12 Flirty Replies To “Nice To Meet You On Tinder”

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After the first interaction, your match says ‘It’s nice to meet you on Tinder’ and you want to respond to it more engagingly. 

Maybe they are really feeling so or they’re just saying so.

But, there’s no way your replies shouldn’t be boring though. 

With the unique approach, you first keep the conversation going and then keep your new match’s interest. 

So, if you get this phrase over again, here is the way to make it genuine next time.


How To Respond To “Nice To Meet You On Tinder”?

No matter what your goal is on Tinder, how you interact in the first few messages is what creates your first impression.

What you say in regular chat like, ‘How are you’ text and all, say you’re interested in them.

To help you with another, there are some good ways to respond to ‘Nice to meet with you’ from your Tinder match after you interacted enough. 

These flirty examples you can use to avoid making it a regular chat. 

How to respond to nice to meet you on tinder

1. “Same here, I’m also wanting to know more about you.”  

You just met with this person through Tinder.

And showing your excitement to get to know them personally. 

2. “Then, I think we should hang out this weekend.” 

If you want to meet them in person, tell them clearly. Simple! 

You can just ask for a coffee date or invite her to join you on a solo drive you’re going to.

3. “Well, that makes us two on the same page.” 

Well, you both got matched on Tinder and there must be a reason for that. 

After all, you both swiped right here.

4. “Could it mean that you won’t mind meeting in person?” 

Because you both feel the same and probably share the same dating goals.

You reply this, as you feel this girl also get to know you more in person.

5. “Glad to hear that. Tell me when you’re actually interested in meeting.” 

If they really are nice to meet with you, they never mind sharing time and place. 

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6. “Well, I enjoyed talking with you, too. See you soon.” 

This response you can share this after you are about to complete your first chat with a new Tinder match. 

You’re showing interest in chatting again on Tinder. 

7. “I’m really happy that we got matched on Tinder.”  

Yeah, never forget to give credit to the platform that brings you two together. 

Here good thing is, they don’t make you respond to their cheesy pick up lines, like most others.

8. “We exchange our numbers now, if you want, too.” 

You don’t just want to remain in your conversation to chat only, you like to hear their voice, too. 

9. “Thanks. I think our face-meeting would be more awesome.”  

You’re more type of a personal meeting than chatting and calling over the phone. 

If it feels right, express your interest in catching up soon or someday.

10. “And, I just loved your profile and it just amazes me.” 

During your first interaction on Tinder, don’t forget to compliment them. 

This doesn’t have to be more personal. 

But what you like about their profile is a good start. 

11. “I’m very much happy to meet someone like you on Tinder.” 

This person is not like most other Tinder matches you had before. 

You’re happy that you meet someone special, who is fun chatting with and actually is serious about dating online.

12. “You know I’m almost about to delete this app and I got a message from you.” 

And, now you feel hopeful that there’s some possibility for you on this platform.

Whether it’s a true or not, but this could give you something to chat further.

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On Tinder, when you meet someone, you usually exchange pickup lines to impress and flirt. 

You could do that if you both seem to enjoy that.

But, if someone takes a slow start, let it be that way. 

When your match says ‘It’s nice to meet you on Tinder’, it means they really enjoyed talking with you and are interested to know more about you. 

Keep the conversation flowing naturally, have patience, and enjoy the process to know them!


Hi, there 👋! It’s nice to meet you.

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