65 Savage (Roasts And) Comebacks To “Shut Up”

  • February 21, 2024

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When someone says “Shut up”, they want to keep you from speaking the truth.  

Because they can’t handle it. 

Here, you have a good reason to speak up. 

In other cases, you’re so irritated in conversation that you wish you could shut someone up. 

Whereas, in the second matter, you have a good reason to silence someone. 

If you often face someone who never lets you say anything, we have prepared the best comebacks to “Shut up” which are effective. 


Good Comebacks When Someone Says “Shut Up” To You

Let’s take the first case when someone tells you to “Shut up” in the middle of an argument. 

This person is frustrated with you for correcting them.

But you’ve got a valid point there. 

Sometimes, you don’t have to be silent, just because someone says so. 

Even if you’re right, they might try to shut you up.  

But, with having these comebacks you make it clear that you’re not going to ‘Shut up’ as they say. 

Good Comebacks When Someone Says Shut Up

1. “That means I’m absolutely correct in what I said.” 

2. “I will. But, not before you.” 

3. “No, you’ve no option left but to listen to me.” 

4. “You do what you say to me.” 

5. “Why because you’re about to cry?”

6. “It’s you who always speaks up, now it’s my turn.”

7. “You can’t make me stop talking. You can’t run away from your responsibility.”  

8. “That’s the best thing you can do.” 

9. “Grow up, kiddo. And listen carefully, what I said to you, is good for you.”

10. “Stop being jealous of me. I don’t want to even talk to you.” 

11. “I will shut up only when you start to act maturely.” 

12. “Yeah, someday, but not today.” 

13. “Seriously, bro? How many people you’re going to shut up, huh?”

14. “And, I don’t want you to be here at all.” 

15. “I have good reason to speak up, you can’t control me now.”

16. “Good suggestion, if we both do it together.” 


Savage Comebacks To “Shut Up”

As someone realizes they are about to lose the argument, they try to shut you up. 

But, you’re in a full mood today, and no way you’re going to stop.

Not anyone can stop you now. 

So, while you’re in the flow, the ‘shut up’ might put a break on you. 

To avoid that, here are some savage ways to respond to ‘Shut up’ to show that you’re unstoppable today. 

Then, you will say what you have to say. 

Savage Comebacks To Shut Up

1. “Yeah, most truths are bitter ones.”

2. “You know what? You don’t want to hear the truth ever.” 

3. “It’s not my problem that you have irritation with the truth.” 

4. “No, you have to listen to me, it’s the first time I’m speaking.” 

5. “You can run away from me but not from the truth.”

6. “Then stop bothering me.” 

7. “Do you think, it would be that easy for you?”

8. “Good try but you’re not going to get away with it.”

9. “Then take responsibility and do something by yourself.” 

10. “But, why are you even talking to me?” 

11. “That’s a good suggestion, but I don’t consider that.”

12. “If I will shut up then who will talk then?” 

13. “Not unless I got finished with what I have to say to you.” 

14. “Sorry, I didn’t know that would hurt you this much.” 

15. “Just tell me what are you doing here, who invited you?”

16. “What you have said is enough, now It’s my turn to speak.” 


Best Roasts To Shut Someone Up

Now the case is, you want to shut someone up. 

Because they are irritating you by constantly talking alone. 

What bothers you the most is that they are boring and nonsense. 

If you feel that saying clearly ‘Can you please shut up?’ won’t work on them, you can use these roasts which are enough to shut them up. 

Best Roasts To Shut Someone Up

1. “Say whatever you can, but I don’t care for your words.” 

2. “I wish you had a mute button. So I can turn you off right now.” 

3. “Can we please discuss it some other day?” 

4. “I don’t want to talk about it right now, nor will I ever.” 

5. “Well, if you have nothing to say, better say nothing at all.”

6. “Being silent isn’t a crime, it’s the most important thing.” 

7. “Let me tell you clearly that you talk too much and it annoys me.” 

8. “Will you ever give me a chance to say something?” 

9. “Your time to say something is over, now it’s my turn to speak.” 

10. “Sometimes it’s good if you say nothing and just remain silent.” 

11. “I want to block you in life like I did on social media.”

12. I”f you have something important only then speak.”

13. “Please spare me today, I’m so tired of hearing your stories.” 

14. “Conversation works two ways. Did I respond to anything you say to me?” 

15. “Do you always have time to speak? Because I don’t have time to listen.”

16. “Someone, please wake me up, when this person stops talking.” 


Sarcastic Roasts To Shut Someone Up

You’re dealing with a chatterbox friend or someone who never stops texting you. 

If you want to shut them down, you can ignore them immediately, that is quite easy while this conversation is over text.

But, after some days, they will get you again and may spoil your time. 

So, take being sarcastic and you can use such roasts that will shut someone up and criticize their habit of always saying anything. 

Sarcastic Roasts To Shut Someone Up

1. “You’re such a boring and annoying person, I don’t want to talk to you.”

2. “I think you have no idea that I’m avoiding you.” 

3. “Never seen someone who always has something to say about anything.” 

4. “Sometimes you should listen to others rather than just saying.” 

5. “I’ve been trying to find what is good in this discussion and I found nothing.” 

6. “How do your family and friends tolerate you with such a big mouth?” 

7. “If you talk too much, you lose your self-respect, do you know that?”

8. “Give your mouth some rest, it has been running for the last two hours.” 

9. “I accept that you’re the best, now please shut up.” 

10. “I’m about to take a nap. But you can keep talking.” 

11. “Say something only when it makes sense.”

12. “I don’t want to disrespect you, but can you please shut up?”

13. “Just to tell you I don’t have any idea what you are talking about.”

14. “I think I’m not the right person to hear this.” 

15. “Whatever you’re saying to me, I’m not interested in listening.”

16. “Okay, if I won’t say it, someone else will. But you have to listen to it.”

17. “Why shut up? Because you have nothing else to say?”

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Well, we’ve shared how you respond when someone tells you to “Shut up” during an argument or mid-conversation.

Never let anyone stop you, when you’re telling the truth.

They are people who will try to shut you up, but with one of the best comebacks to “Shut up” you’re actually silencing them. 

Hopefully, this will give them the understanding to face the truth.  


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