29 (Savage Comebacks) When Someone Calls You ‘Ugly’

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Well, Should you even care about being called ‘Ugly’?

Short answer is- ‘Nope’, Not at all.

First thing first, you’re not ugly. But, unique.

And second, who are they to talk ‘bad’ about you? 

If they call you ugly, does it make them look beautiful? Absolutely, Not.  

Everyone is ugly and good-looking for someone, based on their needs, perspectives, and moods. 

Some people call you ‘ugly’ on face, because they are jealous of you. And, it’s their way to say ‘I hate you‘. 

While some like friends call you that jokingly. 

In any case, you shouldn’t take them seriously or feel bad about yourself.


How To Reply When Someone Calls You Ugly?

No matter who tells you that ‘You look bad’ or calls you ‘not-so-good-looking’, it hurts. 

This certainly hurts your self-confidence. 

Such mean comments give you insecurity about your looks for a long time (Only if you don’t reply to them properly at the time). 

So, you better say something to show off your confidence in your skin. 

Also, give a tighter comeback, that they never call you ‘ugly’ again.  

Here, we’re sharing some of the sarcastic and savage comebacks to deal with those comments on your look. 

The way you respond, eventually makes them feel ugly about themselves. 

What To Say When Someone Calls You Ugly

1. “I might be ugly outside. But you are ugly both inside and outside.” 

If they think they’re beautiful or better than you, give this response. 

Tell, they’re not actually. 

2. “And what you think about yourself. Please tell me.” 

Ask them if they think you’re ugly, then what’s their opinion about themselves.  

3. “But your sister does not think the same about me.” 

When your friend jokingly says ‘You’re so ugly’, you can give this funny response back. 

It’s a risky one, but this will shut them down forever. 

4. “Thanks for your opinion. But I didn’t ask you for it.” 

This response is to an online comment that tells you ugly. 

You can inform them that ‘No one asked for your opinion’ means you don’t care what they say. 

5. “At least I still have friends and family with me.” 

Being ugly is not a problem, but making others feel bad is. 

It eventually leaves them alone, because no one likes to be with mean people.

6. “I know you’re the most handsome person. I wish I could be like you.” 

If they call you ugly, then they must be perfect. 

This one is a sarcastic comeback as you smirk while saying it.   

7. “I can’t blame you. But, your whole perception about anything and everyone is ugly.”

It’s ‘fault’ in their system, that they can’t see anything positive or good in anyone. 

8. “If you think that way you can hurt me, you can’t. Sorry, bro.” 

They’re so jealous of what you do and achieve in life.

So, they call you bad.

With this response, you tell them their words have no impact on you. 

9. “Well, you’re not even good-looking either.” 

They try to break your confidence, so you’re using the reverse card on them. 

Share this as a funny response to a friend who calls you ugly jokingly.

Funny response to you're ugly

10. “You’ve no idea how ugly you’re looking as you say it.” 

While saying it you witnessed how ugly this person is from inside. 

And you have no words to explain. 

11. “Everyone better and more successful than you, is ugly, I know that.”  

This person not only calls you ugly, but they say it to everyone. 

Especially those who are doing better in life than them. 

12. “Do you even know my name or just keep calling me ugly?”

This response is for haters online who just can’t see your success. 

13. “And, I can’t tell you, how proud I’m of that.” 

Show off your pride with how happy being so ugly-looking. 

14. “So, that’s what you say, when you’re in front of the mirror.”

Instead of saying this to you, they better look at themselves. 

You say it in a clever comeback like this. 

15. “Sorry, I was so inspired by your look, But still not looking perfect like you.”

You’re already good-looking, just you‘re trying to be like them today. 

16. “Can you teach me which filters to use?”

If you’re in an argument with someone online or with your friend, this is a savage way to respond. 

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17. “But you’re even worse, let me tell you straight.” 

They’re proud of their looks and call everyone bad. 

So, this will hurt their pride at a great extent. 

18. “This is the only thing that makes us look the same.”  

Make it clear to them that it’s not only you, they’re also like you. 

A really bad one. 

19. “If that’s how you think about me, I can’t think any good for you, too.” 

It could be your friend or someone who calls you ugly, for no reason. 

That’s enough, so you could say ‘I don’t like you, either.’ 

20. “You won’t say it if you know who exactly I am.” 

They’ve no idea what you have and what you have achieved. 

But they call you ugly still, and you don’t know why. 

You’re telling them anything because they won’t understand you.

21. “And, who are you to say that?”

If they’re your makeup artist, it’s fine. 

If they’re your friend, you know they’re joking. 

Here you genuinely ask them, who they’re to tell you ugly. 

22. “Yeah, we humans are all the same-looking.” 

Well, this savage comeback makes all humans look bad. 

But okay, as you’re responding to a random alien who calls you ugly. 

Savage comebacks for being called ugly

23. “At least I have some sort of personality, and not like you.”

Having a personality and a good connection is better. 

You’re grateful for that. 

While this most handsome person’s presence is so intimidating that people prefer to stay away.  

24. “But, what you have achieved in life, being so perfect-looking.” 

Being ugly and you have done a lot of things that your family feels proud of.

But what’s the point of looking so perfect, when you do nothing good for others?

25. “There’s a solution for us. But, not for dumb people like you.” 

You could try makeup or even plastic surgery to make you look good

But they are not mature for their age. 

And you doubt that they can ever grow up or will always be like that. 

26. “That’s alright. And, what do you think about yourself?” 

As they act like this, they must say ‘I’m perfectly good-looking’. 

In response just smile and say ‘That’s the spirit’ before you leave. 

27. “I know I’m ugly, but you know what you’re. You’re a…”

Well, you might know that person better. 

So you’re free to choose your words here. 

28. “Your definition of beauty is quite different.”

You let this person know that you don’t care about what they think of your look.

A confident reply to show that you feel beautiful the way you’re.

29. “Okay, and what else?”

If you want to make them shut, this is a perfect comeback for being called ugly. 

You show that whatever they say about your look, you don’t listen to them. 

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When Someone Tells “You’re Ugly”

We all are being called ugly, at one point in time.

Even if someone says in an argument or a friend jokingly calls you ugly, that hurts. 

And, there’s no denying it at all!

When Someone Tells You're Ugly

Knowing, we can’t fix our looks and we have to accept what we are.

But, don’t force yourself to perfect your look. 

Strong confidence is enough to handle any comments on your look or whatever. 

So, next time when someone calls you ugly, give them savage and sarcastic comebacks to make them feel the same. 

They might try to put you down or make you feel bad about yourself. 

But the way you respond to their comments on your looks, shows you’re happy with your skin. 


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