22 (Savage &) Funny Answers To “How Tall Are You?”

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Even if you’re a person with average height, the question, ‘How tall are you?’ always makes you feel vulnerable. 

Otherwise, if you’re like me, you don’t even know what your actual height is.

When on a dating site (like Tinder) or online when someone questions your height, it is possible to answer without mentioning it. 

Indeed, if you don’t want to share or have no perfect measure, this will do.

We got some clever, savage, and overall funny answers for you to give on the same. 


How To Answer “How Tall Are You?” 

Whether you’re tall or short, there’s no need to feel ashamed of your height. 

You can still direct the conversation to a fun side by answering it confidently or savagely. 

On Tinder or any site, you better impress your match with humor, when your height is not enough.

To be clear with that, these are some great answers you can share.

How To Answer How Tall Are You

1. “I’m an above average Asian guy.”

Indirectly tell her that you’re above 5’6”.

Here you’re just reassuring your potential match that you’re average and not too short. 

2. “Taller than the shortest guy you know.”

When someone asks about your height on a dating site, just let her know that she doesn’t have to worry about dating a short guy because you aren’t one. 

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3. “When I’m with a short guy, you see me tall. When I’m tall, I look short.”

It is what it is. You’re perfect in your way.

That’s what your answer says.

4. “My height depends on who stands next to me.”

Such a smart answer you can say to how tall you are.

This will amaze them with your cleverness. (When you’re really short but a funny guy).

smart answer to how tall you are

5. “Well, I’m tall enough to carry our kids.”

Use a flirty response to your match to convince him not to worry about anything.

You’re helping her feel hopeful.

6. “Great question. And, the answer may surprise you.”

Create suspense, and let them figure that out themselves. 

7. “I’m tall enough to hide in my closet.”

They don’t know about your closet size, so this will be a little confusing for them. 

8. “With heels or without heels?”

Indeed, you want to check before a guy asks you another stupid question. 

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9. “I don’t know but I must be taller than you.”

It’s uncomfortable when a guy on tinder asks you about your height, right? 

The height difference bothers you too. So you confess to him before he inquires more. 

10. “Well, If I were a comedian, I’d be the tallest.” 

Let her know that height won’t make a relationship fun. And, you have a good sense of humor. 

Witty answer when someone asks about your height

11. “Whatever it is? The performance will be won’t be affected.”

That reply means you’re short, actually.

But actually, you’re confident about your abilities and talents.

Which makes it an impressive answer. 

12. “Tall enough to find you when you’re lost in the crowd.”

When you want a brilliant answer this is the one.

 Tell her if you two separated in a crowd, it won’t take much time to find her.

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13. “I’m taller than my college friends but smaller in front of the school boys.”

That’s a weird fact. These high school kids are so tall compared to previous generations at the same age!

14. “I’m tall enough to set up a Christmas tree up to 5’6” feet.”

So, you’re basically this tall, that’s what you said, indirectly. 

And, if you want sassy reply then say, ‘I’m tall enough to be a model.’

15. “Above average than the dating men on Tinder.”

She just wants to date a man of decent height. 

Tell her you’re tall without telling you’re tall.

This is just a witty answer to give, when a picky girl, answering how tall you are. 

16. “I’m probably taller than your ex or any girl you were with earlier.”

When the question is how tall are you making you feel insecure, try these sarcastic answers to make guys stop judging you. 

Sarcastic answers to how tall are you on tinder

17. “Well, I’m the tallest in my family and the shortest among my friends.”

That’s the true story of most guys, and you shouldn’t be ashamed to admit it. At least you’re being honest. 

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18. “What are you talking about, you want me to paint your rooftop?”

You see this question about height as totally unrelated.

You’re not ready for it, so you’re answering this way, the clear way.

19. “That’s enough, it was nice meeting with you.”

You hate boys who judge you just based on your physical appearance.

Move on, because this guy’s first impression wasn’t any great.

20. “Like you want my size horizontally or vertically?”

You share almost the same interest and she asks about your height.

Here, you want to be witty with your answer.

Hope she won’t take it as a joke, too. 

21. “Most people look up to me. So, I think I have a pretty good height.”

When someone you chat online asks about your height, this one is a good answer.

It expresses your confidence and quick-witted nature.

22. “I’m tall enough to make most guys feel insecure around me. So, tell me how tall you are?”

Not only him, but you also do not want to date someone with a significant height difference. 

You, too, have your standards intact.

But, that’s higher than him.

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We hope these funny answers to “How tall are you?” will make you feel at ease when answering it next time. 

It is better not to answer directly when you are not certain how the person will take it or feel uncomfortable saying it.

Instead, use smart and funny ways to make the conversation more entertaining. 

Who knows this person no longer has misconceptions about tall or short height, anymore?

With answers as above, you’ll make the situation relaxed and comfortable, as well as show you’re confident in yourself.


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