be controlled also.

4. “Yeah, your daddy will do anything to make you happy.”

With this reply you want her to share what she wants from you.

You’re ready to show your best moves, now. 

Such a cute reply to show your affection back at her.

5. “Of course, I’m your daddy, when your real dad isn’t around.”

Again, be funny, not just flirty. 

With this reply you make your girl laugh and maybe you both have a great time after that. 

6. “You instantly turn me on when you call me daddy.”

Don’t be shy about telling her you to like it when she calls you ‘Daddy’ or ‘Papi’. 

Such things will make your relationship even more passionate. 

Because you do love each other and consider each other’s preferences. 

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She Calls You Daddy (Or Papi) On Purpose… Don’t Miss it.

You love it when your girlfriend or wife calls you ‘Daddy’ or ‘Papi’.

She wants you to take control, as she’s being submissive here. 

You can take action straight away. 

You can also use such flirty or naughty replies to heat the moments.

When she calls you daddy or papi, anytime when you do something or not, take it as admiration. 

Because she loves you and she wants you to do what you’re doing now. 


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