6 Positive Ways To Respond To Negative Feedback From Boss

  • February 16, 2024

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It’s a challenge to respond to negative feedback from boss either in the meeting or over the mail.  

But instead of taking it as a negative, you better treat it like constructive feedback.

See it as a chance to improve your performance.  

There’s no point getting emotional at work. But be responsible and professional. 

Admit that, you can’t always deliver the great.

That you make mistakes sometimes. 

But what matters is if you still want to look perfect or admit your mistakes and take lessons to learn from the feedback provided. 


How To Respond To Negative Feedback From Boss?

Well, it’s up to you whether you take negative feedback from your boss as a failure or a way to improve. 

You might not know something or are new to the team.

But when the boss shares some feedback on something, respond open-mindedly.  

This shows you’re willing to learn and improve.  

If you don’t know how to sound professional while responding to negative feedback from a manager or boss, we hope these responses are helpful examples for you. 

How To Respond To Negative Feedback From Boss

1. “Thanks for drawing my attention to this. I’ll consider this from now on.” 

Instead of arguing over whether it’s new to you, show that you learn something. 

Especially when you’re new to the team, this response shows that you’re flexible and can adjust to the new situation. 

2. “I admit that I made a mistake here. Do you have any suggestions for me? So that, I won’t repeat this mistake.” 

You can’t just say ‘I will give my best when you’re not sure how. 

Sometimes it’s a good idea to take suggestions from the boss while getting negative feedback.

This way you have a better idea of what he expects from you. 

3. “I think I misunderstood something. Would it be possible to summarize this project for more clarity?”

It’s an important project and you don’t want to make the same mistake again.  

Your boss pointed out the area where you did something wrong. 

Act responsibly, and accept your mistake. 

You could also ask for a quick revision so that you can avoid any more errors or misunderstanding 

4. “I take full responsibility for my performance. But, I’m sure I can improve it.” 

There’s no time to excuse that you got no support, or the situation wasn’t right or anything.

It’s your job, take responsibility for your work. 

When you’re confident in your abilities, show in your response that you can deliver the best next time.  

5. “Thanks for your valuable feedback. I will work hard on this one.” 

Don’t just apologize for your failed performance.

But, also show that you’re willing to improve from here.  

You, too, want to give your best and contribute right to the company overall. 

Show professionalism and dedication to deliver better while responding to negative feedback on your performance. 

How To Reply To Negative Feedback From Manager

6. “Agree with you. Even, I’m not happy with my performance this time.” 

You’re very conscious about your work and the performance you deliver. 

But this time you fail to make the mark. 

So, you’re ashamed of the mistake or performance you delivered. 

But this shows that you want to give your best. 

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When You Get Negative Feedback At Workplace

Of course, negative feedback from your boss or superior hurts your confidence. 

But, you should admit when you made a mistake and failed to give your best. 

You could always ask for your boss’s help if you have some trouble understanding the assignments.

Especially when you’re not that experienced or new to the company, admitting your mistakes is a better move than trying to excuse and look perfect. 

In your response to negative feedback from your boss, take responsibility for failure. 

But also show that you learned from it and will surely do better next time.


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