19 (Better Answers) When Crush Asks “Who Is Your Crush?”

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Well, that’s a challenging situation, when your crush asks you “Who is your crush?”.

Wish you could say, “It’s always been you, my love’. But, who dares to say it?

You’re (happily) confused and can’t decide how to answer it. 

Should you say ‘That’s you, Babe’ or should you give this connection more time?

So many things to consider, but no time.

Know that you get this question, when you both are getting closure by regular chats. 

So, before your crush asks it, have the better answers ready. 

This leaves no chance of fumbling, and you can make your point clear.


Savage & Clever Answers To “Who Is Your Crush?”

You don’t want to admit it directly to your crush.

That’s risky though.

But, when your crush won’t leave you without the answer, you can have these clever replies to talk about your crush without saying her name.

Clever Answers To Who Is Your Crush

1. “I’m too shy to admit that. Sorry, I can’t. Bye.”

You are about to blush hard as she asks about your crush. 

But you don’t feel it is the right time to share your feelings.

Here you are trying to run away not from answering but to hide your blushing. 

2. “Oh please, at least you don’t ask me that.”

‘How can you ask that, because that’s already you, and that from the very start.’

You can confidently share this sarcastic answer when your crush asks it.  

Or even to tease you, she may ask, ‘Do you have a girlfriend?’ just at a random time.

3. “I crush anyone who is most beautiful in the room at the time.”

This one is the cleverest answer to save your connection with your secret crush. 

You just want to avoid this question and you do it smartly.

4. “Well, that person’s name starts with the same letter as yours.” 

You don’t want to answer, but your crush repeatedly asks about your crush.

So, you could just give them hints that they won’t catch easily. 

5. “Your crush and my crush are the same person.” 

Well, this savage reply you can share when someone else asks about your crush.

This might be a bold move or maybe you just playing here.

6. “I think you know her very well, even more than me.” 

Yeah, everyone knows their own self more than anyone. 

You’re also being witty with your response, and keep them thinking about it.

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7. “Well, I will introduce you to him on your birthday.”

This means that you have planned to admit your feelings to your crush on their birthday.

Nothing to say, just good luck to you, my friend.  

8. “What, what makes you ask this? I do not have any crush.” 

It’s better to lie sometimes than get kicked for crushing someone too early. 

You want some more time and will say ‘I have a crush on you’ on a perfect day. 

9. “No one. You tell me, who is your crush?”

You don’t want to answer who is your crush.

So you could just fake it. Or answer savagely to stop them. 

Instead, you can ask them the same question. 

Their answers give you some hints or disappointments.

10. “Sorry, I have some important things to do. Talk to you later.” 

Run as fast as you can, do not look back. 

You might be caught, your crush is smarter than you know, and reserve your feelings for the right time.

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Flirty Replies To “Who Is Your Crush?”

You know, when a crush asks about your crush, this is also your chance to admit your feelings. 

It’s not a problem to say it, when you both have been together for a while, knowing and enjoying each other’s company. 

So, if you want to be honest, these are some playful ways to answer that. 

Flirty Replies To Who Is Your Crush

1. (Open a selfie camera, show her, and say) “Meet my crush.”

A bit risky move, but this is what you will do if you do as your heart says. 

2. “That girl is just really special. More like one in a billion.” 

You can’t say her name, but at least let her know that she must be so lucky. 

Hopefully, your crush will later be even happier that she’s that favorite person in your life. 

3. “I wish I could say it to you, but you’re not ready for it.”  

And of course, she will say that she won’t mind it. 

Choose to reply this way only when you also feel that she has feelings for you, too. 

This makes it easier for you both.

4. “Soon, you will find out who she is. Don’t worry.” 

You’ve planned something memorable for your crush. 

It’s a surprise, so you won’t say it to anyone. Also, to your crush, after all, that’s all for them. 

5. “Do you really want to know that? What if that’s you?”

You’re taking your shot and trying to be flirty with her.

Still, you have an escape if she calls you crazy that you hide it from her for so long. 

Then, inform her you were just asking more like her.

6. “What will you do after knowing about my crush?” 

You just want to know if he’ll be jealous or get mad at you. 

This will also help you to understand what your crush thinks about you. 

7. “Oh, you didn’t know. I thought you knew it well.”

You answer this tactically, as you know your crush asks so on purpose.

8. “Not sure, but I think that’s you, you’re very nice to me, too.” 

Just like your crush asks you about your crush randomly, you don’t have an answer to give. 

So you just give them random answers, like you’re not serious. 

9. “Everyone knows about her, except you.” 

And, that means you have a secret crush on her, maybe she gets it already. 

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When Crush Asks “Who Is Your Crush?”

Depending on your confidence and the tone of your crush when asking this, you should decide how you answer this tricky question. 

Being honest and you could admit that as it is. 

Like saying “I have a crush on you from our first meeting.”

This is hard but one day you need to do it. So why not today? 

When Crush Asks Who Is Your Crush

Anytime, when your crush asks about your crush, this is the chance you need. Take it.

At least, you will have the idea that if your crush likes you back. 

And if your crush just laughs at it, fine, you can get over these feelings, rather than waiting for that one day. 

Sometimes they ask so because they’re curious to know or if they already felt it. 

Who knows your crush also hopes that you will say her name? Because that’s what she wants you to say, finally.


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