8 Good Replies To “Listen To Me” From Elders

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You respect your parents. Also, you take their words seriously.

Even though you give attention, they habitually say ‘Listen to me’ before every new sentence (or advice). 

Whether you are listening and trying to understand, repeatedly hearing ‘Are you listening to me?’ is irritating. 

Well, you don’t mind having a conversation with them.

But you wish somehow they stop doubting you.

On and all, you wish they wouldn’t say ‘listen’ one more time.  


What To Reply When Someone Says, “Listen To Me”?

While parents tell you something very important (or not), they keep telling you to listen and pay attention. 

And it’s not only at home, even relatives or elderly strangers can’t stop giving opinions you don’t ask for

But, with every ‘Listen to me’ they try to look smarter and more mature than you. 

To your parents, you could say respectfully, ‘Don’t worry, I’m listening.’ 

While you can respond cleverly when someone says ‘Hey, listen’ if this irritates you. 

And, here we’ve some suggested ways to reply to that. 

What To Reply When Someone Says Listen To Me

1. “Yeah, mom-dad, I’ve been listening to you only.”

Maybe your parents want to discuss some important life matters. 

It could be your education, career, or maybe a hot topic like ‘marriage’. 

Show them that you’re already in the conversation and ready to listen. 

2. “Wow, I never knew that you’re so expert in this subject. Impressive.”

By saying ‘listen to me’, your sibling acts as if they’re better at everything than you.

That annoys you.

So, you can roast your elder brother with this sarcastic reply on time. 

3. “Thanks for your concern for me, I value that. But, don’t think I don’t listen to you.”

You took advice from your parents or your respectful uncle. 

But what irritates you about the conversation is, they say ‘listen’ on repeat. 

The good thing you can do is to inform them to stop saying it and get on the point. 

4. “Please wait, I also want to take notes of everything you are about to say.”

This could feel like you respecting elders or taunting them. 

Someone might feel happy that you’re taking them seriously and like to listen to their advice. 

Meanwhile, you say it when you are just joking with a person as if you are interested in their ‘important’ talk. 

5. “Okay, I will listen, but you’ll finish the talk in five minutes.”

You’re already getting late for some plan, but this person isn’t letting you leave. 

Maybe this is your excuse for not having time.

But, this is the direct reply that you will listen to them, for a limited time. 

So they need to cut down their long story into short ones. 

6. “I’ve been listening to you for my whole life. But you never listen to me even once.” 

We all should listen to those who have more experience than you. 

But, it’s also important that instead of giving you advice on growing up, they also need to ask you about your needs and priorities, too. 

Which makes the conversation and connection more engaging and two-way. 

7. “Stop it. I’ve listened to you enough, now it’s my turn.”

Sometimes, you wish you could tell someone they talk very much

Of course, this will hurt their feelings. 

Say that when they are really annoying you or not trying to understand you.

This makes sense when you have something valid to say. 

8. “I’m all ready to listen to you, but you’re saying nothing.”

When someone says ‘Listen to me’ they want you to give them complete focus.

Also, you stop interrupting just to listen to them, but they’ve not started yet. 

So, with this response, you want them to get on the topic. 

Because you, too, want to listen to what they’ve to say. 



Well, you’re grown-up enough to know whose words to take seriously and when. 

Indeed, this person could be your parents, relatives, or someone you look up to when seeking help. 

But sometimes they annoy you by saying ‘You listen to me’ reportedly. 

This eventually makes you feel dumb because here they’re giving you lectures on life. 

To comfort them that you’re listening or keep them continuing the talk, reply nicely. 

Whereas, someone who says so won’t give you any chance to say anything. 

Because they keep getting you back in the conversation, by every ‘listen to me carefully’.

There you have nothing to respond to, other than just nodding.


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