72 Funny Responses To “How Are You?” (Over Text Or In-Person)

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Let’s get straight.

To avoid the awkward or boring interaction, you need some funny responses to “How are you?”.

Don’t worry, we are going to share them in this post.

While meeting someone in person or texting, you might get routine questions such as “How are you doing?”  and similar.

And we all reply the same way, “Fine, what about you?” 

In response, they say the same, like, “I’m good, too.”

That’s it. Not anymore.

Well, no one wants such kinds of small talk every day. 

Here, we’ve come up with funny ways to respond to “How are you?” to add extra interest. 

Try such hilarious replies with your friend, crush, and someone to make it a fun conversation. 


Funny Responses To “How Are You?” Texts

When you’re talking to your friend or stranger online, the routine conversation feels boring.

You can respond with such ways to add humor to the situation.

Funny Responses To How are you Over Text

1. “I was doing great before you came here.” 

2. “You better not ask these questions.” 

3. “I’m on silent mode today.” 

4. “Hey short guy, how this long day is going for you?”

5. “I’m quite busy right now. I will get back to you later.” 

6. “Why do you want to know that?”

7. “I have no time for any formalities here.” 

8. “Why can’t you just stay focused on yourself?” 

9. “I’m not sure why everyone asks me the same thing today.” 

10. “I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

11. “Please talk to my manager first.” 

12. “You will soon get to know that. Please wait.” 

13. “What! Did you just say something to me?”

14. “Oh, I was trying to ignore you and here you come.” 

15. “What’s important to you, huh?”

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Funny Responses To “How Are You Doing Now?”

Well, someone already aware that you’re having a bad day and going through a tough time, still he/she asks you: “How are you doing?” or similar. 

To such a friend or colleague who just wants to tease you, give some fun replies such as these:

Funny Responses To How Are You Doing Now

1. “At least I’m doing something, unlike you.” 

2. “What will you do with that, after knowing it?”

3. “You’re not worthy enough to get the reply.” 

4. “First, give me one reason why I should tell you how I am doing now.”

5. “Not sure what I am even doing here.” 

6. “Well, I’m not good at all. Are you happy now?”

7. “Fine, great, and perfect. What about you?”

8. “Far better than you, but still not taking pride in that.”

9.  “I could say I’m fine, but I’m not.” 

10. “Do you want something from me? Tell me straight.” 

11. “I hate you and don’t want to have any connection with you.” 

12. “If you already know the answer then why ask?”

13. “Just ask your girlfriend, how I am doing. She better knows.”

14. “Quite good, not as you but still better.” 

15. “So far I was great, not sure about next.”

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Funny Replies “Hey, How Are You?” To A Girl

I’m guessing that this girl who asks, ‘How are you doing’ is well aware of your nature.

You both are quite comfortable with each other and share inside jokes. 

So, if she asks you next time, you can use such hilarious responses to make her laugh.

Funny Replies Hey, How are you To Girl

1. “In a total weekend mood. What about you?”

2. “Happy to let you know that I’m alright and doing perfectly.” 

3. “Awesome, enough to make you feel jealous.” 

4. “I hope you can come here and check by yourself.” 

5. “Well, it’s nice to meet you on tinder, as there are very few guys who actually ask so.” 

6. “Well, I’m the same based on how you think of me.” 

7. “Outside I’m happy and on the inside, please don’t ask.”

8. “Don’t act as if you know nothing about what’s happening.” 

9. “Who sent you to check how I am doing, Tell me.” 

10. “A lot better than you. Even though you don’t admit it.” 

11. “Please be specific with your questions and what you’re trying to ask.”

12. “I have already stopped complaining, so nothing to talk about.” 

13. “Let me check the overall situation then I will send you the report.” 

14. “It’s only because of your mom.”

15. “I wasn’t good, but after seeing you things are better now”

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Funny Replies To “How Are You?” To A Guy

Whenever a guy asks you how you are, he wants to keep the conversation going, but his approach is just boring, though. 

Relax him with such fun responses and give him something to talk about. 

Funny Replies To How are you To A Guy

1. “That’s a long story, but the short one is, I’m good.” 

2. “Do you have something to gossip about? Then sorry, I don’t have time.” 

3. “I’m just in survival mode. And you?” 

4. “If I told you how I am doing, you wouldn’t believe me.” 

5. “I wish I could be on your spot and ask the same.” 

6. “Glad you’re available, but not me. Anyway, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” 

7. “How shameless a person are you? you know what you did.”

8. “Do you have time to talk about it, as it’s such a long story?” 

9. “Nice try, better luck next time.” 

10. “Every day it’s me, now I’ll start, how are you?”

11. “What’s your intention, human?” 

12. “Can’t you see I’m busy? Meet me on a break.” 

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Funny Replies For “How Are You?” To Your Friends

You want to make sure that no conversation with your friend ever gets boring or routine. 

Not even the ‘Hello’ and ‘How are you’ texts. 

To make the convo interesting already, these are some funny ways to respond to ‘How are you?’ over text or in person. 

Funny Replies For How Are you To Your Friends

1. “I was trying to connect with aliens, but you came here.” 

2. “In which case, you’re asking, I’m so confused.” 

3. “It is such a beautiful day, please don’t spoil it.” 

4. “Stop asking anything, you know the mess you made.” 

5. “Go back to the place from wherever you come.” 

6. “It’s hard to explain so I’m not going to say anything.” 

7. “Do I have any other option than working beside you?”

8. “Even more frustrated as I see you.” 

9. “Better till you come back from the vacation.” 

10. “What are you doing here? I’m just relaxing that here you come.”  

11. “I just can’t fake it. instead, I prefer to ignore that.” 

12. “Your question is registered, We try to get back to you ASAP.” 

13. “Oh, I was looking for you. Can you please give me $1000 right now?” 

14. “Don’t worry nothing has changed, I’m alright as always.” 

15. “I was doing good, I am doing good, and hopefully, I will be doing good, too. That’s possible only when you don’t bother me every time, by asking the same how am I doing?”

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If you don’t want to be stuck in a repetitive conversation and you want something to change, these funny responses to “How are you?” are your go-to. 

Whether it’s your friend, crush, or colleague, asking ‘How are you doing’ and all, these are the best responses when you want to talk about something interesting or funny. 

But, before responding to that, you want to make sure how this person is going to take it. 

It’s okay to get ahead with this list if you and this person frequently crack jokes and don’t take each other seriously.

Because this list is only limited to making situations hilarious. 

It is possible that someone might feel offended by such responses to ‘How are you?’, if he does not take it as a joke as you. 

So, Be careful with that. 


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